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IAB Minutes 1999-08-10

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    Rob Austein
    Harald Alvestrand
    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Steve Deering
    Ned Freed
    Don Heath (ISOC liaison)
    Tim Howes
    Geoff Huston
    John Klensin
    Keith Moore (IESG liaison)
    Joyce Reynolds (RFC Editor liaison)


    Teleconference 10-12 US Eastern Time, Tuesday September 14, 1999.



  • Geoff Huston: “QOS architecture is broken” draft to IAB list.
    • token ACK no work done
  • Fred Baker: QOS architecture overview document to IAB list.
    • not sent
  • Harald Alvestrand: Taxonomy document re. information accessing functions (directories, etc.)
    • not started
  • John Klensin: Prepare suggestion on Internet Draft boilerplate wording for Poisson Working Group.
    • not done yet, other tasks have intruded
  • Steve Bellovin: Post on IETF Web site a list of common security attacks.
    • two drafts, security mechanisms draft out getting good comments
    • threats draft farmed out, needs to be pinged
  • John Klensin and Rob Austein: Organize mini-workshop in Oslo on DNS scaling concerns.
    • did not happen; problem still festering; keep on list; Rob still collecting comments; need to articulate what the issues are so WG can pound on it; lots of discussion of actual issues; organize offline discussion on how to proceed
  • Fred Baker: Plan IAB workshop on wireless/mobility.
    • Brian very concerned about whether this is going to happen.
  • Steve Deering: Organize a BOF on anycast addressing.
    • Organized for Oslo then cancelled because Steve could not get to Oslo. Will get done.
  • Steve Deering: Make sure routing ADs are aware of multi-stranded routing.
    • same as above.
  • Steve Deering: Suggest to Routing Area ADs that they consider work on QOS-, TOS- and constraint-based routing.
    • same as above.
  • Steve Deering: Ask Routing Research Group to study what is breaking routing in the default-free zone and analyze multicast routing.
    • same as above.
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: Figure out what was actually meant by the routing workshop item on SNMPv3 authentication, rate limiting, etc.; send to O&M ADs.
    • mail yesterday; being sorted out with Charlie.
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: Get detailed routing workshop notes published on IAB web site.
    • mail yesterday; being sorted out with Charlie. Process note: Another

    draft should be on our list; IAB routing workshop summary — not done yet so needs to be put back on list.


  • Brian Carpenter: Transparency
    • spin once more; submit as informational; not done yet.
  • Tony Hain: NAT/VPN
    • (doesn’t have anything to do with VPNs). Comments need to be

    integrated (from Scott). Don’t know where this one is.

  • Ned Freed: Security, firewalls, proxies, etc.
    • new draft out; nobody has read.
  • Steve Bellovin: Applicability statement for security building blocks.
    • already covered above.
  • Brian Carpenter and Erik Huizer: IAB charter (updated RFC 1601).
    • new draft out; debate in email. Hand off to Poisson then ISOC? John says it needs to go through Poisson if it is still alive. (Some discussion of Poisson dormancy/continual process change/etc.) Brian still owns it; once done will go to IESG then Poisson.
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: The case for IPv6.
    • ball got dropped big time per mail last night. Hope to have doc out within a week.


    1. review actions

    2. review drafts in progress

    3. administrivia

      – none found.

    4. IRTF news

      – no news.

    5. IESG liaison report

      – no news – IESG hasn’t met since Oslo.

    6. PSO Protocol Council nominations

      – Steve Bellovin and Leslie Daigle are it. Brian will send a note to the appropriate parties.

    7. Recommendations from Utrecht workshop

      – Brian sent out a preliminary draft of the recommendations. Discussed various points. Brian will post whole document to the IAB list; comments need to be done in 10 days as Brian will leave on vacation then.

    8. Simpson appeal status/ Poisson recommendations

      – Discussed.

    9. ETSI ASO response

      – Discussed.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Ned Freed and edited by Abel Weinrib. An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at