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IAB Minutes 2000-02-14

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    Rob Austein
    Harald Alvestrand
    Fred Baker
    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Leslie Daigle (New IAB-member-elect)
    Tony Hain
    Don Heath (ISOC liaison)
    Erik Huizer (IRTF Chair)
    Geoff Huston
    John Klensin
    Keith Moore (IESG liaison)
    Joyce Reynolds (RFC Editor liaison)
    Henning Schulzrinne (New IAB-member-elect)
    Abel Weinrib (IAB Executive Director)



  • Henning Schulzrinne and Leslie Daigle: Send (to IAB list) draft on IP Telephony issues for discussion at IAB biz meeting.
  • John Klensin: Discuss, with IETF Executive Director, how to make progress on automating of Internet Draft processing.


  • All: Send suggestions on attendees for wireless/mobility workshop to Fred and Bob; also, send comments on proposed agenda.
    • Done.
  • Fred Baker: QOS architecture overview document to IAB list.
    • Will not be done. Roll in to expanded Geoff’s QOS document.
  • John Klensin: Prepare suggestion on Internet Draft boilerplate wording for Poisson Working Group.
    • Ongoing. Under legal review.
  • Fred Baker (and Bob Hinden): Plan IAB workshop on wireless/mobility.
    • On track. Invitations out, etc.
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: Get detailed routing workshop notes published on IAB web site.
    • Ongoing.



    1. review actions

      see above

    2. review drafts in progress

      see above

    3. administrivia

      Meeting at next IETF: Sunday evening. Dinner at 6:00 PM; start meeting at 7:00. Speaker phone for Henning and Jon to call in from Israel.
      Next teleconference scheduled Monday March 13. Closer to the time, Brian will decide whether to hold it or not–stay tuned.
      Steve Bellovin volunteered to be IAB Liaison to the IESG.

    4. IRTF news

      Looking for chair(s) for Routing Research Group.

    5. IESG liaison report

      Randy Bush will be new liaison to IAB from IESG.

    6. Prepare Adelaide business meeting

      Suggested topics:

      • Report from Wireless Workshop.
      • Brainstorm on top architectural issues.
      • Architecture for telephony-like services within Internet and interworking with existing telephony infrastructure.
      • Topics for next IAB workshop.

    7. ICANN/PSO issue

      Response to ITU re. question on procedural issues. Lively discussion was enjoyed by all.

    8. Automating Internet Draft processing

      Discussed pros and cons of automating Internet Draft processing. Henning suggested that processing of “ordinary drafts” that come from working groups could be automated pretty easily.

      Suggestion that we invite IETF Executive Director and I-D processor to the IAB biz meeting in Adelaide.

    9. Denial of service attacks

      Broad ranging discussion:

      • Meeting on denial of service attacks at White House…
      • RFC 2267 raised to BCP last week.
      • Some are calling for mandatory authentication of all packets (?!).
      • To what extent can denial of service attacks be treated just like any other sort of congestion problem? How can they be distinguished from each other?
      • How far into the packet should an ISP look?
      • What topics are appropriate for a BOF?

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Monday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib . An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at