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IAB Minutes 2000-03-26

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    Harald Alvestrand
    Ran Atkinson
    Rob Austein
    Fred Baker
    Steve Bellovin
    Randy Bush (IESG liaisoon-elect)
    Brian Carpenter
    Leslie Daigle (New IAB-member-elect)
    Steve Deering
    Tony Hain
    Erik Huizer (IRTF Chair)
    Geoff Huston
    John Klensin
    Keith Moore (IESG liaison)
    Joyce Reynolds (RFC Editor liaison)
    Henning Schulzrinne (New IAB-member-elect)



  • Henning Schulzrinne: Telephony Services PSTN interworking draft as an IAB document. First draft to be circulated 6 weeks. mid May.
  • Joyce Reynolds: Request for an RFC number for the raven draft.
  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter: Review and potentially update RFC 1958
  • Steve Bellovin: Revive the NSRG or wind up.
  • Randy Bush: circulate IESG report on document backlog to IAB


  • Henning Schulzrinne and Leslie Daigle: Send (to IAB list) draft on IP Telephony issues for discussion at IAB biz meeting.
    • Superceded. See new action
  • John Klensin: Discuss, with IETF Executive Director, how to make progress on automating of Internet Draft processing.
    • Done.
  • John Klensin: Prepare suggestion on Internet Draft boilerplate wording for Poisson Working Group.
    • Ongoing. Under legal review.
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: Get detailed routing workshop notes published on IAB web site.
    • Ongoing.



    1. Automating Internet Draft processing

      IETF Executive Director and I-D processor invited to the IAB business meeting. Outside of the week prior to the IETF meeting cutoff, draft documents have been normally published within 24 hours. Automation of various parts of the draft publication process considered. Procedural issue to contact WG chair to approve WG -00 drafts.

    2. IAB Wireless Workshop Report

      Review of IAB Wireless workshop. Broad discussion of wireless requirements:

      • separate congestion and loss signals
      • service points (phones) require addresses to contact the device.
      • need for very large address space for the device population
      • potential research in the requirement to separate loss and congestion signals
      • wireless and IP telephony interaction
      • proliferation of many small devices connecting through small portals creating completely different traffic patterns
      • interfacing a small interface to existing content and applications

    3. Architecture for Telephony Services and PSTN interworking

      We have some 7 WGs in the IETF dealing with some aspect of carrying voice and PSTN services across the Internet and it is not always clear that there is coherence in these efforts – the pieces are not proving the appearance of hanging together.

      There are a set of new proposals from ETSI on the new work list. Henning is writing the draft on this topic. Transport and Apps AD’s to be kept in the loop in development of this document.

    4. Round Table of IAB Top Issues

      IAB members were polled on matters for further IAB activity. Outcomes will be integrated into the IAB Workplan.

    5. Network Service Research Group

      RG chairs have been unable to put in time to get this group engaged. Some uncertainty as to how to proceed, and Steve B volunteered to revive the group, or wind it up.

    6. Administrivia


        Coya’s status of IESG document backlog in process. Beneficial if the iab could view this report.


        The PSO PC list is a bit dormant.

        • The PSO General Assembly is planned to be held at the Pittsburgh IETF
        • Must select an ICANN Board member in August, but no process consensus so far.
        • IETF procedures for PSO Council are not discussed and agreed as yet, nor IETF process for ICANN Board nomination.
        • Convergence in the PSO PC is difficult to obtain.
        • PSO PC has not elected a chair.

      SPAM on IAB list:

        Discussed if malformed messages to be redirected to a moderator to spam filter. No followup action decided.

    7. IAB Chair Election

      John Klensin was elected as IAB chair.

      New IESG liaison is Randy Bush
      New IAB liaison to IESG is Steve Bellovin

      Thanks to previous liaisons: Keith Moore and Ned Freed

    8. IAB Charter

      IESG approved new IAB charter. Scott Bradner will pass it to ISOC.

These minutes were prepared by Geoff Huston . An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at