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IAB Minutes 2000-11-13

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    Ran Atkinson
    Rob Austein
    Steve Bellovin
    Randy Bush (IESG liaison)
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Leslie Daigle
    Steve Deering
    Tony Hain
    Don Heath (ISOC liaison)
    Geoff Huston
    John Klensin (IAB Chair)
    Henning Schulzrinne
    Abel Weinrib (IAB Executive Director)



  • Leslie Daigle: Invite Ned Freed to present on firewalls at IAB Open meeting.


  • John Klensin: Create small task team to consider how IETF policies and procedures might be changed to overcome perception and reality of being slow.
    • Ongoing.
  • Leslie Daigle (as NomComm liaison): Talk to NomComm chair re. ensuring adequate process & documentation in place for IAB to handle any additional issues of appeals that may come out of the fact that half the NomComm comes from only two companies.
    • Done. Has been explicitly discussed. NomComm has decided not to seek an ISOC liaison at this time.
  • John Klensin: Respond to David Maher that we don’t have any concrete technical input to his question, but want to be kept posted.
    • Done.
  • Brian Carpenter: Arrange “middle boxes” IAB workshop.
    • Ongoing. See below.
  • Harald Alvestrand: Arrange “International Internet” IAB workshop. Fred Baker, Randy Bush, John Klensin… site committee.
    • Ongoing. See below.
  • Henning Schulzrinne: Telephony Services PSTN interworking draft as an IAB document.
    • Ongoing. Draft by next call.
  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter: Review and potentially update RFC 1958.
    • Ongoing.



    1. review actions

      see above

    2. review drafts in progress

      see above

    3. administrivia

      Decided to move teleconferences to later in the day (starting in January). Proposal was second Monday of the month, 2-4 US East Coast time. Henning can’t make that time, so we are now trying for second Tuesday of the month, 3-5 US East Coast time.

    4. IRTF news

    5. IESG liaison report

      ISO/IEC JTC1 liaison issues and MPEG4. The ISO sub-committee is not happy with the IETF–they think we are making the wrong technical decisions; however, coming from an RTP perspective the IETF does not agree.

      Driven by increasing amount of work on MPLS, IP Optical, VPN, traffic engineering, etc., the IESG is attempting to develop a coherent management structure on top of a three tier architecture with three planes:

      • user/traffic engineering
      • common control and measurement
      • MPLS, IPO, etc. (that set up “paths”)

      To start out, this effort is being managed by combination of Ops, Internet and Routing area directors under the General Area. Goal is to make explicit the separation of services from the mechanisms that support them.

      Liaison to IEEE 802.3–fine, can be relatively informal since this is at working group level.

    6. Nomcom liaison report and news

    7. Workshop planning status

      Internationalization (Harald)

      • Status update and request for comments was sent to IAB list and workshop mailing list. Issue is not IDNS (which is being overtaken by events), but rather goal is to get in front of the curve to have solutions ready for future applications.

      Middle Boxes (Brian)

      • Plan is to publish draft by end of year; BOF on topic in Minneapolis Spring IETF meeting; then decide whether or not to hold workshop.

    7. External liaisons

      3GPP (John)–It has been unclear what they are looking for from a formal liaison, but it appears that we may be able to focus it on administrative and access issues, leaving the technical liaisons/ interworking to the ADs and WGs. To some extent, 3GPP appears to believe that they are defining the real future of the Internet (dominated by wireless cellular equipment) and some of their membership may be looking for evidence that “the IETF moves too slowly for the marketplace”.

      Statement being written on role of testbeds in how we establish standards. Goal is to make clear what it means that our standards have multiple interoperating implementations. (At issue is Verisign testbed for IDNS.)

    8. Agenda for meetings in San Diego

      Business meeting

      • Consensus re. desirability of having a technical discussion.
      • Architecture implications underlying the IESG three-tier architecture. Open meeting
      • Highlights of recent IAB activities and documents–John Klensin
      • QOS–Geoff Huston
      • Firewalls–invite Ned Freed
      • NAT–Tony Hain

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib . An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at