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IAB Minutes 2000-12-12

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    Ran Atkinson
    Rob Austein
    Harald Alvestrand
    Fred Baker (IETF Chair)
    Steve Bellovin
    Randy Bush (IESG liaison)
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Leslie Daigle
    Steve Deering
    Tony Hain
    Geoff Huston
    John Klensin (IAB Chair)
    Joyce Reynolds (RFC Editor liaison)
    Henning Schulzrinne
    Abel Weinrib (IAB Executive Director)



  • Steve Deering: Explore the architectural implications of IESG thinking behind “volume” area (joint with key IESG members). Share insights with rest of IAB.


  • John Klensin: Create small task team to consider how IETF policies and procedures might be changed to overcome perception and reality of being slow.
    • Ongoing.
  • Brian Carpenter: Arrange “middle boxes” IAB workshop.
    • Ongoing. See below.
  • Harald Alvestrand: Arrange “International Internet” IAB workshop. Fred Baker, Randy Bush, John Klensin… site committee.
    • Ongoing. See below.
  • Henning Schulzrinne: Telephony Services PSTN interworking draft as an IAB document.
    • Ongoing.
  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter: Review and potentially update RFC 1958.
    • Ongoing.



    1. review actions

      see above

    2. review drafts in progress

      see above

    3. administrivia

      New meeting time: second Tuesday of the month, 3-5 PM US East Coast time.

    4. Bernstein appeal

      Consensus achieved on wording of initial response.

    5. IAB administration, secretariat, and Exec Dir

      One long-term possibility is that the IETF secretariat takes on this role. Still looking for near-term solution.

    6. PSO-PC membership and nominations

      Nomcomm is willing to fill the PC seats, but not until after IAB and IESG nominations are settled.

    7. 3GPP liaison

      Working with 3GPP appears to be an opportunity for us to do architecture in advance, rather than have to clean up messes after the fact.

      Internet draft has been posted outlining liaison between IETF and 3GPP. Time is short–review right away.

    8. Internationalization workshop

      Preliminary small-group meeting in New York resulted in several drafts. Will target a workshop between Spring and Summer IETF meetings.

    9. Middle-box workshop

      Preference to leave on hold until after Spring IETF. Instead, hold a well-prepared BOF at next IETF.

    10. New “volume” area — sub-IP layers

      Short version of what IESG is motivated by and trying to accomplish: 134 MPLS drafts, without any overall structure. Goal is to develop taxonomy in CCAM to define bins (e.g., restoration, talking to routing, measurement) for which broadly-applicable solutions may be developed.

      Some sound bites from discussion:
      “At the very top level, the IETF is about making the Internet work. Controlling the sub-IP layers piecemeal has caused a nightmare; trying to do this in a coherent way is a good thing.”
      “We have a dozen tunneling protocols. With hindsight, once upon a time someone should have defined a tunnel framework that could be customized in various ways.”

    11. Discussion/ plan for Wednesday presentations

      • RFC Editor Report
      • ITU
      • Highlights of recent IAB activities and documents–John Klensin
      • QOS–Geoff Huston
      • Firewalls–invite Ned Freed
      • NAT–Tony Hain

    12. Review/ discussion of IETF processes

      Almost 10 years since the IETF has seriously examined the way it operates. Issues identified by Brian:

        we are too slow
        we lack focus
        the IESG is too picky
        the IESG is opaque
        herding cats
        the disconnect from the operators
        IAB and IESG spend too much time on political sludge
        IAB doesn’t do enough architecture

      Brian will circulate a note with a view to taking the discussion to POISSON in due course.

    13. Technical Discussion

      Review of current technical issues and hot topics — impact of wireless/IP convergence on applications and routing, BGP/routing crisis, middleboxes.

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