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IAB Minutes 2001-01-09

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IAB Teleconference — January 9, 2001, 3pm-5pm ET


      John Klensin — IAB Chair
      Harald Alvestrand
      Rob Austein
      Brian Carpenter
      Steve Bellovin — Liaison to the IESG
      Leslie Daigle
      Tony Hain
      Geoff Huston
      Henning Schulzrinne
      Randy Bush — Liaison from the IESG
      Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
      Erik Huizer — IRTF Chair
      Don Heath — ISOC


      Ran Atkinson
      Jon Crowcroft
      Fred Baker — IETF/IESG Chair
      Steve Deering



  1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings . November 13, 2000
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Review of current IAB documents
  4. Liaison updates
  5. Workshop status
  6. IAB retreat question?
  7. Bernstein appeal


    1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings

    2. Review of Action Items

      See “Old Action Items” below.

    3. Review of current IAB documents

      See “IAB Drafts in Progress” below.

    4. Liaison updates


        Lots going on with Volume area, primarily management. Lots of processing going on, nothing particularly relevant to IAB.


        Erik has a request for new group — “performance optimization at peering points”. Erik will circulate charter draft to IAB; and additionally in this particular case to the IESG for input re. clarification of impact/relationship to existing WGs. May revisit this & other IRTF/IETF WGs when Geoff’s re. BGP “opportunities” has laid framework for particularly time-critical work in the area.


        Moving to 2 calls/week, but things are proceeding apace and look to complete by Feb 16.


        Still working on press release. John will circulate when new version available. We’re expecting to hear from 3GPP2 and MWIF on requirements; haven’t heard from them. Various IAB members are participating in MWIF and background helping encourage right-thinking. Brian reports UMTS is about to publish an overview architecture document (“Naming, addressing and identification issues for UMTS”) that would benefit from IETF review, if we can find an appropriate channel (e.g., 3GPP) through which to get a review copy.


        Mostly dormant. Counterparts from W3C haven’t gotten back to us re. selecting someone for the oversight committee selection committee. Leslie will re-ping. Steve will enquire re. proposed teleconference later this month — is it happening?


        Similarly quiet; the regular post-IETF conference call was cancelled by W3C, and has not been rescheduled. URI “interest group” has been slow getting off the ground.

      Other News from Afield

        ISO 3166/MA will be meeting to discuss ICANN’s impact on country code standard & usage. John Klensin will attend and tell us more in Feb.

        John will also be attending MINC meeting in Hawaii.

    5. Workshop status

      IntLoc (Internationalization/Localization)

        Little progress on document commitments from the NYC meeting. Outstanding item: finding a date and participants for the formal workshop. Harald will run with this, identify particpants and set suitable date accordingly (within the next week or so).


        Brian working on draft as precursor to BOF in Minneapolis; will send out some targetted requests for help. Would like something publishable by the end of the month, but it’s not necessarily achievable. The key question will be integrating efforts of MIDCOM, OPES, et cetera, that are already getting underway within the IETF. Perhaps BOF in Minneapolis, workshop to hammer out one joint architecture, and then BOF-report in London? Wait on document.

    6. IAB retreat question?

      Possibility to consider: getting the IAB together outside of IETF week to get our teeth into serious discussion on focus items; the problem being that our evening meetings IETF week seem just enough time to start getting into something in time to have to stop. Concern over extra travel, scheduling. Steve Bellovin suggests if and only if we can nail a concrete agenda. One possibility: Saturday/Sunday before Minneapolis and invite the new IAB members. Leslie will circulate and shepherd agenda proposal to be reviewed by the end of next week — do we have enough focus to make this useful, and adjust travel plans?

    7. Bernstein appeal

      [Randy Bush, Brian Carpenter and Don Heath recused & left the meeting. Erik Huizer and Joyce Reynolds also exited. ]

      Have received reply from Dan Bernstein re. our request for more explicit statement of appeal. John tasked to formally ask IESG Chair for documentation of appeal, so that the IAB can carry out its review of the IESG’s process handling in this matter.


  • Steve Deering: Explore the architectural implications of IESG thinking behind “volume” area (joint with key IESG members). Share insights with rest of IAB.

      Steve Deering couldn’t make the call. Randy observed there hasn’t been any discussion with IESG.

  • John Klensin: Create small task team to consider how IETF policies and procedures might be changed to overcome perception and reality of being slow.

      John will formalize based on informal discussions that have been pursued around this action item.

  • Brian Carpenter: Arrange “middle boxes” IAB workshop. =ongoing

  • Harald Alvestrand: Arrange “International Internet” IAB workshop. Fred Baker, Randy Bush, John Klensin… site committee.

      Expect participants/date within the next few weeks.

  • Henning Schulzrinne: Telephony Services PSTN interworking draft as an IAB document.

      Just sent out a 0th draft for comment from IAB — “is this in the right neighbourhood”; covers a broad swath of areas and wants direction from IAB re. what to pursue.

  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter: Review and potentially update RFC 1958.

      Still waiting on Middlebox issues.


  • John Klensin: request documentation of Dan Bernstein appeal to IESG from Fred Baker.

  • Leslie Daigle: poke W3C PSO-PC members to fulfill our commitment for the ICANN oversight appointment committee.

  • Leslie Daigle: collect agenda items for potential IAB retreat



  • Geoff Huston: Directions for Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet

  • Brian Carpenter: Middle boxes: taxonomy and issues


    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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