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IAB Minutes 2001-02-13

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IAB Teleconference — February 13, 2001, 3pm-5pm ET


John Klensin — IAB Chair
Harald Alvestrand
Ran Atkinson
Fred Baker — IETF/IESG Chair
Brian Carpenter
Leslie Daigle
Steve Deering
Tony Hain
Geoff Huston
Henning Schulzrinne
Randy Bush — Liaison from the IESG
Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Erik Huizer — IRTF Chair
Don Heath — ISOC


Rob Austein
Steve Bellovin — Liaison to the IESG
Jon Crowcroft



IAB Teleconference — February 13, 2001, 3pm-5pm ET

  1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings
  2. Review of Action Items (below)
  3. Review of current IAB documents (below)
  4. New since last meeting
    • .arpa policy
    • Nomcom IESG slate
  5. status
  6. Liaison updates
  7. Workshop status
  8. Next meetings
    • shall we Teleconf March 13?
    • (non-)retreat details (agenda, food)
    • IETF biz meeting details (agenda, Tues PM?)
  9. Bernstein appeal


1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings

2. Review of Action Items

See “Old Action Items” below.

3. Review of current IAB documents

See “IAB Drafts in Progress” below.

4. New since last meeting

.arpa policy
The IESG has requested some words from us so that there can be consistent policy for use of .arpa. Geoff will take a first cut at a draft for us to consider. Leslie will pursue from the “operationally useful to WGs” perspective.

Nomcom IESG slate
The Nomcom has delivered the selected slate of IESG members. It has been approved by the IAB. Recused from approval discussion were those IAB members directly implicated in it.

5. status

An update of discussions going on elsewhere re. usage of (for ENUM). IETF work on standards definition is done, and IANA policy is set. We are officially on track with ITU for coordination of their control of telephone number space and IANA management of domain. There are rumours of potential disagreement within the ITU, but there is no required IAB action unless and until there is official word from ITU re. desired changes.

6. Liaison updates

Steve Bellovin couldn’t make the call; Randy Bush was away from the phone at this agenda item. Fred Baker mentioned that the IESG is fielding an appeal related to the copyright terminology in Internet-Draft boilerplate, but the hope/expectation is that this will not need to reach the IAB’s scope, if it can be fixed with some minor wording changes within the boilerplate, taken through the appropriate channels for such adjustments.

No further news beyond the pending request for a “digital rights management” research group. Erik is evaluating comments received and will make up his mind this week. As an FYI, he’s going to kill off one of the inactive groups — informational retrieval group.

Part of the discussion of the DRM proposal touched on scoping — what is/is not within Internet architectural bounds. Steve Deering will put together some words about his view on that as input to potential future discussion.

Delivered slates to IAB, ISOC.

Nothing new.

Planning General Assembly in conjunction with ETSI meeting in Sophia Antipolis in June/July.

W3C still haven’t rescheduled the post-San Diego teleconf that they post-poned. Brian specifically raises issue about coordination on XML front. Leslie will sent note to coordination list to jiggle on that front and see about re-establishing contact.

Other News from Afield
All quiet.

7. Workshop status

Covered in “old action items”.

8. Next meetings

Shall we Teleconf March 13, or skip it as we are meeting face to face the following week?

We’ll leave it set up; anyone with time-critical agenda items for it should send them to John & Leslie by March 5. If there is nothing that can’t wait a week to the face2face Biz meeting in Minneapolis, we’ll cancel the teleconf.

Non-retreat details

We’ll hash out any agenda finalizations on the IAB mailing list.

IETF biz meeting details (agenda, Tues PM?)
We confirm Tuesday evening (March 20) as the best time to meet in Minneapolis. Details (exact time, location, and final agenda) to be hashed out on the mailing list. Brian points out we need more than 24 hours to set up some items on the plenary agenda (e.g., presentations of recent drafts). Leslie will extract list of recent drafts and we can finalize plans on mailing list.

9. Bernstein appeal

[Brian, Randy, Fred, Don, Erik & Joyce depart from call.]

In principle, we agree that Tony’s draft reply message is on the right track. Geoff has sent comments. We will wait for positive ack from a quorum of us, have a final external review, and then Tony will send to Dan Bernstein.


  • Steve Deering: Explore the architectural implications of IESG thinking behind “volume” area (joint with key IESG members). Share insights with rest of IAB.
    • ongoing
    • We have time scheduled to talk about this in the pre-Minneapolis non-retreat. Steve Deering would like to get help from Steve Bellovin to get summary prepared for background info. Randy Bush offers input if needed.
  • John Klensin: Create small task team to consider how IETF policies and procedures might be changed to overcome perception and reality of being slow.
    • transferred to Brian Carpenter informal issues document (see new action items).
  • Brian Carpenter: Arrange “middle boxes” IAB workshop.
    • ongoing
    • Fred has indicated the IESG has approved a BoF in Minneapolis; Brian has provided agenda to Brian will circulate agenda to IAB.
  • Harald Alvestrand: Arrange “International Internet” IAB workshop. Fred Baker, Randy Bush, John Klensin… site committee.
    • ongoing
    • Need to: find and invite appropriate Chinese/Asian involvement in the work to make sure it has the broadest applicability of result; keep this moving so that we don’t block other possible IAB workshop planning for this year. We can’t reasonably ask for Chinese hosts on the short notice of currently-planned meeting dates. Pragmatic route at this point: scale this down from a full-scale IAB workshop, make it a series of meetings, have the next meeting in late April (North America; possibly Montreal (errr, Montréal)), and subsequent one in Asia. Leslie to work with Harald on seeing about host sites in Montreal.
  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter: Review and potentially update RFC 1958.
    • ongoing
    • Still waiting on Middlebox issues.
  • John Klensin: request documentation of Dan Bernstein appeal to IESG from Fred Baker.
    • done
  • Leslie Daigle: poke W3C PSO-PC members to fulfill our commitment for the ICANN oversight appointment committee.
    • ongoing
    • Nothing new to report.
  • Leslie Daigle: collect agenda items for potential IAB retreat
    • done


  • Geoff Huston: draft up text for .arpa usage policy.
  • Leslie Daigle: follow-up Geoff’s .arpa text from WG usage perspective (if different).
  • Steve Deering: put together a strawman of his view about what the scope of the Internet architecture is/should be in considering IETF work.
  • Leslie Daigle: note to W3C coordination list, particularly to stimulate discussion/coordination of XML-related work.
  • Leslie Daigle: will extract out list of drafts to present at Minneapolis plenary, other time-sensitive prep issues for Wed plenary.
  • Tony Hain: Send approved appeal reply to Dan Bernstein.
  • Steve Bellovin: help Steve Deering in prep’ing summary of architectural implications of sub-ip for Minneapolis retreat discussion.
  • Brian Carpenter: circulate his draft of IETF process issues and considerations to IESG for comment/input. Goal is to have input to the IETF process (I-D? Poisson?) for London IETF meeting.


  • Ran Atkinson: Security considerations, including common security attacks.
    • ongoing/transferred to Steve Bellovin — Ran says his issues with the document are covered; they are waiting in input from Eric Rescorla re. a missing section, but that’s to Steve’s issues.
  • Harald Alvestrand: Directory definitions.
    • ongoing
    • Has had no comments. Will send out an informal last call to directory-like WGs and then proceed to publish.
  • Steve Bellovin: Applicability statement for security building blocks.
    • ongoing
    • Still on-going, no projected date.
  • Geoff Huston: Directions for Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet
    • ongoing
    • Circulated draft to IAB yesterday; will incorporate IAB comments and will send it to I-D editor. Will solicit comments from Routing ADs (new & old). With the draft, have a better idea of the scope of the problem and it’s bigger than we’d wanted to know. This is input into a part of the IAB non-retreat discussion.
  • Brian Carpenter: Middle boxes: taxonomy and issues
    • ongoing
    • Will be input to MIDTAX BOF
  • Henning Schulzrinne: Telephony Services PSTN interworking draft as an IAB document.
    • ongoing
    • Henning is folding in comments from Brian; looking for feedback on whether this should be an Internet-Draft, an IAB document…? Hasn’t had much feedback. Will seek external (to IAB) review, and circulate revised version for IAB feedback.


Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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