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IAB Minutes 2001-04-10

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IAB Teleconference — April 10, 2001, 1500-1700ET


      John Klensin — IAB Chair
      Rob Austein
      Fred Baker
      Steve Bellovin — Liaison to the IESG
      Brian Carpenter
      Leslie Daigle
      Sally Floyd
      Erik Huizer — IRTF Chair, liaison from the IRTF
      Geoff Huston
      Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
      Henning Schulzrinne
      Lynn St.Amour — Liaison from ISOC


      Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
      Ran Atkinson
      Randy Bush — Liaison from the IESG
      Jon Crowcroft
      Steve Deering



    IAB Teleconference — April 10, 2001, 3pm-5pm ET

    1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings

      . March 13, 2001 as circulated on April 6, 2001

    2. Review of Action Items (below)
    3. Review of current IAB documents (below)
    4. status
    5. Liaison updates
    6. Workshop planning


    1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings

        March 13, 2001 as circulated on April 6, 2001


    2. Review of Action Items

      See “Old Action Items” below.

    3. Review of current IAB documents

      See “IAB Drafts in Progress” below.

    4. status

      No change — still under discussion with ITU.

    5. Liaison updates

      No major news; everyone still in recovery-from-IETF-week mode. The IESG retreat is next week; John Klensin and Steve Bellovin will both be there.

      Nothing to report.

      Tim Berners-Lee has agreed to be appointed as member of independent review panel nominating committee.

      Had coord call Apr 2; ran out of time and will continue on April 23. Primary areas of discussion were URI and XP & BEEP). Trying to sort out how these things fit together, and who should be talking with whom within the 2 bodies. Henning expresses some concern about the work the W3C is doing with voice XML — does it intersect with IETF work in the telephony area?

      ISOC has plans to increase funding to RFC Editor; trying to develop a new statement of work within this month.

      Lynn & John contemplating press release process plans. Hope to be able to report something within the next month.

      Other News from Afield

    6. Workshop planning

      Brian & Leslie have kicked around discussion on finding/identifying stuff. John’s working on the follow-on document to his “insert directory service layer” proposal paper. No major (untended) raging forest fires, so what are the possibilities for proactive workshop? Could use John’s paper and a workshop to test the hypotheses and find which areas are out of focus. E.g., could talk about LDAP vs CNRP for John’s directory proposal. Timeframe for that is sooner than London IETF.

      Leslie reposes the possibility of reviewing what identifiers we have at all 7 levels and how they are being (ab)used with a view to producing a survey of the state of things. John sees a separate question of the “finding stuff” question: how to we label and get to stuff on the net (and maybe search).

      Volunteers for drafting up proposed agendas for 3 workshop proposals:

      • Follow-on to John’s directory replacement — John takes the action item to finish up his follow-on document, and the proposed agenda would be “discuss this”.
      • Survey of identifiers at all layers — Leslie
      • Finding stuff — Henning

      End of next week for Henning & Leslie to put together draft agendas, and we’ll see what appears to make the most sense for a workshop this year.


  • Harald Alvestrand: Arrange “International Internet” workshop/series of meetings
    • Ongoing
    • Next in on-going series is scheduled for April 20/21, 2001 in Montreal.
    • Brian asks if there will be drafts out of this. John says there should be at least notes; John & Harald will figure, by the end of that meeting, what if anything will be the future of this endeavour. If no documents, no further meetings.
  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter: Review and potentially update RFC 1958.
    • Ongoing
    • No change.
  • Leslie Daigle: poke W3C PSO-PC members to fulfill our commitment for the ICANN oversight appointment committee.
    • Done
    • Announced to ICANN, Tim Berners-Lee has agreed to be the W3C/IETF-selected appointee from the PSO to the independent review panel nominating committee.
  • Geoff Huston: draft up text for .arpa usage policy.
    • Ongoing
    • Draft circulated on IAB list. Another version circulated yesterday. Has had text from just Harald; will make minor revisions and submit it as draft -00 publicly if no further comments within 24 hours. (This action moved to the “Drafts in progress” list).
  • Leslie Daigle: follow-up Geoff’s .arpa text from WG usage perspective (if different).
    • Ongoing
    • Geoff has some draft text in his document. Is it enough? Leslie will look more closely in section 2.1 (very crisp 1 sentence!).
  • Steve Deering: put together a strawman of his view about what the scope of the Internet architecture is/should be in considering IETF work.
    • Ongoing
    • No visible progress yet.
  • Brian Carpenter: circulate his draft of IETF process issues and considerations to IESG for comment/input. Goal is to have input to the IETF process (I-D? Poisson?) for London IETF meeting.
    • Done
    • Brian considers it done — it has been circulated to the IESG, and it’s Harald’s call what to do with it next, if anything. John reports that it is on the IESG retreat agenda for next week’s retreat. Action is off our plate and on to IESG.
  • John Klensin, Harald Alvestrand: draft reply to Houlin Zhao.
    • Ongoing
    • In progress.
  • All: consider possible workshop topics for consideration for a workshop this year.
    • Done
    • Discussed as a separate agenda item in this meeting.
  • Geoff Huston, Steve Deering, and Henning Schulzrinne: Put together a problem statement/charter for the IP provisioning problem, with timeframe for conclusion. Will later determine whether it’s IRTF or IETF material.
    • Ongoing
    • No progress yet — will put their heads together.
  • Various — see discussion
    Spell out research objectives for inter-domain routing improvements.

    • Ongoing

    The problem, as described by Geoff et al in Minneapolis, has publicity now in the press. Geoff will add some description of particular research issues (for researchers to consider pursuing; for funding agencies to be aware of) to the BGP architecture document.

    Brian Carpenter asks about state of the Routing RG. Erik Huizer replies that RG continues with Abha Ahuja as co-chair (in addition to her new role as Routing co-AD). Abha & Sean (Doran?) have agreed that activity of Routing RG will increase. IAB should send a message to Routing RG to the effect that the inter-domain routing issue should be a high priority. Erik says: IAB should send Routing RG an official IAB note, signed by John. Brian volunteers to draft the note :->

    No one could identify a high-profile routing conference outside of the IETF; not clear where this message should go. Henning is willing to distribute the message to the IEEE community that he deals with. Fred suggests that ISOC might be able to provide some leadership in getting this into corporate research spaces. Sally will make space on her routing issues web page to be created.

    Actors for the action items to pursue:

    • Geoff: incorporate research issues in BGP paper
    • Brian: draft note to Routing RG
    • John: send note to Routing RG
  • Geoff Huston, Fred Baker Subcommittee to report back to IAB next IETF (London) about progress of the inter-domain routing problem: understanding & proposals within the IETF.
    • Ongoing
    • Backgrounded & to be revisited at London IETF
  • Henning Shulzrinne, Jon Crowcroft See about organizing an ACM/IEEE focussed workshop on the subject of interdomain routing issues
    • Ongoing
    • Henning will feel out the people who would have to be behind it to see if there is interest.
  • Geoff Huston: Bring the inter-domain routing issue to the IRTF Routing Group, e.g., to get the terminology sorted out.
    • Ongoing
    • Geoff is on IRTF mailing list, which has been dormant for some weeks now.


  • Steve Bellovin & Leslie Daigle Draft message to nomcom re. PSO job description. Brian suggests one IAB person and one not.

  • Leslie Daigle Draft a proposal for a workshop on “Survey of identifiers at all layers”

  • Henning Schulzrinne Draft a proposal for a workshop on “Finding stuff”



    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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