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IAB Minutes 2001-11-20

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IAB Meeting — November 20, 2001, 15h00-17h00 US-ET


      John Klensin — IAB Chair
      Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
      Ran Atkinson
      Rob Austein
      Fred Baker
      Steve Bellovin — Liaison to the IESG
      Brian Carpenter
      Leslie Daigle
      Steve Deering
      Sally Floyd
      Erik Huizer — IRTF Chair, liaison from the IRTF
      Geoff Huston
      Erik Nordmark — Liaison from the IESG
      Vern Paxson — Incoming IRTF Chair, liaison from the IRTF
      Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
      Henning Schulzrinne
      Lynn St.Amour — Liaison from ISOC


      Jon Crowcroft


    Meeting at 52nd IETF, Salt Lake City, Utah, Tuesday December 11, 2001.


    1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings
      • October 9, 2001 (as circulated November 11, 2001)
    2. Review of Action Items (below)
    3. Review of current IAB documents (below)
    4. Liaison updates
    5. ICANN meeting update
    6. NomCom2000 (mid-term vacancy) update
    7. December IETF planning
      • meeting schedule & content
      • IAB plenary agenda


    1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings

      • October 9, 2001 (as circulated November 11, 2001)


    2. Review of Action Items

      See below.

    3. Review of current IAB documents

      See below.

    4. Liaison updates

      The OPES document has been approved as informational. Steve Deering asks if there has been any further discussion about the similarities/differences/progress on the “shipworm” vs. “proposed micdom extension” question? No — it would be useful for the IAB to clarify its position to the IESG. Routing area has issues — Rob Coltun had announced his resignation in early October; there is a lack of clarity about the effective date on that resignation. At any rate, the new Routing AD chosen by the NomCom chaired by Bernard Aboba (per rules of filling midterm vacancies) will have a co-AD assigned from within the IESG to help with the load and any procedural learning issues.

      Vern Paxson provided an update on the planned discussion of “DNS measurement” in Salt Lake City — will have a 2 hour BoF session on Wednesday (agenda still undergoing changes) to go through recent studies as presentations. Will determine if there is a research group to be formed. No expectation of forming an IETF working group.

      IRTF presentation at the IESG plenary on the Wednesday evening in Salt Lake City: GSEC (group security) will give presentation.

      IDMR research group will meet in SLC; it shows up on the IETF agenda. This has given it some greater visibility. Vern sees this as helpful for facilitating tech transfer. There has been some recent IESG/IAB discussion about one of the papers that has come out of that research group (concerns about its apparent lack relationship to IETF work in the same area); still not clear if that is meant as a product of the research group, or individual submission of the document authors (draft-irtf-idrm-handle-system-03.txt, proposed for informational RFC).

      Board meeting is first weekend of IETF meeting. Have recently rolled out a new-for-ISOC report — Robert Ferrell’s Internet Report. Take a look!

      Nothing to report.

      ENUM — John Klensin and others had long conversations with Richard Hill during the ICANN meetings. Progress made in coming to common agreement on process for handling incoming registration requests.

      Pretty much status quo. There was some discussion about how to ensure that the IETF’s technical input can be offered to ICANN when or if the PSO(-PC) position becomes an incoherent patchwork of the participant organizations’ thinking.

      ICTSB — Information & Communications Technology Standards Board.
      Brian Carpenter attended a recent meeting in Geneva. This is primarily a technical strategy arena for ETSI & related bodies. They have expressed a desire to have a liaison from ISOC (Brian interprets this as IETF). General pushback on draining more people-time and more formalization John Klensin reminds us: we do not do liaisons, except to global standards bodies (and not all); for regional bodies such as this, we may consider appointing a designated observer.

    5. ICANN meeting update

      ICANN meetings focused on a specific topic (in this case, security) tend to be best.

      Rob Austein asks whether ICANN is getting into protocol development because of the terrorist activities. Steve Bellovin gave the keynote that strongly discouraged that trend, and the report from the ICANN meetings is that people effectively pointed back at that presentation through the week to keep things on track.

    6. NomCom2000 (midterm vacancy) update

      The IESG has communicated to NomCom2000 that only one position will be filled; a co-AD will be appointed from within the IESG. Routing AD is always a difficult slot to fill. NomCom2000 has invested somewhere between 1000 to 2000 people hours on this problem (last Spring and now). Their 30 day window for deliberations is coming to a close; expect to see a proposed candidate for review within days.

    7. December IETF planning

      The IAB will meet on its own Tuesday morning and evening of IETF week. The breakfast meeting will focus on administrative details, with a view to keeping the dinner/evening session focused on technical/architectural discussion.

      Proposals for technical topics:

        Leslie Daigle suggests: shipworm vs. midcom? only if there is tech content, and not just Layer 9 posturing.

        Rob Austein: DNS? at the level of: dynamic DNS, DNSSEC? draft-ietf-dnsext-dns-threats. Steve Deering will act as Layer9-avoidance moderator. John Klensin suggests we introduce the search-dns material (subject of BoF on Monday AM)

        Leslie Daigle: CDI — separating out short term vs. longterm

      Apart from that, Harald Alvestrand & John Klensin concur that it will be useful to spend some joint IESG/IAB breakfast time for discussion of the IAB early-involvement (e.g., OPES); probably for Wednesday

      For the IAB plenary agenda; we agree to present the OPES architectural considerations document. Sally Floyd & Leslie Daigle will work on the powerpoint presentation materials, and we will determine later who will do the presentation (possibly Brian Carpenter). This presentation should segue into the open architectural discussion.


  • Harald Alvestrand:
    Arrange “International Internet” workshop/series of meetings.


        Documents beginning to be published (draft-alvestrand-i18n-guide); INTLOC bof scheduled for December IETF.
  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter:
    Review and potentially update RFC 1958.


        Brian has sent some drafty text to Rob, who’s reviewing it.
  • John Klensin:
    Have a chat with Tim Berners-Lee re. ongoing relationship/liaising strategies between IETF/W3C.


        No answer.
  • John Klensin, Geoff Huston:
    Float proposal for revised protocol assignment framework.


  • Ran Atkinson:
    (Definitive) history of the IETF; sit down with Mike St. Johns and nail down the names and players of the early years, in a format for public posting.


        Ran has talked with various IETF oldtimers, who don’t have the time to put something together and suggest the material on the web page is accurate in so far as it goes. All the data exists (to, for example, build up the slates of IESG/IAB over the years) but there is a lack of urgency to spend the energy to extract it. What we’d like from Steve Coya: NomCom output, and pointers to the ISOC IETF page. Refine the action: Ran will ask Steve Coya for NomCom output and to link the IETF page to the ISOC page
  • John Klensin:
    Talk to the IESG about IPR repository plan.


        John & Harald Alvestrand need to have a discussion with IESG & Secretariat. John & Harald are declared the committee to deal with this.
  • Leslie Daigle:
    Draft up IAB Considerations for CDI.


        Action slipped — Leslie will contact Patrik re. state of IAB thinking on CDI, review newly-published CDI drafts and come back with a revised proposal.


  • Ran Atkinson, Steve Bellovin:
    Security considerations, including common security attacks.


        SteveB has to get back to Eric Rescorla on this… the ball is in Steve’s court, but things are under control & looking good.
  • Harald Alvestrand:
    Directory definitions.


        Harald elected to have the IESG consider it as an individual submission. (Though it was the -02 draft that the IESG announced approval of, not -03, which is the current one in the archive).
  • Steve Bellovin:
    Applicability statement for security building blocks.


        Steve Bellovin will ping Jeff Schiller & talk to him in Salt Lake City before we declare this one dead.
  • Geoff Huston:
    Architectural Requirements for Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet


        Passed IESG review. On RFC-Editor plate as of October 29, 2001.
  • Brian Carpenter:
    Middle boxes: taxonomy and issues


        Updated draft submitted; document is on the IESG agenda for November 29.
  • Henning Schulzrinne:
    Telephony Services PSTN interworking draft as an IAB document.


        Detailed comments circulated on the IAB list. Ongoing out-of- band discussions.
  • Leslie Daigle:
    IETF PSO-PC Process


        Finalized redraft circulated on IAB list. Was a POISSON document, but that group has since been closed, so it will be an IAB document now (with a new document name). This was too late for the “new document” submission deadline, so it will only be submitted after the Salt Lake City IETF. It is targetting BCP status, so the IESG will last call it.
  • Sally Floyd:
    IAB Considerations for OPES


        Considerations were put together by Sally, published and revised draft published. Erik Nordmark will carry the message to the IESG: IAB would like this published as informational.


    Meeting at 52nd IETF, Salt Lake City, Utah, Tuesday December 11, 2001.

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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