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IAB Minutes 2002-02-15

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IAB Executive Meeting — February 15, 2002, 15h30-16h00 US-ET


      John Klensin — IAB Chair
      Ran Atkinson
      Rob Austein
      Fred Baker
      Steve Bellovin
      Brian Carpenter
      Jon Crowcroft
      Leslie Daigle
      Steve Deering
      Sally Floyd
      Geoff Huston
      Henning Schulzrinne


    1. Review of NomCom proposed IESG slate


    1. Review of NomCom proposed IESG slate

      The IAB reviewed the additional input provided by the NomCom to accompany the proposed IESG slate. The slate was accepted.

      In the course of the discussions of the various Areas and issues, the suggestion was made that it is perhaps time to review the structure and process of the IETF, in plenary, to confirm or revise the structure that has been in place for several years.


    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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