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IAB Minutes 2002-03-12

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IAB Meeting — March 12, 2002, 15h00-17h00 US-ET


      John Klensin — IAB Chair
      Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
      Rob Austein
      Fred Baker
      Steve Bellovin — Liaison to the IESG
      Jon Crowcroft
      Leslie Daigle
      Steve Deering
      Sally Floyd
      Ted Hardie — IAB member elect
      Geoff Huston
      Charlie Kaufman — IAB member elect
      Jim Kempf — IAB member elect
      Erik Nordmark — Liaison from the IESG
      Vern Paxson — IRTF Chair
      Eric Rescorla — IAB member elect
      Henning Schulzrinne
      Lynn St.Amour — Liaison from ISOC


      Ran Atkinson
      Brian Carpenter
      Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
      Mike St. Johns — IAB member elect


    Meeting at IETF 53, March 19, 2002


    1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings
      • February 12, 2002 as circulated March 8, 2002.
      • February 15, 2002 (executive meeting), as circulated March 8, 2002.
    2. Preparation for discussion with Stuart Lynn re. IETF role in proposed ICANN changes
    3. IAB transition
      • Point of handoff
      • BoF evaluation — process review & sign up
      • Plan for Chair election
    4. Review of Action Items (below)
    5. Review of current IAB documents (below)
    6. Liaison updates
    7. Clarification of proposed IETF role in ICANN draft changes (with Stuart Lynn)


    1. Acceptance of minutes of past meetings

      • February 12 and 15, (as circulated March 8, 2002)


    2. Preparation for discussion with Stuart Lynn re. IETF role in proposed ICANN changes

      General discussion to scope the questions to Stuart Lynn, focusing on getting clarification with respect to the intended role of the IETF in the proposed ICANN restructuring.

    3. IAB transition

      Point of handoff:

        Traditionally, do this “during” the IAB plenary. All IAB folk will come up to the stage and stay up for the session.

      BoF evaluation — process review & sign up:

        We need to cover all BoFs – with some of the new and some of the old IAB members. The task is to attend the session, provide a brief summary and perspective on likelihood of success as a WG effort, and then send the e-mail as soon as possible afterwards — to the IAB and the IESG.

      Plan for Chair election:

        It it is the task of the new IAB to elect the chair for the next year. General agreement — do the election by Tuesday PM. Sally Floyd suggests: John Klensin should send around note asking people interested in being considered to send a note to the IAB list. Steve Deering suggests: don’t eject outgoing IAB folks from discussion.

    4. Review of Action Items


    5. Review of current IAB documents


    6. Liaison updates


        Patrik Faltstrom will do stringprep at the IESG plenary.

        The IESG is continuing to work with the Secretariat to do document tracking.

        There is a question from IESG re. UNSAF document: IESG doesn’t have a problem with it (is happy with it as a tool). But, do we want to have more community review? Answer: yes, we have said that from the outset. We need a message that is like a last call announcement. Opportunity to provide input into the IAB, not to the document. Not a “last call”. Leslie Daigle to draft text.


        Potential presentations for IRTF can’t make it to Minneapolis. But, probably will have 2 for Yokohama.

        Vern Paxson asks for someone to help him understand the character set issues for Eric Brunner-Williams who wants a characterset RG.

        Internet Resource Discovery RG has been closed. Plan to close Interplanetary Internet (work is all happening elsewhere) and BuDS (Building Differentiated Services).


        Board has voted to move to a new governance model: more representation on the board by specific constituencies. IETF is one such representative.

        John Klensin has put in the ietf-announce queue a request for proposals to the ISOC BoT. New IAB will have to decide what to do in terms of process for (s)election — IAB or NomCom.

        Need to have appointees known by the 28th of May. Should have procedures in Alan Greenberg’s hands 6 weeks in advance of that.


        March 11 — had a coordination call. General update on what different areas are doing. Specific action item to follow re. IANA identification of media types/protocol parameters (suggestion for persistence of path names). Needs to hit agenda for Sunday IESG discussion.


        ENUM — punted to next week.


        Next call is March 14. Will have to talk about the proposed ICANN restructuring, and decide whether there is a joint PSO position, or just individual member SDO statements.

    7. Clarification of proposed IETF role in ICANN draft changes (with Stuart Lynn)

      Stuart Lynn: the proposal he put on the table was not intended as an ending point, but a starting point; he would like to have comments from people. His feeling is that the present structure means that IETF gets mixed into and lost in the PSO.

      John Klensin asks for a timeframe. It’s a proposal, need to agree on the what, before the how. Bucharest in June is a target for getting initial agreement. Need something to be formally approvable by the Shanghai meeting in mid-October. Means that comments and input would be most appreciated a month before Bucharest (in June).


  • Harald Alvestrand:
    Arrange “International Internet” workshop/series of meetings.


        There is much work to be done in the area of internationalization, but there are no clear, scoped steps from here, yet.
  • John Klensin, Harald Alvestrand:
    Find co-chair for IntLoc effort


        See above.
  • Rob Austein and Brian Carpenter:
    Review and potentially update RFC 1958.


        Published as draft-iab-arch-changes-00.txt (moved to documents in progress).
  • John Klensin:
    Talk to the IESG about IPR repository plan.


        John Klensin: this is done; handed to IETF Chair for execution (no longer any IAB action)
  • Sally Floyd:
    First cut on “Architectural Considerations” document — a generalization of the discussions we’ve had about OPES, CDI, and glorp/shipworm.

  • Henning Schulzrinne, Mike St.Johns:
    (Definitive) history of the IETF website


        Proposed next step: post on IAB website, and find new designee to polish it. Geoff Huston & Steve Deering (who had comments on earlier versions) sign off. Designee: general concensus that it should be Mike St.Johns (not on the call).
  • John Klensin:
    Redraft and ship commentary on .bz delegation proposal


  • John Klensin:
    Note to IETF announce outlining plan for appointing Trustees to ISOC Board.


        Next steps: decide how we’re going to handle things this year, and how/whether NomCom is implicated.
  • Ran Atkinson:
    Network Management workshop plan


  • Ran Atkinson, John Klensin:
    Draft issues document re. IDN and the Traditional/Simplified Chinese matching problem, generalized


        Update next week.



    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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