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IAB Minutes 2002-03-19

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IAB Meeting — IETF 53, Minneapolis March 19, 2002, 7:45am-9am, 6:00pm-10pm


  • John Klensin — IAB Chair
    [PM] Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
    Ran Atkinson
    Rob Austein
    Fred Baker
    Steve Bellovin — Liaison to the IESG
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Leslie Daigle
    Steve Deering
    Sally Floyd
    Ted Hardie — IAB member elect
    Geoff Huston
    Charlie Kaufman — IAB member elect
    Jim Kempf — IAB member elect
    [PM] Erik Nordmark — Liaison from the IESG
    Vern Paxson — IRTF Chair
    Eric Rescorla — IAB member elect
    Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
    Henning Schulzrinne
    Lynn St.Amour — Liaison from ISOC
    Mike St. Johns — IAB member elect


    Tuesday, April 9, 2002.


    1. Review of action items (below)
    2. Review of documents (below)
    3. Network Management Workshop discussion/planning.
    4. Steve Bellovin on IESG Security Plans
    5. Select Chair[PM]
    6. Select IESG liaison, other wrapup
    7. ISOC BoT — plan to propose at plenary
    8. ICANN: PSO structure and elections, reorganization, and BoT
    9. ENUM status, brain dump, and handoff
    10. ARPA TLD management
    11. Document discussionContent and whether these should be IAB docs:
      • The role of the DNS (draft-klensin-dns-role-02.txt)
      • Inappropriate Resets


      • Architectural evolution (draft-iab-arch-changes-00.txt)
      • “General IAB Architectural and Policy Considerations”, at papers/draft-iab-considerations-00a.txt
      • Moving forward on the “Chinese issues” document that Ran and John discussed a while ago.


1. Review of action items

      • (below)

2. Review of documents

      • (below)

3. Network Management Workshop discussion/planning.

Conference room for 30 people is the current plan. Dulles, Virginia area, June 4-6. All IAB folk have a right to participate, though the hope is that people who do not have a strong interest in the topic will defer participation until it’s clearer how many others are attending. Organizers will circulate a list of external participants to invite (strawman).

4. Steve Bellovin on IESG Security Plans

Trying to put together a group of about 15 people to spread security clue into different areas of IETF work. People will work with ADs to determine which are the groups that particularly need security involvement (earlier rather than later). The challenge will be in the management of this, getting the right advisors with the ADs, getting security advisors involved in WGs where they might not be otherwise interested.

Main thing Steve wants from the IAB — general support & input on making this work; early warnings about things that look like that they are going to be interesting security problems, for things that will be important/popular.

5. Select Chair

[Only incoming IAB discusses; no liaisons or old IAB. Leslie out until brought back for some discussion.]

Leslie Daigle selected to be the next Chair of the IAB. Some discussion about internal organization of the IAB and internal vs. external roles. To be revisited later.

Geoff Huston volunteers to replace Leslie as IAB Executive Director.

— Evening Session —

[Additional Topic] — Character Set Discussion

The IAB had an informal discussion of character sets, which revealed some feeling within the IAB that RFC 2130 might, in retrospect, be a little simplistic. However, given the lack of IETF expertise in the details of character sets, scripts, and coding, it is probably better to leave those topics to other organizations, with which we can work to achieve answers to our needs, than to launch our own research or standardization efforts.

6. Select IESG liaison, other wrapup

Rob Austein selected to be IESG liaison.

Need new PSO-PC rep to replace Leslie Daigle. IAB members agree to think about it and revisit the question by e-mail.

7. ISOC BoT — plan to propose at plenary

Brian Carpenter gives an overview of ISOC and its role for the IETF — pays our insurance (IAB, IESG, WG chairs), RFC Editor, and legal counsel when we need it. ISOC holds the copyright on the RFCs.

IETF has been asked to (s)elect 2 board members this year, and in steady state we will select 1 per year (total of 3).

Asking IETF for direct board member selection is to get technically- aware people on the board. Organizational members have been asked to provide industry experience in the Organization-selected seats.

Time commitments for ISOC board of trustee members: Two face to face meetings per year (1.5 days). One with Nov/Dec IETF, one with the June INET conference. Typically no teleconferences. Executive committee does teleconf once a month, and has more day-to-day work to do.

Sally Floyd — supports having the IAB pick the people this time, and not just do process for process’ sake. Harald Alvestrand points out that there is likely to be a WG to review our own NomCom process this year, which will perturb things. We will revisit the question of how we do it for next year as part of that process. ISOC itself will have had more time to prepare material, e.g.job description, etc, next year.

The final process (for this year): IAB makes selection of 2 ISOC BoT members; ask IESG to confirm that selection, and we impose no eligibility constraints.

8. ICANN: PSO structure and elections, reorganization, and BoT

Should express any opinions we (individually) have to ICANN. Most counter-proposals to Stuart Lynn’s plan have the IAB as a source of direct technical input to a future ICANN or its replacement.

At tomorrow’s plenary, we will give an update: we are in discussion with ICANN to understand the proposal and the implication for the IETF. We’ve spoken with Stuart Lynn. We don’t have firm conclusions yet.

9. ENUM status, brain dump, and handoff

Allison Mankin will become the point person (Transport AD). James Kempf will be our IAB person to stay in touch with Allison. John Klensin will tell Richard Hill.

10. ARPA TLD management

This item was deleted from the agenda — necessary pre-work hadn’t happened.

11. Document discussion

  • The role of the DNS (draft-klensin-dns-role-02.txt)
    John Klensin is done with it, ready to go to RFC editor. Rob Austein thinks it is very important in a very tricky technical area. But, not very many new members have had the opportunity to read the document. Erik Nordmark asks if it should be looking at the implications of particular choices, not just statements. Ted Hardie is new IAB stuckee. Action items: new members to read; comments to John; revisit whether we want to take this on.
  • Inappropriate Resets — Sally Floyd’s document
    Document is about firewalls & middleboxes that simply drop packets. Language in successive versions is coming into line with people’s comfort zones. Steve Bellovin expresses the concern that this still contains conflicting practical advice. The final proposal is that this should be an individual submission.
  • Moving forward on the “Chinese issues” document that Ran Atkinson and John Klensin discussed a while ago.
    Ran had thought that they were to find the group of people who would produce the document (mailing list). However, having been at APRICOT and had the opportunity to talk to various people, Ran is not convinced that it is possible to get a small group of people together to produce text this year.Close this document item.
  • “General IAB Architectural and Policy Considerations”, at
    Read it. It’s very rough, and needs input.
  • Architectural evolution (draft-iab-arch-changes-00.txt)
    On the agenda for tomorrow’s IAB plenary; Rob Austein now has the official IAB token; Brian Carpenter willing to continue to work on it as co-author.


  • Sally Floyd: First cut on “Architectural Considerations” document — a generalization of the discussions we’ve had about OPES, CDI, and glorp/shipworm. [Dec01]
  • Henning Schulzrinne, Mike St.Johns: (Definitive) history of the IETF website [Jan02]
    • Closed
    • Handed to Mike StJohns
  • Ran Atkinson: Network Management workshop plan [Feb02]
    • Ongoing
  • Ran Atkinson, John Klensin: Draft issues document re. IDN and the Traditional/Simplified Chinese matching problem, generalized [Feb02]
    • Closed
    • See update in document discussion, above.


  • All: Read “The role of the DNS (draft-klensin-dns-role-02.txt)” [Mar02]
    • To be determined: whether we take this on as an IAB document.



    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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