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IAB Minutes 2002-09-10

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IAB Meeting — Teleconference

10 September 2002, 3:00pm – 5:00pm EST


    Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
    Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
    Lynn St.Amour — Liaison from ISOC
    Ran Atkinson
    Rob Austein
    Fred Baker
    Steve Deering
    Sally Floyd
    Ted Hardie
    Geoff Huston
    Charlie Kaufman
    Jim Kempf
    Mike St. Johns
    A Erik Nordmark — Liaison from the IESG
    Eric Rescorla
    Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
    Vern Paxson — IRTF Chair



    Tuesday, 8 October, 2002.


  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Liaison Reports and Organization Updates
  5. Selection of Nomcom Liaison
  6. IRTF Research Group Review Proposal
  7. Update on Proposed IAB/IESG Retreat
  8. Review of Response to ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee


    0. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes

      Minutes of previous meeting (13 August 2002) to be confirmed by email.

    1. Review of Action Items

    2. Review of Documents

    3. Liaison Reports

      Rob Austein reported that the IDN documents are being considered by the IESG with some relatively minor points of referral to the IDN WG at this stage. It was noted that the IDN progress in the IETF has produced outcomes that are some distance away from the original expect ions for this work, and some consideration of the practical utility of the IDN proposals may be appropriate.

      The IESG has invited the IAB to become more familiar with its actual functioning by offering each IAB member the opportunity to attend one IESG telechat as an observer. Jim Kempf reported on his observations with respect to IESG consideration of the Service Location Protocol drafts. The perspectives of consideration of functional requirements and the adoption of functional solutions within considerations of reuse of existing protocols were noted.<.p>
      The IESG consideration of the Security Considerations draft was managed with the deliberate choice of not engaging the AD in order to illustrate the level of work associated with IESG consideration of each draft.

      It was noted that the IESG is proposing to provide Draft Tracker read only access to the IETF by Atlanta.

      The RFC Editor is working on updating and streamlining guidelines for use of common abbreviations, and working with the IESG on an update to the internet-draft nits document with respect to the rfc-editor checklist.

      Vern Paxson reported that the Delay Tolerant RG is being set up at present. The simulation effort is to directed initially in the area of validation of routing protocols using a formal approach. There is some level of uncertainty regarding the more general applicability of this approach, and the routing case is being used as an initial test of the approach. There is a research initiative concerning web data integrity, related to OPES concerns of the semantics associated with middle boxes, web caches and content delivery, and the means by which the recipient can validate the delivered content against the originator’s intent.

      Lynn St Amour reported that the .org bid is proceeding well and the review of the bids is currently way within ICANN. A decision is anticipated in the September / October timeframe. Funding support for ISOC is also an ongoing activity.

      The IAB discussed the forthcoming ITU plenipotentiary meeting and at this stage the IAB has no plans for any formal participation at this meeting. The IAB has a level of interest in the plenipotentiary’s disposition of a number of Internet-related proposals that are to be discussed at this meeting.

      Nothing to report.

      PSO-PC and ICANN
      The PSO PC members reported that the PSO-PC had elected Francisco da Silva as the PSO-PC nominee to the Board of ICANN. The IETF members of the PSO-PC abstained from the vote at the request of the IAB.

      Nothing to report.

    4. IETF Nominating Committee Liaison

      The IAB confirmed that Eric Rescorla would undertake this liaison role.

    5. IRTF Research Group Review Proposal

      The IAB considered a draft proposal to conduct IAB reviews of IRTF Research Groups. It was considered that this was a useful activity and should be initially tested as a process in an IAB meeting slot at the forthcoming Atlanta IETF meeting. It was proposed to undertake a review of the routing research group, with a focus on next generation routing, to be scheduled for Thursday morning with an 8:00 start.

    6. Update on Proposed IAB/IESG Retreat

      The IAB discussed the proposal to hold a joint IAB / IESG retreat. It was proposed that this retreat would assist the IESG and IAB in forging a productive working relationship.

      From the IAB’s perspective it was noted that any outcomes from this activity should not place the IAB into a role outside of its charter. It was noted that in taking a more active stance in the application of architectural considerations in specific cases IAB activity may alleviate some level of IESG workload.

      It was also proposed that the retreat allow some time to look ahead and consider how the IETF could respond to various scenarios of scale and evolution of roles and nature of participation in the IETF as an effort in establishing a shared understanding these issues, without necessarily attempting to find specific solutions within the retreat itself.

      The IAB discussed the issues raised in the Yokohama IETF plenary regarding transparency of processes, current levels of productivity and the roles of the IESG and IAB in relation to the proposed retreat.

      Further refinement of the proposed agenda will be undertaken in the coming weeks.

    7.Review of Response to ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee

      The IAB considered a draft response to the second interim report of the ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee.

      The IAB noted that a number of points of clarification concerning the responsibility of the IAB for IETF external liaisons and the proposed role of the Technical Advisory Committee.

      The IAB was of the view that it was important that the liaison between the TAC and the ICANN Board be conducted by a Board liaison to the TAC, and that the use of the nominating committee to place three individuals on the TAC was inconsistent with the stated role of the TAC as a conduit to the respective organizations for expert technical advice and commentary. The IAB also noted that its concerns regarding the protocol parameter assignment role of the IANA had not been addressed in this report, and wished to reiterate its position taken in the IAB’s previous submission in any comment on this report.



    • IAB Mailer
        Leslie Daigle, Geoff Huston
        Status: zone redelegation pending

        •  redelegation of to IETF Secretariat DNS requested
        •  web server control to be delegated to IAB Exec Director

    • IAB Network Management Workshop
        Ran Atkinson, Juergen Shoenwalder
        Status: Workshop completed, workshop report underway

        •  workshop report draft being considered by participants

    • RFC Submission review
        Geoff Huston
        Status: Process proposal circulated to IAB and IESG

        •  awaiting comments

    • ICANN Evolution and Reform Followup
        Geoff Huston
        Status: draft response to 2nd interim E&R report circulated to IAB

        •  redrafting to reflect IAB considerations

    • IAB Research Agenda
        Sally Floyd, Vern Paxson, Ran Atkinson, Mike St Johns, John Crowcroft

        •  Document the need for funding further research for the Internet. This includes documenting important topics for research

    • ISOC Trustee Appointement Process
        Leslie Daigle

        •  Document a process for plenary review at November IETF

    • Response to ITU-T over Arrangements
        Leslie Daigle
        Status: draft statements approved by IAB

        •  send to ITU

    • IAB IPV6 Deployment Security Workshop
        Eric Rescorla

        •  Draft a workshop proposal for IAB review
        •  Rob Austein with assistance from Randy Bush to develop a problem statement that includes emphasis on security consideration of various transition solutions (secure 6-to-4 relay, etc)

    • IAB / IESG Retreat
        Leslie Daigle, Harald Alvestrand
        Status: date and venue selected

        •  Leslie to send revised version of the topic list for IAB / IESG comment

    • IESG observers
        Leslie Daigle

        •  Leslie to invite IESG members to be an observer at IAB meetings

    Closed Actions

    • IETF Process Review
        Eric Rescorla
        Status: Folded into IAB/IESG retreat considerations

        •  Draft a document that enumerates some examples and sets a background for continued discussion of this topic


    • IAB Considerations

        Sally Floyd
        Status: IESG comments incorporated, IETF call for input announced (05-Sep)

        1.  (current) IETF comment
        2.  (next) Submission as an Informational RFC

    • Security considerations, including common security attacks

        Ran Atkinson, Eric Rescorla
        Status: Editing

        1.  (current) Edits from IAB members to be incorporated
        2.  (next) IETF Call for Input

    • Security Mechanisms for the Internet

        Charlie Kaufman, Steve Bellovin
        Status: IAB Review

        1.  (current) Charlie to incorporate IAB comment
        2.  (next) IETF Call for Input

    • IETF PSO-PC Process

        Leslie Daigle
        Status: Held

        1.  (current) Awaiting final outcomes from ICANN reorganization

    • IAB Considerations for UNilateral Sel-Address Fixing (UNSAF)

        Leslie Daigle
        Status: Stable

        1.  (current) IESG review
        2.  (next) Informational RFC

    • A survey of Authentication Mechanisms

        Eric Rescorla
        Status: Editing

        1.  (current) Incorporate comments
        2.  (next) resubmit draft

    • Referential Integrity
        Fred Baker, Patrik Faltstrom
        Status: Drafting

        1.  (current) draft a document that describes the issues associated with referential integrity

    • Internet Architecture and End-to-End
        James Kempf, Rob Austein
        Status: Drafting

        1.  (current) draft a document that relates the original rfc1958 architectural principles to considerations raised in the Blumenthal and Clark paper


    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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