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IAB Minutes 2002-10-08

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IAB Meeting — Teleconference

8 October 2002, 3:00pm – 5:05pm EST


    Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
    Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
    Ran Atkinson
    Rob Austein
    Steve Deering
    Sally Floyd
    Ted Hardie
    Geoff Huston
    Charlie Kaufman
    Jim Kempf
    Mike St. Johns
    Erik Nordmark — Liaison from the IESG
    Eric Rescorla
    Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
    Vern Paxson — IRTF Chair

    Allison Mankin — visiting observer from the IESG


    Fred Baker
    Lynn St.Amour — Liaison from ISOC


    Tuesday, 12 November, 2002.


  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Liaison Reports and Organization Updates
  5. IAB Correspondence Archive
  6. Instructions to IANA on ARPA
  7. .ARPA Domain Servers
  8. SC 22 Approval of Category C Liaison with IETF
  9. ISOC BoT appointee process
  10. Enrollment Workshop
  11. ICANN Evolution and Reform
  12. Any Other Business


    0. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes

    1. Review of Action Items

    2. Review of Documents

    3. Liaison Reports

      It was reported that the IESG is discussing the IPv6 address architecture document. The IAB briefly discussed issues that are being raised with the IPv6 addressing architecture relating to point-to-point interfaces. The IAB did not draw any conclusions about the technical issues but noted that it is important for the IETF to ensure that both operators and the RIRs have the opportunity to provide a full and complete review.

      An openly available interface to the Internet-Draft document tracking system will be announced shortly.

      Joyce Reynokds reported that the RFC editor will be engaging a student to undertake developmental activities relating to XML-based document management. This will be raised in detail with the IESG.

      The RFC Editor spends some effort in ensuring that published RFC documents use correct and clear English. Some guidance is sought on the level of effort to invest in such document editing activity. It was suggested that such documents could be referred back to the document author with an accompanying reference to a style guidance resource and some useful example documents.

      The management of individual RFC submissions was raised, relating to the situation where the individual submission relates to current IETF WG activity. The RFC Editor refers such documents to the IESG and awaits IESG guidance. Clarification of the manner of IESG management of such documents was being sought.

      The issue of authorship of IETF documents has been raised. It was noted that the RFC Editor publishes IETF documents under the specific direction of the IESG, and such matters of attribution of authorship fall within the Internet Standards Process.

      The Routing Research Group chairs have confirmed that they will attend the Atlanta IETF meeting and will be able to be present for the IAB review of this research group.

      It was originally anticipated to be able to schedule a presentation from the Delay Tolerant Networking research group for the IETF plenary session. At this stage this is not possible and no IRTF presentation is being scheduled. Discussion included the suggestion of a presentation from the End To End Research Group at the March IETF meeting.

      No Report.

      It was noted that the ITU is currently engaged in its Plenipotentiary meeting in Morocco. It has been reported that Houlin Zhao has been appointed to head the TSB for a second term. Apart from that item, there was not yet a significant amount of substance to report from the Plenipotentiary meeting.

      There has been an informal request for information relating to the root DNS servers and stability considerations. There is some level of confidence in the exchange of information between the IETF and the ITU-T and the level of cooperation at the working group level is viewed as progressing well.

      Nothing to report.

      PSO-PC and ICANN
      The PSO PC members reported that the PSO-PC was continuing to meet, and had proposed formulating a joint response to the ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee report. The IETF members of the PSO PC felt that there was sufficient difference of opinion to recommend that each member organization submit its own response.

      It was noted that there is consideration of the use of DNSSEC for the signing of the root DNS zone. There are a number of consequent considerations relating to master key and the administrative procedures. The document
      discusses a number of these considerations and proposes a possible interim solution, but the draft has not yet been discussed by the DNSOP WG.

    4. IAB Correspondence Archive

      The IAB considered the creation of an archive of documents relating to actions and decisions of the IAB as an adjunct to the existing correspondence and document IAB web page.

      The IAB endorsed the proposal and directed the Executive Director to create the archive. The IAB delegated to the chair the decision as to whether individual documents be archived in this fashion.

    5. Instructions to IANA on ARPA

      The IAB decided that the recently agreed-upon instructions to the IANA concerning the process of additions to the .arpa domain are to be annotated and placed in the IAB web pages.

    6. .ARPA Domain Servers

      The chair reported that the RIPE NCC has secured an agreement with CNNIC to operate a secondary domain name server in China. It was noted that this is a timely arrangement that addresses some issues regarding the geographic location of the collection of name servers.

      The IAB considered the addition of further .arpa secondary name servers. It was determined that the chair of the IAB should discuss the option of further .arpa name servers with the operators of the K and M root servers, in addition to the RIRs.

    7. SC 22 Approval of Category C Liaison with IETF

      The IAB considered the offer of a Category C liaison with SC22 of the ISO.

      It was noted that discussion to date with SC22 had involved the offer of a Category A liaison, and that this offer had been agreed to by the IAB. The IAB requested the chair to clarify this matter with SC22, noting the original accepted offer of a Category A liaison.

    8. ISOC Board of Trustee Appointment Process

      Consideration of this item was deferred to the next IAB meeting.

    9. Enrollment Workshop

      It was noted that there are a spectrum of 802.11 interoperability issues in the area of authentication of access public 802.11 services, and that aspects of this have been introduced into the IETF for consideration of standardization actions.

      It was suggested that rather than undertaking an IAB workshop in this topic it may prove beneficial to ensure that interested parties were able to get together and discuss this. The IAB considered that followup actions were within the responsibility of the IESG, and that the IAB should pass this matter to the IESG with an offer to assist if requested.

    10. ICANN Evolution and Reform

      The IAB noted the progress of a revision to the description of the ICANN Technical Advisory Committee.

      In assessing the appropriate IAB position with respect to the TAC proposal, the IAB reviewed its rationale for involvement with ICANN, and concluded that, outside considerations of the IETF IANA role, the involvement is based on an interest on the part of the IETF as to how IETF Internet Standards are deployed and how they relate to operational environments. It was noted that this interest is not exclusively expressed as an interest in the activities of ICANN, and there is a comparable level of interest in the activities of other bodies, such as the Regional Internet Registries. It was also noted that an ICANN TAC was not seen as the mechanism by which the IETF liaises with other standards bodies. The question of IETF involvement in the TAC, and the terms of any such involvement was not concluded.

      The other part of the IAB interest in ICANN is due to the current arrangements relating to the operation of the IETF IANA. Again the IAB concluded that there was no desire to encumber the operation of the IETF IANA with the policy direction infrastructure scaled to address ICANN’s major mission relating to domain name coordination functions. The IAB determined to revisit the topic of how the IETF can maintain adequate control of the IETF IANA function to ensure its integrity within the Internet Standards Process.

    11. Any Other Business

      Jabber Security Architecture
      The IAB noted a message concerning Jabber security architecture from one of the Security ADs. This was copied to the IAB prior to presenting these comments to the Jabber WG. No IAB action was considered in relation to this matter.

      IAB / IESG Retreat
      IAB members were reminded to undertake preparation activities prior to the retreat.



    • IAB Mailer
        Leslie Daigle, Geoff Huston
        Status: zone redelegation pending

        •  redelegation of to IETF Secretariat DNS requested
        •  web server control to be delegated to IAB Exec Director
        •  Admin contact for to be set to IAB Executive Director, Tech contact to IETF Secretariat

    • IAB Network Management Workshop
        Ran Atkinson, Juergen Shoenwalder
        Status: Workshop completed, workshop report to be published as internet draft

        •  Juergen to submit the draft to the internet drafts editor

    • RFC Individual Submission review
        Geoff Huston
        Status: Process proposal circulated to IAB and IESG

        •  Discuss at IAB / IESG Retreat

    • ICANN Evolution and Reform Followup
        Geoff Huston
        Status: draft response to 2nd interim E&R report circulated to IAB

        •  TAC consideration
        •  IAB Plenary session on IANA description / charter

    • IAB Research Agenda
        Sally Floyd, Vern Paxson, Ran Atkinson, Mike St Johns, John Crowcroft

        •  Document the need for funding for further research for the Internet. This includes documenting important topics for research

    • ISOC Trustee Appointment Process
        Leslie Daigle

        •  Document a process for plenary review at November IETF

    • IAB IPV6 Deployment Security Workshop
        Eric Rescorla, Rob Austein

        •  Draft a workshop proposal for IAB review
        •  Rob Austein with assistance from Randy Bush to develop a problem statement that includes emphasis on security consideration of various transition solutions (secure 6-to-4 relay, etc)

    • IAB / IESG Retreat
        Leslie Daigle, Harald Alvestrand
        Status: date (17/10 – 18 / 10) and venue selected

        •  Logistics are arranged. – topic preparation requires some attention – some pre-thinking would be appreciated

    • .ARPA Domain Name Servers
        Leslie Daigle

        •  Draft a message regarding the commissioning of additional .arpa secondary name servers.

    • SC22 Liaison
        Leslie Daigle

        •  Draft a a response to SC22 noting that the IAB has already agreed to the original offer of a category A liaison to SC22.
    • 802.11 Enrollment
        Leslie Daigle

        •  Pass Enrollment material to the IESG with an offer of IAB assistance if required.
        •  Inform Aboba and Housley of referral of Enrollment to the IESG.

    • Response to ITU-T over Arrangements
        Leslie Daigle
        Status: draft statements approved by IAB

        •  Reply sent to ITU-T

    • IESG observers
        Leslie Daigle

        •  Leslie to invite IESG members to be an observer at IAB meetings


    • IAB Considerations

        Sally Floyd
        Status: Publishing

        1.  (current) Submit -03 draft to Internet-Drafts Editor
        2.  (next) RFC Editor Queue

    • Security considerations, including common security attacks

        Ran Atkinson, Eric Rescorla
        Status: Editing

        1.  (current) Comments from IESG members being incorporated – awaiting response on proposed edits
        2.  (next) IESG initiated IETF Last Call

    • Security Mechanisms for the Internet

        Charlie Kaufman, Steve Bellovin
        Status: IAB Review

        1.  (current) Charlie to incorporate IAB comment
        2.  (next) IETF Call for Input

    • IETF PSO-PC Process

        Leslie Daigle
        Status: Held

        1.  (current) Awaiting final outcomes from ICANN reorganization

    • IAB Considerations for UNilateral Sel-Address Fixing (UNSAF)

        Leslie Daigle
        Status: Publishing

        1.  (current) RFC Editor Queue
        2.  (next) Informational RFC

    • A survey of Authentication Mechanisms

        Eric Rescorla
        Status: Editing

        1.  (current) Incorporate comments

    • Referential Integrity
        Fred Baker, Patrik Faltstrom
        Status: Drafting

        1.  (current) draft a document that describes the issues associated with referential integrity

    • Internet Architecture and End-to-End
        James Kempf, Rob Austein
        Status: Drafting

        1.  (current) draft a document that relates the original rfc1958 architectural principles to considerations raised in the Blumenthal and Clark paper


    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month 1500-1700 US East Coast time.

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