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IAB Minutes 2003-03-11

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IAB Meeting — Teleconference

11 March 2003, 3:00pm – 5:00pm EST


Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Harald Alvestrand –IETF/IESG Chair
Ran Atkinson
Rob Austein
Fred Baker
Sally Floyd
Geoff Huston
Charlie Kaufman
James Kempf
Erik Nordmark — Liaison from the IESG
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC
Vern Paxson — IRTF Chair
Eric Rescorla
Mike St. Johns
Joyce Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Barnard Aboba (*)
Patrik Fältström (*)
Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino (*)
Mark Handley (*)

*  Incoming IAB members.


Ted Hardie


Tuesday, 18 March, 2003.


  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and
    Previous Minutes
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Liaison Reports and Organization Updates
  5. Proposed agreement between IETF and JTC1/SC6 on IS-IS development
  6. Re-visit selection of ICANN Board liaison from the IETF
  7. Preliminary discussion of ISOC BoT appointment
  8. Final planning for IETF 56
  9. Other Business


0. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes

The Chair welcomed Barnard, Mark, Patrik and Itojun to the IAB.

The minutes of the February 11, 2003 teleconference were approved.

1. Review of Action Items

2. Review of Documents

3. Liaison Reports

The IESG is considering the formation of an addressing directorate as a means of improving the aspects of liaison with RIR activities. The IAB liaison to the IESG was working with the IESG in terms of assisting with providing the rationale for the IAB recommendations relating to the IPv6 address architecture appeal. The IESG is considering options relating to the sub-IP area activity.

RFC Editor
The RFC Editor reported that the rfc editor web site was now configured with IPv6 access. This will be announced to the IETF at the IETF 56 plenary. An XML version of the rfc index has been drafted and is being circulated for review. There has been an effort to reduce the size of the publication queue.

The Searchable Internet Resource Names RG and the Anti-Spam RG have been set up. The Anti-Spam RG is operating in an open mode, and there is a significant level of activity on the RG mailer to date.

A draft of a Peer-to-Peer RG has received favourable comment, and it is anticipated that this RG will be formed in the near future.

Mobility will the be subject of a BOF at IETF56, and there will be further consideration of how to structure research into aspects of mobility into the IRTF.

An IAB review of the AAAARCH RG is to be held at IETF 56. A plenary session on the work of the Delay Tolerant Networking RG has been confirmed.

The potential use of the IAB research topics draft was being considered. An ISOC plan on the topic of initiatives for coordination of public funding of research activity will be presented for IAB information at the next IAB business meeting.

No Report

No Report

Mike St Johns has been named as the IETF member of the ICANN Nominations Committee. There has been no TLG activity to report.

RSSAC has scheduled a meeting for the Sunday prior to the next IETF.

There has been some activity on documenting considerations of packet size and DNS capabilities.

No report.

4. Proposed agreement between IETF and JTC1/SC6 on IS-IS development

The IESG has considered the proposed agreement between ISOC/IETF and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 on IS-IS protocol development, and approves of the ISOC/IETF signing this agreement. The IETF Chair reported that the agreement has been approved in February by JTC1/SC6.The agreement has also been reviewed in the ISIS working group. The IESG has requested the IAB and ISOC to review the agreement and consider if they consent to the signing of this agreement at the San Francisco IETF.

The IAB consented to the signing of this agreement.

5. Re-visit selection of ICANN Board liaison from the IETF

The IAB considered the current status of the relationship with ICANN and noted the potential role and agenda of the non-voting liaison. This will be considered further at the next IAB business meeting.

6. Preliminary discussion of ISOC BoT appointment

The IAB noted some anomalies in the implementation of the nomination process and requested an apology be sent to one of the nominees in this respect. The confirmed nominees are Scott Bradner, Robert Hinden and Margret Wassman. An announcement will be posted to the IETF Announcement list. It was noted that the IAB should submit its selection to the IESG by 11 April 2003.

7. Final planning for IETF 56

As determined at the previous IAB meeting, the IAB plans to meet on Tuesday morning for a regular IAB Business Meeting. The Tuesday evening is planned to consider technical topics.

The IAB will meet on Thursday morning to conduct a review of the AAAARCH RG (

The IAB plenary agenda is planned as:

  • IAB chair remarks
  • Regular reports (IANA, RFC-Editor, IRTF)
  • NomCom Chair report
  • Report on the Robert Elz appeal
  • IRTF presentation: Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group
  • Recent IAB documents:
  • Open architecture discussion

8. Other Business

8.1 IAB NOMCOM WG input

The voting members of the IAB decided to document the matters of procedure and role that have been raised during the process of consideration of the Nominating Committee’s selected candidates as a confirming body, and send these as open questions to the nomcom working group.



  • ICANN Board Liaison
    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Nominate an individual for a 1 year term
  • Notification Mechanisms
    Leslie Daigle, Ted Hardie, James Kempf
    Status: Ted, James – to form activity group to investigate architectural issues relating to notification mechanisms

    •  Talking to Lemonade BOF folk – guidance being given as the requirements for a document are not clear. IAB notifications considerations document appear to be useful – Ted and James to sit with Ned in SF and talk this through
  • IETF Protocol Parameter Registration
    Leslie Daigle, Harald Alvestrand
    Status: Followup actions after meeting with US DoC
  • DNS and IDN Document
    Rob Austein, Patrik Faltstrom
    Status: Coordinate IETF document between Ads and WGs

    •  Set up mailing list ot discuss the draft
  • Response to ICANN VGRS proposal
    Geoff Huston
    Status: Draft response to ICANN referencing IETF role and document preparation

    •  response drafted and circulated to IAB

Closed Actions

  • IAB RFC Publication Process
    Geoff Huston
    Status: published as an IAB procedure document –
  • SC22 Liaison
    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Responded by declining Category C liaison invitation
  • IAB Balloting System
    Leslie Daigle, Eric Rescorla
    Status: Initial deployment of the system
  • RIR Liaison
    Leslie Daigle
    Status: address allocation directorate being formed as a means of day-to-day liaison with the RIRs
  • ITU-T SG2 Liaison Questions
  • ICANN Nominations Committee
    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Pass Mike St John’s name to ICANN as IETF member of the ICANN Nominations Committee
  • Response to RIPE re ENUM directory
    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Communicate IAB response


  • Security considerations, including common security attacks

    Eric Rescorla
    Status: Approved for BCP Publication

    1.  (current) RFC Editor Queue
  • Security Mechanisms for the Internet

    Charlie Kaufman, Steve Bellovin
    Status: Editing

    1.  (current) IETF Call for Input
    2.  (next)resubmit with IAB editor / author template
  • A survey of Authentication Mechanisms


    Eric Rescorla
    Status: Editing

    1.  (current) resubmit with IAB editor / author template
    2.  (next) IETF Call for Input
  • Referential Integrity
    Fred Baker, Patrik Faltstrom
    Status: no progress

    1.  (current) draft a document that describes the issues associated with referential integrity
  • Internet Architecture and End-to-End

    James Kempf, Rob Austein
    Status: Editing

    1.  (current) Use the e2e mailing list for discussion of this draft
  • Report of IAB Network Management Workshop

    Ran Atkinson, Juergen Shoenwalder
    Status: Ready

    1.  (current) IAB Review
    2.  (next) Pass to RFC Editor for publication as informational RFC
  • Internationalized Resource Identifiers

    Ted Hardie, Patrik Faltstrom, Ran Atkinson
    Status: Drafting

    1.  (current) Document the issues relating to the proposed use of IRIs as protocol elements
  • Service Identification in packets


    Mike St Johns, Geoff Huston
    Status: Editing

    1.  (current) draft published
    2.  (next) comments received on initial draft. Some indicate that the current draft has eliminated too much of the context that motivated it. Some context will be restored in the next draft. Mike will provide draft with Geoff’s input.
  • Transport Controls for VOIP
    Sally Floyd, James Kempf
    Status: Drafting

    1.  (current) Document the use of transport control and congestion detection and avoicance for VOIP applications
  • IANA Definition

    Geoff Huston
    Status: Draft Published

    1.  (current) IAB Review
  • ISOC Trustee Appointment Process

    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Editing

    1.  (current) review and revise following completion of 2003 process
  • IAB Research Agenda


    Sally Floyd, Vern Paxson, Ran Atkinson, Mike St Johns, John Crowcroft
    Status: Editing

    1.  (current) Document the need for funding for further research for the Internet. This includes documenting important topics for research
    2.  (next) The document under development covers the need for research in general and identifies specific areas of research. The drafting group feels that an additional document focusing on operational concerns is needed to support ISOC’s effort to guide governments seeking advice on funding efforts. One or both documents needs to discuss the concerns with how funded research should inter-relate with IETF work. In particular, including funding for individual researchers to attend the IETF, but recognizing that the IETF itself is not a candidate for direct funding. The new, operational document will have Geoff, Rob, and James as responsible parties for the IAB; other area experts may be recruited as needed.

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