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IAB Minutes 2004-03-02

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IAB Meetings at IETF 59, Seoul Korea

29 February – 4 March 2004


Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
Geoff Huston — IAB Executive Director
Rob Austein
Patrik Fältström
Sally Floyd
Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino
Mark Handley
Bob Hinden
Charlie Kaufman
James Kempf
Eric Rescorla
Pete Resnick
Jonathan Rosenberg
Mike St. Johns
Bert Wijnen — Liaison from the IESG
Vern Paxson — IRTF Chair
Joyce Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC


Bernard Aboba


Teleconference, 13 April 2004


  1. [Sunday, 29 February]

  2. Discussion of ISOC BoT nominations
  3. Briefing for new IAB members

    [Monday, 1 March]

  4. Discussion with IETF-nominated ISOC Trustees

    [Tuesday, 2 March]

  5. IAB Chair Election and IAB Appointments
  6. Review of Action Items
  7. Review of Documents
  8. Review of ENUM Arrangements
  9. Joint IAB/IESG Discussion on IETF Structure

    [Wednesday, 3 March]

  10. Plenary Session (1)

    [Thursday, 4 March]

  11. IANA Briefing
  12. Plenary Session (2)


  1. Discussion of ISOC BoT nominations

    The voting members of the IAB (excluding the IETF Chair) considered the nominations for the IETF-selected Internet Society Trustee. As per the adopted process, the IAB has published the names of the nominated individuals and solicited input from the IETF. The IAB considered the nominated individuals and the comments received

  2. Briefing for new IAB members

    The purpose of the briefing was to provide background information relating to the administrative aspects of the IETF organization.

    The material used as the basis for this briefing was:

  3. Discussion with IETF-nominated ISOC Trustees

    The IAB met with the IETF-nominated ISOC Trustees, Fred Baker, Erik Huizer and Margaret Wasserman. It was noted that the Board of Trustees is committed to supporting IETF activities. There has been some effort undertaken to structure the activities of the Board of Trustees to ensure that the Board continues to function in a cohesive manner.

  4. IAB Chair Election and IAB Appointments

    The 2004 voting members of the IAB met to make appointments for 2004.

    The IAB unanimously supported the election of Leslie Daigle as chair of the IAB.

    The IAB supported the reappointment of Geoff Huston as Executive Director of the IAB.

    The IAB appointed Rob Austein to continue as the IAB liaison to the IESG.

    The IAB nominated an individual to serve a three year term as a a Trustee of the Internet Society. This nomination will be forwarded to the IESG for confirmation.

    IAB Liaison positions were reviewed and the following liaison arrangements were made:

    • ICANN Technical Liaison Group: Geoff Huston, Rob Austein
    • ICANN SECSAC: no formal liaison from the IAB is envisaged
    • ICANN Nominations Committee: To be determined at the next IAB Telechat

    IETF attendance at Global Standards Collaboration-9: Hiroshi Esaki was nominated as the IETF representative at this meeting to be held in Seoul, Korea in May 2004.

  5. Review of Action Items

    (see below)

    NIST SPAM Workshop Report: Patrik Faltstrom

    This was reported as a well-informed workshop, with productive consideration of the issues. The FTC and FCC contributions were noted as being very helpful. One different view was from one participant on their proposal of signed email headers. This was considered to be an outlier position, as others looked at the MTA – MTA interactions in the context of this workshop.

    This workshop was compared to the MARID BOF in IETF 59, and it was noted that some effort needs to be spent on communication between the various proposers. There is another confcall with the ASTOR and ASRG groupings to consider coming up with documentation as to how some of the proposals solve, or at least address, some aspects of the spam problem. It was observed that these proposals are directed more towards the spam issues from the big mail service providers but does not sweep the floor clean.

    Identifier / Locator Issues

    Margaret Wasserman has undertaken a comparison of the various proposals under consideration by the multi6 working group, and this is relevant to the more generic consideration of identifiers and locators.

    The next steps appear to lie in consideration of the list of requirements placed on identifiers in a split architecture, particularly noting the various forms of binding with locators that may need to be undertaken. Consideration should also be given to impacts on security, and the form of interactions with the DNS.

    It is noted that a comparable architecture consideration of the use of distinguished identities is being undertaken in the Multi6 Working Group.

  6. Review of Documents

    (see below)

  7. Review of ENUM Arrangements

    The IAB considered the current arrangements with the RIPE NCC concerning the management identifier codes that are defined within certain shared country codes of Recommendation E.164. No specific action was recommended at this stage, although further clarification may be required following further investigation of this aspect of the operation of the ENUM registry.

  8. Joint IAB/IESG Discussion on IETF Structure

    The IAB and IESG met in joint session to review the status of the administrative restructuring activity. The IAB and IESG endorsed the work of Harald Alvestrand and Leslie Daigle and the consensus outcome is support of the administrative restructuring proposals. The IAB and IESG expressed their appreciation to Harald and Leslie for their efforts on this matter.

    The proposals are to be presented to the IETF plenary for IETF review and comment, with further activity to be based on the outcomes of this discussion and the plenary discussion.

  9. Plenary Session (1)

    RFC Editor Report

    IANA Report

    IAB Plenary Report

    IRTF Plenary Report

  10. IANA Briefing

    The IESG and IAB have had a series of discussions with IANA about the current persisting backlog of IANA assignment requests. Doug Barton provided a report to the IAB and IESG on the current status of IANA operations. It was noted that there was a Concerns have been raised about the severity of the backlog since late 2003, and in the intervening period it was noted that this backlog of IANA actions has got longer. Leslie Daigle and Thomas Narten have been working with Steve Conte and Doug Barton of the IANA to agree on prioritization in advancing existing IANA action requests.

    The longer term IANA effort will be directed to workflow management, and, specifically, Tools and indexes for registry management. IANA is interested in discussion of interface between IANA and IETF on registry handover. There was some discussion on the topic of integration of process management to allow a document’s status to be tracked through a single reporting interface.

    Further discussion between IANA staff and the IAB on how to progress this topic was requested by the IAB chair.

    IANA raised a number of matters, including handling of port number requests, IPv6 address allocation policy questions and disposition. IANA was requested to document these matters and pass them to the IAB for consideration.

  11. Plenary Session (2)

    Agenda for Plenary Session

    Scaleable Site Multihoming and the separation of Identifiers and Locators
    – Erik Nordmark

    IETF Administrative Restructuring Report

    IETF Mission

    IETF Reform Report



  • DNS and IDN Document
    Rob Austein, Patrik Faltstrom, Geoff Huston
    Status: Coordinate IETF document between ADs and WGs

    •  A document to answer the specific issues about IDN is needed.
    •  To be discussed in April teleconf
  • IAB Mailer
    Rob Austein, Geoff Huston
    Status: Add virus scanner and some form of challenge/response gateway to IAB mailer to manage increasing spam volume

    •  Define a mail environment that includes spam scanning and challenge response
    •  Passed to IETF Secretariat via Rob
  • OMA Liaison
    Geoff Huston
    Status: Meeting to be arranged mid-Feb with new OMA contact

    •  A further call is scheduled for early March.
  • Liaison to Global Grid Forum
    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Brian Carpenter has produced draft of common interst activities. GGF to review this draft. The IAB is awaiting a final copy of tis list.

    •  Action item to be closed and covered through normal liaison framework
  • IEEE / IETF Meeting Jan 04
    Bernard Aboba
    Status: Circulate meeting report to IAB

    •  Document the appointment of Bernard Aboba as the IETF’s default liaison to IEEE 802
  • NIST Spam Workshop
    Vern Paxson
    Status: Workshop outcomes considered by IAB
  • ISOC BoT Selection Process
    Geoff Huston
    Status: Pass name of selected candidate to IESG for confirmation

    •  Announce confirmed candidate on April 15
  • ID / Locator Architectural Consideration
    Status: Consider next steps at April teleconf

    •  James, Bernard to draft a 1 page summary of issues
  • NS/EP Communications
    Mike St Johns
    Status: Provide response to the National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications RFI concerning the work aready undertaken in the context of the IEPREP WG
  • Review of W3C TAG Report
    Patrik Faltstrom
    Status: Review the W3C Technical Architecture Group report and circulate review to IAB


  • A survey of Authentication Mechanisms

    Eric Rescorla
    Status: Revision

    1.  (current) completing IPR text as separate note
    2.  (next) Leslie to undertake an IETF Call
  • Internet Architecture and End-to-End

    James Kempf, Rob Austein
    RFC Editor
    Status: RFC-EDITOR

    1.  (current) Submission to RFC Editor as IAB Informational RFC (16/2/04)
  • Internationalized Resource Identifiers

    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Review

    1.  (current) draft published
  • Transport Controls for VOIP

    Sally Floyd, James Kempf
    RFC Editor
    Status: AUTH48

    1.  (current) Submission to RFC Editor as IAB Informational (2/2/04)
  • IAB Research Agenda

    Sally Floyd, Vern Paxson, Ran Atkinson, Mike St Johns, John Crowcroft
    Status: Revision

    1.  (current) minor revision in response to IETF comment
    2.  (next) Submission as IAB Informational
  • Secure Autoconfiguration in IPv6
    Bernard Aboba, James Kempf
    Status: Drafting

    1.  (current) Draft as a 1 page descriptive framework
    2.  (next) on agenda for next teleconf
  • Protocol Models

    Eric Rescorla
    Status: Review

    1.  (current) draft published
    2.  (next) Erik to complete a number of sections (-01)
  • Internet Identities

    Patrik Faltstrom, Geoff Huston
    yStatus: Review

    1.  (current) draft published
    2.  (next) gih to complete security section and references
  • DOS Attacks

    Mark Handley
    Status: Review

    1.  (current) draft published
    2.  (next) Revise as per comments received
  • AdvComm Report

    Leslie Daigle
    RFC Editor
    Status: AUTH48

    1.  (current) Submission to RFC Editor as IAB Informational (14/1/04)
  • Liaison Management


    Leslie Daigle
    Status: Review

    1.  (current) IAB liaison document complements draft baker liaison – proposed meetings with Secretariat and Baker document authors to run through two documents – the draft baker document provides a framework – some has been implemented. How to prioritize this activity is an outstanding matter.

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