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IAB Teleconference

8 February 2005

1. Roll call, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes

1.1 Agenda

  1. Roll call, Agenda Bash and Approval of Previous Minutes
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Liaison Reports
  5. IRTF Chair Selection
  6. Liaison Request from Cablelabs
  7. IAB Review of IASA BCP
  8. IETF 62 Preparation
  9. Architectural Issues arising from LEMONADE
  10. IAOC Selection Process
  11. Multilingual TLDs
  12. Scheduling IESG Confirmation Calls
  13. Next Meeting

1.2 Attendance

Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Harald Alvestrand — IETF/IESG Chair
Bernard Aboba
Patrik Fältström
Sally Floyd
Mark Handley
Bob Hinden
Geoff Huston
Eric Rescorla
Jonathan Rosenberg
Pete Resnick
Joyce Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC


Rob Austein
Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino
Bert Wijnen
Vern Paxson

1.3 Previous Minutes

The minutes of the IAB January telechat were approved.

2. Review of Action Items

(See Appendix A)

3. Review of Documents

(See Appendix B)

4. IAB Liaison Reports

  Rob Austein, Bert Wijnen

  • The IESG discussed the MoU proposal for Collaboration from Joint SDO Efforts. The IESG agreed to continue to participate in the JointSDO Collaboration effort. The IESG appointed Bert Wijnen to coordinate participation by members of the IETF.

    The IESG did not see a need to establish a formal liaison to this Joint SDO effort at this point in time.

  • With the closing of the TE WG, the IESG could now also close the temporary SUB-IP Area. (see announcement to IETF-Announce list

  • There were some confusion noted about names of individually submitted internet-drafts (like draft--xxx..) not being accepted by the secretariat, while such had been accepted for many years. The instructions to the secretariat have been clarified and now are:


    The name of the submitter (one of the authors). This can be a surname, a given name, or the email address used by the author, as specified in the Authors’ Addresses section of the draft.

  • Working/planning on a get-together with ITU-T leadership on a specific topic: NGN Tentative dates are now Sun & Mo (1 & 2 May): Sun & Mon morning for the open workshop (1.5 days), and Mo afternoon / evening for a discussion in a small circle with IETF- ITU leaders.

  Vern Paxson

  • Nothing to report.

RFC Editor
  Joyce Reynolds

  • Monthly RFC Editor Statistics:

  • The RFC Editor is currently in process of transitioning to mySQL DB.

  • – RFC Editor plans to give a tutorial at IETF:

      As part of the EDU track at the Minneapolis IETF on Sunday, the RFC Editor will be presenting a class on the RFC Editor project. It will provide the community input on what RFC authors need to know when preparing their documents for publication.

  • – Our current staffing situation and recruiting efforts:

      We lost an FTE (full time equivalent) last November 2004 (Mieke van de Kamp). We will be losing 50% of a FTE February 28 (Alison de la Cruz). We are in process of recruiting a new Editor FTE. This month, we have added an additional temporary copy editor.

  • – What is holding up BCP 78, 79 bis

      Bob Braden, Harald Alvestrand, and Steve Bellovin are working on one additional issue. Specifically, Harald and Steve are waiting on a confirmation from the RFC Editor that we would put a date on each version of the RFC Editor copyright policy referred to by the URL in the boilerplate, and keep a Web-accessible archive of older versions of this policy.

Unicode Consortium
  Patrik Faltstrom

  • I have sent a question to the Unicode Consortium regarding Unicode Issue #61 of Jan 27, 2005:

    Issue #61 Proposed Update UAX #15 Unicode Normalization Forms

    relating to whether there were backward compatibility issues with the proposed update. No formal response has been received as yet, although there has been a request for clarification on the types of backward compatibility issues of concern to the IETF. A specific area of IETF concern is related to nameprep, referencing previous discussions when the normalization rules changed for some characters. The Unicode Consortium is currently considering its response to this question.

5. IRTF Chair Selection

The IAB undertook further steps in the process of selection of a new IRTF Chair.

6. Liaison Request from Cablelabs

The IAB reviewed the current status of discussions with Cablelabs over a potential liaison relationship. The IAB noted a status report from Thomas Narten indicating likely IETF areas of activity of interest to Cablelabs, and the next steps of preparing a description of the intended IETF and Cablelabs objectives from such a relationship.

The IAB noted some differences in the procedures relating to IPR, and flagged this as a topic for consideration in discussions between the IETF and Cablelabs relating to liaison arrangements.

7. IAB Review of IASA BCP

The IAB reviewed the current status of the IASA draft. The IAB noted that the IAB had a formal role within the Internet Standards Process regarding potential appeals of IESG actions with respect to this document, as well as a have a role as a consequence of acceptance of this document as the structure of IETF Administrative Support Arrangements.

8. IETF 62 Preparation

The IAB reviewed the meeting arrangements for IETF 62.

9. Architectural Issues arising from LEMONADE

This topic will be considered by the IAB as part of its agenda at IETF 62.

10. IAOC Selection Process

The IAB and IESG process description drafts have been coalesced into a single document, and have been reviewed by the IESG and IAB (draft-iab-iesg-iaoc-selection).

The document will be used as a template for the initial process, then revised and submitted for publication.

11. Multilingual TLDs

The IAB noted an outstanding action regarding an ICANN query relating to IDNs.

The IAB may also provide a commentary on draft-klensin-idn-tld, following further consideration of this draft.

12. Scheduling IESG Confirmation Calls

Administrative arrangements relating to the confirmation process were considered by the IAB.

Next Meeting

Teleconference, 1st March

Appendix A

IAB Actions

  • IDN
      Patrik Faltstrom, Leslie Daigle

      • Coordinate preparatory work for a possible IAB ‘virtual’ workshop on IDN and related matters
      • Summarize outstanding issues, circulate notes prepared for ICANN meeting, compile a list of questions to be addressed in the context of a workshop
      • Leslie, Patrik and John Klensin to review
      • Patrik to draft response to ICANN Note regarding TLDs
      • Geoff, Patrik to review draft-klensin-idn-tld

  • IAB Messaging Workshop

      Pete Resnick


      • Archive of workshop material to be created
      • Workshop report to be prepared

  • IPv6 Policies

      IPv6 AD Hoc Advisory Committee


      • Passed a set of current IPv6 issues to the ad-hoc IAB advisory committee on IPv6 addressing issues: decrecation, hd-ratio considerations, minimum IANA IPv6 allocation unit, IANA IPv6 registry terminology and format
      • submit as proposed BCP
      • circulate
        draft-huston-ip6-iana-registry to interested groups
      • circulate allocation unit considerations to IAB

  • DNS Ops TLD Operation

      Rob Austein, Itojun Hagino, Geoff Huston


      • DNSOPS WG activity on TLD operational considerations. Offer of editorial assistance in any WG document to be made to the WG.
      • Shepherd a group to prepare a draft on the topic of operational considerations for DNS Top Level Domains

  • IPv6 Multi-Address Considerations

      Bob Hinden, Rob Austein, Itojun Hagino, Geoff Huston


      • Document considerations relating to address selection procedures and potential side effects in a multi-address- ing enviironment with scoped and global addresses
      • revision of initial draft
  • Tech Chat Schedule

      Geoff Huston, Bernard Aboba

      current Action:

      • Mar 22 – Network Management – Geoff Huston
  • RFC Editor Copyright

      Geoff Huston, Harald Alvestrand, Joyce Reynolds

      current ACtion:

      • Pass RFC Editor Copyright provisions to IETF legal council for review with respect to permissions relating to protection of IETF interests, integrity of the IETF Standards Track documents for derivative works and relation to any third party interests in the material published by the RFC Editor.
      • Followup post IETF 62
  • Research Note document proposal

      Vern Paxson, Sally Floyd, Mark Handley

      current Action:

      • Convene a group consisting of Vern Paxson, Brian Carpenter, Aaron Falk, assisted by Sally Floyd and Mark Handley to document this proposal and highlight related considerations for the IAB.
      • Vern to post -00 draft by IETF deadline
  • ISOC BoT Selection

      Lynn St Amour, Geoff Huston


      • Lynn to provide the IAB Exec Dir with a 2005 election schedule
      • Geoff to prepare 2005 material and determine a timetable for the 2005 process (done)
      • Schedule review of 3677 for the IAB agenda for 2005, to determine whether any changes are merited based on the final outcome of the administrative restructuring implementation discussion.
  • Proposed Congestion Control RG

      Vern Paxson


      • Consult with ADs on the potential role for such a RG
      • Topic for joint IAB / IESG meeting at IETF 62

  • Appendix B

    IAB Documents

    • A survey of Authentication Mechanisms

        Eric Rescorla

        Status: Editor Revision
        Current Action:  Revise as per comments from IETF call
        Next Step: RFC Submission
    • Internationalized Resource Identifiers

        Leslie Daigle

        Current Action:  Part of IDN workshop action
    • Secure Autoconfiguration in IPv6

        Bernard Aboba


        Status: Revision
        Current Action:  Propose to rework current summary as a framework description. Note original problem statement of the range of choices of discovery mechanisms.
        Next Step: Incorporate IETF 62 ABOF comments
    • Protocol Models

        Eric Rescorla

        Status: Revision
        Current Action:  Revision
        Next Step: RFC Submission
    • Internet Identities

        Patrik Faltstrom, Geoff Huston


        Status: Revision
        Current Action:  IAB Review
        Next Step: IETF Call for Comments
    • DOS Attacks

        Mark Handley

        Status: Revision
        Current Action:  Incorporate review comments from Bernard and Geoff into -02 version. Maintain current scope of consideration.
    • Untangling Activeware

        Jonathan Rosenberg


        Status: Revision
        Current Action:  IAB consideration on the topic of the interaction of NATs, ALGs, Firewals, Application frameworks and IPv6 transition mechanisms.
        Consider ways of devolving this in a manner that allows productive study of the interactions and inter-dependencies at play here.
        Next Step: Drafted and ready for IAB Review (ekr, Bernard, Rob)
    • Top Level Domain Issues

        Jonathan Rosenberg


        Status: Revision
        Current Action:  Revision as per received comments
        Next Step: IETF Call for Comments
    • Design Choices When Expanding DNS

        Patrik Faltstrom, Rob Austein


        Status: Review
        Current Action:  IETF review
    • Architectural Implications of Link Layer Indications

        Bernard Aboba

        Status: IETF Review
        Current Action:  IETF review
    • OMA Liaison Agreement

        Geoff Huston

        Status: RFC Editor
        Current Action:  Submitted to RFC Editor 8-Sep

    These minutes were prepared by the IAB Executive Director, Geoff Huston. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at:

    The IAB Web page is at