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IAB Teleconference

1 March 2005

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes
  2. Action List Review
  3. Document Status Review
  4. Liaison Reports
  5. IRTF Chair
  6. AOB
    IETF Liaison Procedures

1.2 Attendance

Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Bernard Aboba
Harald Alvestrand — IETF Chair
Rob Austein
Patrik Fältström
Sally Floyd
Mark Handley
Bob Hinden
Geoff Huston
Eric Rescorla
Pete Resnick
Jonathan Rosenberg
Vern Paxson — IRTF Chair
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC
Joyce Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor

Bert Wijnen — Liaison from the IESG
Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino

Also attending: Incoming 2005 IAB members:
Loa Andersson
Brian Carpenter — Incoming IETF Chair
Kurtis Lindqvist
Dave Meyer
Pekka Nikander

Lixia Zhang

1.3 Previous Minutes

The minutes of the 8 February telechat were approved.

The Chair welcomed the incoming IAB members to the IAB.

2. Review of Action Items

(See Appendix A)

3. Review of Documents

(See Appendix B)

4. Liaison Reports

The following Liaison Reports were submitted to the IAB.

Global Grid Forum

Brian Carpenter:

  • Brian will be standing down as the IETF liaison to the GGF, and the need for a replacement liaison was flagged to the IAB.
  • Mark Linesch has been recently appointed as chair of the GGF.
  • It has been informally reported that the proposed coordination activity for network management and configuration management activity will be hosted by the GGF. It is noted that the IETF hasn’t formally signed up in this coordinated effort. Once the form of the GGF-hosted activity is clear, the IETF may need to reconsider this position.

Unicode Forum

Patrik Fältström:

IEEE 802

Bernard Aboba:

  • 802.11 has been requested to review the IAB draft on Link Indications. 802.11u and possibly 802.21 will undertake this review.
  • 802.1 has submitted no comment on the EAP Network Selection draft
  • 802.11 has completed the review of the CAPWAP documents.
  • Comments have been received from 802 of the TRILL WG proposed charter. No comments have been received on the LOWPAN WG proposed charter to date.
  • the BMWG chairs have requested an informal liaison with 802.11T.

Full Liaison report is at

5. IRTF Chair Selection

The IAB undertook further steps in the process of selection of a new IRTF Chair.

6. AOB
IETF Liaison Procedures

The IAB noted the adviseability of notifying liaison organizations of the forthcoming update to the IETF’s liaison procedures (draft- baker-liaison-statements-04, draft-iab-liaison-mgt-03).

Next Meeting

IETF 62, 7 – 11 March 2005

Appendix A
IAB Actions


Patrik Fältström, Leslie Daigle
Feb-03, current

  • Coordinate preparatory work for a possible IAB ‘virtual’ workshop on IDN and related matters
  • Summarize outstanding issues, circulate notes prepared for ICANN meeting, compile a list of questions to be addressed in the context of a workshop
  • Discussion with ADs, particularly with relation to homographs. Topic to be further discussed at IETF62 IAB meeting.

IAB Messaging Workshop

Pete Resnick
Apr-04, current

  • Archive of workshop material to be created
  • Workshop report to be prepared. ETA: 5 April 2005

IPv6 Policies

IPv6AD Hoc Advisory Committee
May-04, current

  • Passed a set of current IPv6 issues to the ad-hoc IAB advisory committee on IPv6 addressing issues: deprecation, hd-ratio considerations, minimum IANA IPv6 allocation unit, IANA IPv6 registry terminology and format
  • iana-ipv6-regstry format proposal with RFC Editor. document with IESG. Draft published on HD-Ratio. Draft of recommendation regarding IANA Allocation Unit passed to IAB.

DNS Ops TLD Operation

Rob Austein, Itojun Hagino, Geoff Huston
Sep-04, current

  • DNSOPS WG activity on TLD operational considerations. Offer of editorial assistance in any WG document to be made to the WG.
  • Geoff to propose a WG action to the WG mailing list on the topic of operational considerations for DNS Top Level Domains
  • Open – requires handover

IPv6 Multi-Address Considerations

Bob Hinden, Rob Austein, Itojun Hagino, Geoff Huston
Sep-04, current

  • Document considerations relating to address selection procedures and potential side effects in a multi-address- ing environment with scoped and global addresses
  • Initial draft being revised. ETA: 1 April 2005.

Tech Chat Schedule

Geoff Huston, Bernard Aboba
Nov-04, current

  • Open – new schedule to be prepared

RFC Editor Copyright

Geoff Huston, Harald Alvestrand, Joyce Reynolds
Nov-04, current

  • Pass RFC Editor Copyright provisions to IETF legal council for review with respect to permissions relating to protection of IETF interests, integrity of the IETF Standards Track documents for derivative works and relation to any third party interests in the material published by the RFC Editor.
  • Note passed to Legal Council – 11 Jan. Followup post IETF62.
  • Open – requires handover

Research Note document proposal

Vern Paxson, Leslie Daigle, Sally Floyd, Mark Handley
Nov-04, current

  • Convene a group consisting of Vern Paxson, Brian Carpenter, Aaron Falk, and Leslie Daigle, assisted by Sally Floyd and Mark Handley to document this proposal and highlight related considerations for the IAB.
  • Open – requires handover to new IRTF Chair

ISOC BoT Selection

Geoff Huston
Nov-04, current

  • 25 March – complete candidate selection and pass to IESG for confirmation
  • 29 April – Advice ISOC Elections Committee Chair
  • Open – schedule review of 3677 for the IAB agenda for 2005

Proposed Congestion Control RG

Vern Paxson
Jan-05, current

  • Consult with ADs on the potential role for such a RG
  • Open – requires handover to new IRTF Chair

Appendix B

A survey of Authentication Mechanisms

Eric Rescorla
Apr-02, current, Status: Revision

  • (current) Revise as per comments from IETF call (note draft has expired from the drafts directory)
  • (next) RFC Submission

Internationalized Resource Identifiers

Leslie Daigle
Nov-02, held, Status: Hold

  • (current) Part of IDN workshop action

Secure Autoconfiguration in IPv6

Bernard Aboba
Mar-03, current, Status: Revision

  • (current) Propose to rework current summary as a framework description. Note original problem statement of the range of choices of discovery mechanisms.
  • (next) IETF Review
  • (next) ICOTS BOF is being set up for IETF62, and will take the outcomes from the BOF and conclusions will be drafted

Protocol Models

Eric Rescorla
May-03, RFC Editor, Status: RFC Editor

  • (current) Submitted to RFC Editor 28 Feb

Internet Identities

Patrik Fältström, Geoff Huston
Jul-03, current, Status: IETF Review

  • (current) Leslie to complete review
  • (next) IETF Call

DOS Attacks

Mark Handley, Eric Rescorla
Sep-03, current, Status: Revision

  • (current) Incorporate review comments from Bernard and Geoff into -02 version. Maintain current scope of consideration

Liaison Management

Leslie Daigle
Nov-03, RFC Editor, Status: RFC Editor

  • (current) Submitted to RFC Editor 21-Jan

Untangling Activeware

Jonathan Rosenberg
Apr-04, current, Status: Revision

  • (current) incorporate IAB comments
  • (next) proposed: recommendations and WG liaison
  • (next) Further comments received, and a revision is anticipated. Open questions: Should the document be more prescriptive about recommendations? Should this be something to use to talk to WGs?
  • (next) Plan: Take this document to Behave WG for review. Talk to IESG on this.

Top Level Domain Issues

Jonathan Rosenberg
May-04, current, Status: IETF review

  • (current) IETF Call For Comments
  • (next) Consider next steps based on IETF comments received

Design Choices When Expanding DNS

Patrik Fältström, Rob Austein
Jun-04, current, Status: Review

  • (current) IETF review
  • (next) Awaiting -01 revision

Architectural Implications of Link Layer Indications

Bernard Aboba
Jun-04, current, Status: IETF review

  • (current) Review
  • (next) IETF Call
  • (next) Reviews from 802.11 coming, and a further revision of the draft thereafter,

OMA Liaison Agreement

Geoff Huston
Sep-04, closed

IAOC Selection Procedure

Geoff Huston
Dec-04, current, Status: Review

  • (current) Revise after initial selection process completed

IRTF Review

Mark Handley, Sally Floyd
Dec-04, current, Status: Review

  • (current) One further revision (-01) pending
  • (next) IETF Call

These minutes were prepared by the IAB Executive Director, Geoff Huston. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at:

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