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IAB Minutes 2005-03-07

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IAB Meetings at IETF62

7-11 March 2005


Leslie Daigle (IAB Chair)
Aaron Falk (incoming IRTF Chair)
Bernard Aboba
Loa Anderson
Rob Austein
Kurtis Erik Lindqvist
Sally Floyd
Patrik Fältström
Bob Hinden
Geoff Huston
Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino
David Meyer
Pekka Nikander
Vern Paxson (outgoing IRTF Chair)
Eric Rescorla
Pete Resnick
Jonathan Rosenberg
Lixia Zhang

Also, for meetings not overlapping with IESG:
Brian Carpenter (incoming IETF Chair)
Harald Alvestrand (outgoing IETF Chair)

Bert Wijnen (liaison from IESG)
Mark Handley

Next Scheduled Meeting

Wednesday, 13 April, 2003, 10h00 EST.


  1. Actions since previous meeting
  2. IAB Internal Appointments
  3. Other liaison/observer appointments
  4. IAOC appointment
  5. ISOC Board of Trustees Selection
  6. Upcoming meeting participation
  7. IRTF/IETF Interaction/futures
  8. IAB Plenary Session Plan
  9. IAB Technical Discussion, with guests
  10. Plans for future regular meetings (time)

0. Actions since previous meeting

The IAB has appointed Aaron Falk to succeed Vern Paxson as IRTF Chair. Aaron and Vern will coordinate a handoff of responsibilities through the week of IETF62.

1. IAB Internal Appointments

IAB Chair
Leslie Daigle was elected to serve for the next year.

IAB Executive Director
Potential candidates were discussed, but none appointed during this meeting.

IAB Liaison to the IESG
The role of the liaison to the IESG was discussed, and two IAB members announced interest in undertaking the role, but no final decision was made during this meeting.

2. Other liaison/observer appointments

IAB liaison to ICANN BoT
This roll has been filled by John Klensin since we had a liaison. It is an annual appointment. The IAB had not formally solicited confirmed interest from John in continuing in the role, but the IAB agreed to re-appoint John in this role, and Leslie will take an action item to notify John.

Liaisons to ICANN TLG
Rob Austein and Geoff Huston have served as our laisions to the ICANN Technical Liaison Group (TLG). As they reported very little activity in that group for the IETF, the IAB elected to leave the liaison seats vacant for now.

Liaison to RSSAC
Rob Austein confirmed his willingness to continue in this role, and the IAB reaffirmed his appointment.

Liaison to ITU NGN
Scott Bradner (IETF liaison to ITU-T) has suggested that the ITU liaison role is sufficiently large, and the NGN activity is reasonably large, such that a separate liaison would be appropriate. Scott Bradner recommended the IAB appoint Scott Brim to the role. The IAB selected Scott Brim for the role.

Global Grid Forum (GGF) liaison
Brian Carpenter was the liaison, and he is stepping down. We need to find another one. GGF is also working on replacing their liaison to the IETF. The IAB decided to wait for GGF to appoint a liaison before proceeding.

3. IAOC appointment

The planned process for the IAB selection for the initial IAOC 2-year position is documented in a joint IAB/IESG draft. The draft itself is to be revisited once we’ve gone through this process.

The “incoming” IAB, which will have to make the selection, had the opportunity to discuss any initial questions with the “outgoing” IAB members.

No further action was taken, this is ongoing business. Nominations close on Monday following the IETF62 meeting. Deadline for decision is early April.

4. ISOC Board of Trustees Selection

As has been done in previous years, the “old” IAB put out the notices and collects candidates for this selection. The new IAB will make a selection and give it to IESG to confirm. The list of candidates and the timeline have been circulated on the IETF list.

On or before March 25, the IAB needs to deliver its selection to the IESG for their confirmation process. The “new” IAB discussed plans to have a teleconference meeting to make the selection before March 25.

5. Upcoming meeting participation

IETF-ITU NGN Workshop in May
The IETF is meeting with ITU NGN folks in Geneva, 1st and 2nd of May 2005. Dave Meyer, Loa Andersson and Leslie Daigle will be participating.

ANSI consortium briefing on US Standards Strategy
The IAB agreed to ask Scott Bradner to participate, as an observer from the IETF, in the ANSI consortium briefining on US standards strategy to be held in Boston on March 29.

6. IRTF/IETF Interaction/futures

With the appointment of a new IRTF Chair, the IAB spent some time discussing potential interactions of the IETF/IRTF/IAB. No specific action items were taken.

7. IAB Plenary Session Plan

The IAB had no new input to change the posted IAB plenary agenda.

A further decision was taken that folks should not have their laptops open during the plenary.

8. IAB Technical Discussion, with guests

Architectural considerations with LEMONADE
With invited guests Sam Hartman and Scott Hollenbeck, the IAB discussed the (potential) architectural implications of the use of security in LEMONADE, particularly with respect to the end to end model, and the definition of endpoints.

No action items were taken.

Internationalized Domain Names, phishing and certificates
With invited guests John Klensin, Russ Housley, Sam Hartman and Scott Hollenbeck, the IAB discussed recent events related to phishing attacks that specifically exploit IDNs, using homographs.

The IAB agreed to set up an ad hoc committee to review the possible actions to propose to the IETF and other related communities. Patrik Fältström undertook to establish a mailing list and get that discussion underway.

9. Plans for future regular meetings (time)

The IAB agreed to a new meeting time of 10h00-12h00 US-ET on the second Wednesday of each month. The IAB will have its informal technical chats on the fourth Wednesday of each month, at the same time of day.

IAB Actions and Documents

No current action or document status review was undertaken at this meeting. The following specifically-updated and new actions were noted.


Patrik Fältström, Leslie Daigle
Feb-03, closed

  • Coordinate preparatory work for a possible IAB ‘virtual’ workshop on IDN and related matters
  • This item is declared closed with the creation of an IAB ad hoc committee on IDNs.

IDN Ad Hoc

Patrik Fältström
Mar-05, New

  • Create a mailing list and initiate discussion for IAB ad hoc committee on Internationalized Domain Names — Next Steps.

ICANN BoT Liaison

Leslie Daigle
Mar-05, New

  • Inform John Klensin that he has been asked to continue in his role as ICANN liaison


Leslie Daigle
Mar-05, New

  • Inform ICANN that we are not renewing a liaison to the ICANN TLG


Leslie Daigle
Mar-05, New

  • Inform our ITU liaison that Scott Brim has been appointed IETF liaison for ITU NGN activities; request that the Secretariat update the IETF liaison web page. Inform the ITU NGN folks that Scott Brim is our liaison.

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