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IAB Meeting at IETF63

August 2, 2005

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes
  2. Review of Action Items
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Liaison Reports
  5. IAB IPv6 ad hoc committee
  6. IAB IDN ad hoc committee
  7. IAB ISOC tech communications committee
  8. ISOC BoT appointment process

1.2 Attendance

Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Loa Andersson
Rich Draves — IAB Executive Director
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Patrik Fältström
Bob Hinden
Kurtis Lindqvist
David Meyer
Pekka Nikander
Eric Rescorla
Pete Resnick
Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC
Lixia Zhang

Bernard Aboba
Brian Carpenter — IETF Chair
Jonathan Rosenberg
Bert Wijnen — Liaison from the IESG

1.3 Previous Minutes

Minutes from July were accepted.

2. Review of Action Items

(See Appendix A)

3. Review of Documents

(See Appendix B)

4. Liaison Reports

The IAB briefly discussed the frequency of liaison reports. The IAB noted that its Executive Director polls the IETF liaisons monthly for reports. The IAB requested a report from the ITU NGN liaison.

The following Liaison Reports were submitted to the IAB.

Lynn St. Amour

Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) – The WGIG report was released and can be found at ISOC participates in all formal (and many regional/topical) WSIS or WGIG events. We will be preparing a statement on the WGIG report for submission to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), and we have posted a survey on Internet Governance at:

You are encouraged to take the survey – we need as many informed people as possible to participate.

RFC Editor
Joyce Reynolds

Nothing to report.

Aaron Falk


  • mobopts rg, p2prg, dtn rg, hip rg meeting at IETF
  • nmrg met in Nancy, France on 7/30-31
  • IRTF website cleanup to be online by Thurs

In Progress:

  • Mobility Optimizations RG review scheduled for Thursday breakfast
  • Transport Models Research Group slightly wedged, should be submitted to IAB this week
  • Internet Congestion Control Research Group wedged on getting co-chair lined up, hope to make progress this week, possibly needing to wait until SIGCOMM to have things really lined up
  • Received proposal for RG on authenticating source IP addresses, forwarded to IAB, IRSG
  • Collecting RG reports post-IETF, will forward to IAB, irtf-announce


  • Adapt IETF’s Note Well/IPR policies to IRTF

Bert Wijnen

Nothing to report, other than what the IAB has heard on Sunday and Monday morning.

Scott Brim

SG13 FGNGN is wrapping up, trying to fill in the details of architecture and requirements. It is probable that none of this has impact on the IETF. I will doublecheck, but since the last significant meeting is August 24th, followed by SG13 (which is much more likely to have impact), I will do so at those meetings.

5. IAB IPv6 ad hoc committee

Leslie reported further discussions with Thomas Narten. Because Thomas now has other liaison duties, it is not clear that he is still the right person to chair the IPv6 ad hoc committee. Kurtis Lindqvist agreed to take over from Thomas. Leslie asked them to get together and revise the charter.

6. IAB IDN ad hoc committee

Patrik reported that at a short meeting of the committee during IETF week, he and John Klensin tried to draft a list of issues. They agreed to two different threads:

  1. Look more at how to extend LDH (Letters Digits Hyphen) with unicode code points. (This would be a stop-gap solution; more thought required to determine what would be involved and what problems it would solve.)
  2. Patrik & John to continue to write overall document on IDNs.

The IAB discussed the possibility of chartering a research group to look at the IDN problem.

7. IAB ISOC tech communications committee

The IAB agreed to form a subcommittee to work with the ISOC on technical communications issues. The purpose of the group is to develop brief technical notes on hot topics, identify upcoming hot topics, and coordinate with the rest of ISOC/IAB/IETF for input. The group will be made aware of other ongoing ISOC publications, but it will not have a formal review role. The subcommittee will have several IAB members; Patrik, Dave, Pete, and Leslie are the initial volunteers. Lynn and other ISOC folks will participate. The subcommittee will have a mailing list, periodic telechats, write technical notes, and perform ad hoc review as necessary.

8. ISOC BoT appointment process

The IAB reviewed three potential issues with the RFC 3677 ISOC BoT appointment process:

  1. Given the evolving responsibilities of the NomCom, should the IAB or the NomCom appoint ISOC BoT members?
  2. Have the desirable qualifications for the IETF appointee changed?
  3. Given the evolving IETF/ISOC relationship, should the selection process say something about the desirability or conflict of having people serve in both IETF and ISOC leadership roles.

The IAB discussion focused on the third issue. The IAB noted that simultaneous service in IETF and ISOC leadership roles can occur through multiple scenarios and if the community decides that it’s undesirable, it would take more than an RFC 3677 revision to prevent it. Pete took the action of drafting a communication from the IAB to the community on this topic.

Appendix A
IAB Actions

Scope of IETF Architecture

Dave Meyer, Allison Mankin
Initiated: August 2005
Goal: Create an effort to develop a statement of the scope of the IETF architecture.
Status: The IESG requested that the IAB take this action.

Guidelines for IETF Liaisons

Loa Andersson
Initiated: June 2005
Goal: Describe IETF liaison relationship to other organizations.
Status: Loa has circulated a revised draft to the IAB.

IESG Concerns Regarding RFC Processing

Brian Carpenter, Leslie Daigle
Initiated: May 2005
Goal: Resolve concerns regarding lack of visibility into RFC Editor state, copy-editing, and excessive author changes in AUTH48. Gather feedback from community.
Status: We had to reschedule the BOF for Vancouver because the draft was not finished in time for Paris.

IAB Web Site

Rich Draves
Initiated: April 2005
Goal: Review and update the public web site. Find a private web site.
Status: Rich researched web hosting options and circulated information and options to the IAB.

IDN Ad Hoc

Patrik Fältström, Pete Resnick
Initiated: March 2005
Goal: Create a mailing list and initiate discussion for IAB ad hoc committee on Internationalized Domain Names.
Status: Face-2-face meeting at IETF 63. Outline of report created by Patrik and John Klensin.


Leslie Daigle
Initiated: March 2005
Goal: Inform ICANN that we are not renewing a liaison to the ICANN TLG
Status: Done

IAB Messaging Workshop

Pete Resnick
Initiated: April 2004
Goal: Issue workshop report and create archive of workshop material.
Status: draft-iab-messaging-report-00 finished but it missed the draft deadline.

IPv6 Policies

IPv6AD Hoc Advisory Committee
Initiated: May 2004
Goal: Passed a set of current IPv6 issues to the ad-hoc IAB advisory committee on IPv6 addressing issues: deprecation, hd-ratio considerations, minimum IANA IPv6 allocation unit, IANA IPv6 registry terminology and format
Status: IAB should discuss in business meeting.

DNS Ops TLD Operation

Kurtis Lindqvist, Dave Meyer, Lixia Zhang
Initiated: September 2004
Goal: DNSOPS WG activity on TLD operational considerations. Offer of editorial assistance in any WG document to be made to the WG.
Status: Presented in DNS Ops, wide-spread support for first document, folks were more cautious about a 2nd document on registry operation. IAB will revisit in six months but this is now a WG action.

IPv6 Multi-Address Considerations

Bob Hinden
Initiated: September 2004
Goal: Document considerations relating to address selection procedures and potential side effects in a multi-address- ing environment with scoped and global addresses
Status: No progress, Bob is punting permanently.

Tech Chat Schedule

Leslie Daigle, Loa Andersson, Pekka Nikander
Initiated: November 2004
Goal: Create tech chat schedule, topic proposals due from Loa and Pekka
Status: Done. Rich will check each month to ensure we don’t run out of topics.

Architectural Issues

Pekka Nikander
Initiated: April 2005
Goal: Revise/maintain the list of architectural issues on the IAB web pages. These can also be discussed at the IAB retreat and guide future tech chat topic selection.
Status: No progress.

RFC Editor Copyright

Leslie Daigle, Brian Carpenter
Initiated: November 2004
Goal: Pass RFC Editor Copyright provisions to IETF legal counsel for review with respect to permissions relating to protection of IETF interests, integrity of the IETF Standards Track documents for derivative works and relation to any third party interests in the material published by the RFC Editor.
Status: RFC Editor has been given legal counsel’s opinion that their web site is still wrong. It’s low on their priority list. Rich will check RFC Editor web site after Paris.

Research Note document proposal

Aaron Falk
Initiated: November 2004
Goal: Convene a group consisting of Vern Paxson, Brian Carpenter, Aaron Falk, and Leslie Daigle, assisted by Sally Floyd and Mark Handley to document this proposal and highlight related considerations for the IAB.
Status: No progress

ISOC BoT Selection

Rich Draves, Leslie Daigle
Initiated: November 2004
Goal: Before the next round, review the RFC 3677 process. Leslie will circulate list of issues to IAB/IESG/IAOC.
Status: Leslie circulated the list of issues; discussion is a separate agenda item.

Proposed Congestion Control RG

Aaron Falk
Initiated: January 2005
Goal: Consult with ADs on the potential role for such a RG
Status: No progress. Plan to meet with Mark Handley in Paris to push things along.

Appendix B

A survey of Authentication Mechanisms
Eric Rescorla
Initiated: April 2002
Status: Some internal progress, no externally visible progress.

Internationalized Resource Identifiers
Leslie Daigle
Initiated: November 2002
Status: No progress

Secure Autoconfiguration in IPv6

Bernard Aboba
Initiated: March 2003
Status: Under review by EAP, RADEXT, and AAA WGs.

Internet Identities
Patrik Fältström, Leslie Daigle
Initiated: July 2003
Status: Patrik has XML from Geoff. Patrik wants to understand the IAB’s purpose in publishing this document.

DOS Attacks

Eric Rescorla
Initiated: September 2003
Status: Prepared a new draft. Need help filling in some sections.

Untangling Activeware

Jonathan Rosenberg
Initiated: April 2004
Status: No progress, didn’t get to it before the deadline.

Top Level Domain Issues

Jonathan Rosenberg
Initiated: May 2004
Status: Submitted -03. Jonathan thinks it’s done.

Design Choices When Expanding DNS

Patrik Fältström
Initiated: June 2004
Status: Patrik says many comments, discussion of ease of registering new RR types. Document needs revision to incorporate details.

Architectural Implications of Link Layer Indications

Bernard Aboba
Initiated: June 2004
Status: Revising to incorporate Pekka’s comments.

IAOC Selection Procedure

Bert Wijnen
Initiated: December 2004
Status: Finished IETF Last Call. Brian (as AD) received a number of comments. Needs revision to indicate that NomCom may use the criteria. Next step would be IESG review for approval.

IRTF Review

Leslie Daigle, Aaron Falk
Initiated: December 2004
Status: Aaron still waiting for Dave’s comments, then IETF Last Call to make it an IAB informational document.

IEEE 802 / IETF Relationship

Loa Andersson, Bernard Aboba
Initiated: June 2005
Status: Revision in progress; Section 1.1. will disappear. After -01 hits the archive, next step is review by IAB, IESG & IEEE 802 ExComm.

Remaining Issues with the Core IPv6 Protocols

David Meyer
Initiated: July 2005
Status: Dave has an outline.

IETF63 Technical Plenary

August 4, 2005

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