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IAB Teleconference
January 18, 2006

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes
1.1 Agenda

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash and Previous Minutes
2. Review of specific actions
3. Review of specific documents
4. Regular Reports
5. NomCom / Confirmation planning
6. 802.1 liaison?
7. Note from Ran Atkinson re. input to USPTO
8. Workshop planning
9. APRICOT plan
10. IETF Journal
11. Network stories
12. Upcoming IAB meetings
13. AOB

1.2 Attendance

Bernard Aboba
Loa Andersson
Brian Carpenter — IETF Chair
Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Rich Draves — IAB Executive Director
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Bob Hinden
David Meyer
Pekka Nikander
Eric Rescorla
Pete Resnick
Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC
Bert Wijnen — Liaison from the IESG
Lixia Zhang

Patrik Faltstrom
Kurtis Lindqvist
Jonathan Rosenberg

1.3 Previous Minutes

December 21 minutes were approved.

2. Review of specific actions

ISOC BoT appointment timeline

There were a couple changes suggested for Rich’s draft. Rich will circulate revised version later today for Leslie to post to ietf-announce.

3. Review of specific documents

Guidelines for IETF Liaisons

The IAB discussed several minor issues with the document. Leslie asked
Loa to release the -01 revision to the I-D repository.

Untangling Activeware

Leslie noted that the IAB needs to decide what it is doing with this

4. Regular Reports

ISOC Liaison Report
Lynn St. Amour

– ISOC’s next Board meeting will be held February 10th and 11th in
Utrecht, NL (just outside Amsterdam). It is an open meeting and
the agenda will be posted soon.

– IETF 20th anniversary – ISOC has engaged Susan Estrada to work
with the IETF community to develop activities to celebrate the
IETF’s 20th anniversary. She is working with a committee and
will present a plan to the IETF and IAB Chairs and to the ISOC

– Internet Governance Forum – (follow-on to the earlier WGIG/WSIS
efforts). There will be a consultation for all interested parties
on February 16th and 17th in Geneva. ISOC will be attending and
have asked to have a key role in any forum that is convened.

IRTF Chair Report
Aaron Falk

– Planning IAB review of ASRG in Dallas

– Planning plenary talk by new E2E RG co-chair, Craig Partridge,
in Dallas based on recent E2E article in CCR, “Making the World
(of Communications) a Better Place”

– Developing RG document publication proposal based on pull from

– Expecting a bar-bof for Scalable Small Group Multicast RG
proponents Sunday night in Dallas (invitation enclosed)

– Received proposed charter for a MANET RG. Scope include
multicast, expanded routing metrics (e.g., QoS), and simulation
strategies/best practices.

– A little concerned about lack of activity in ICCRG, several
prods appear ineffective.

– Attending workshop on ‘Protocols for Fast, Long-Distance
Networks’ in Nara, Japan early Feb and giving report on TMRG

RFC Editor Report
Joyce Reynolds

– The RFC Editor has a contract in place for 2006 with the IAD/IASA.

– We have installed an initial implementation of automated emails
to notify authors of RFC State changes.

An example:

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:26:03 -0800
Subject: [RFC State] has changed state

The document draft-ietf-mpls-lc-if-mib-08 has changed from
EDIT state to RFC-EDITOR state. We thought you’d like to
know. You can check on your document’s status at

IESG Liaison Report
Bert Wijnen

– as posted to the IETF Announce list (Jan 5th):
The IESG has decided that as of now, any IESG-approved
drafts that enter the AUTH48 state, where the RFC Editor
waits for final text approval from all listed authors,
may be released on the responsible AD’s authority if
any authors have not responded after a reasonable time,
typically two weeks.

– Also posted to the IETF Announce list (Jan 5th), the
IESG has decided to take an RFC 3683 PR-Action for Dean
Anderson. See announcement for details.

– The IESG has received another appeal from Jefsey Morfin.
This time he appeals the IESG decision to approve the
rfc3066bis draft. For details, see:

– The IESG intends to issue an IETF Last Call to solicit
input and comments on a possible PR-Action (RFC3683) against
Jefsey Morfin. This action was requested from IESG by Harald
Alvestrand based on input Harald has collected.

– The IESG is working on selecting the best candidate for the
IESG-appointed seat on the IAOC for the next 2 years. As was
announced to the IETF Announce list (Jan 3rd), we only have
2 candidates to choose from.

– The IESG did have an extra (informal) telechat on Jan 12th.
This was to try and clear several documents that have been
pending for approval for a long time. This first extra session
was useful and also triggered discussions and follow up on the
IESG mailing list. Several discussion were cleared and analyzed
in much more detail. Also a number of documents got approved as
a result of this extra attention to old documents.
The IESG plans to have a few more of these extra (informal)
telechats to try and clear more of these types of documents.
The next one is scheduled for Jan 26th.

– As reported earlier, the IESG will have an efficiency retreat
on Jan 30-31 where we will try to evaluate and improve our

IEEE 802 Liaison Report
Bernard Aboba


ITU SG15 (Optical Networking) Liaison Report
Adrian Farrel


5. NomCom / Confirmation planning

Dave reported that the nomcom is still working on one area for the
IESG slate and that the IAB slate is progressing as well. Leslie noted
that the IESG is anxious to know their replacements to start handoff
before the IETF meeting. Brian noted that this was particular
important for the new RAI area. Leslie asked if those new ADs can
perhaps be confirmed/released early. Dave said the nomcom is sensitive
to this but wants to avoid disclosure of derived information. Leslie
noted that the IAB expects to see the entire IESG slate before
confirming any part of it. Leslie noted that IAB members who were
under consideration for the IESG will recuse themselves from
confirmation of those positions and those positions will be handled

Leslie reviewed the IAB’s procedures for confirming candidates
Most notably, there must be a positive vote for confirmation, the IAB
chair can not call the vote earlier than a week after receiving the
slate, and not before a telechat to discuss. The IAB agreed to follow
these procedures unless the IAB unamimously agrees to override. The
IAB tentatively scheduled a telechat for Feb 8 to discuss the IESG

6. 802.1 liaison?

Bernard stated that he has no obvious candidates for IEEE 802.1
liaison. Bernard suggested that the IAB use the process suggested by
David Kessens and take nominations from the community. Leslie felt
this would be generally heavy-weight but appropriate here because
Bernard had not found someone yet. Rich agreed to draft a note to the
community, working with Bernard.

7. Note from Ran Atkinson re. input to USPTO

The IAB discusses Ran Atkinson’s suggestion that the IETF provide
input to the USPTO and like organizations regarding prior art. The IAB
noted that the IETF does not have an official archive of drafts. The
IAB agreed that the idea has merit but doing something hasty would not
be good; currently we can only point to the RFC archive.

8. Workshop planning

Leslie reviewed the invitee status. The IAB agreed to ping folks who
have not yet responded. The IAB also discussed inviting several
additional folks, including more people with network access product
experience and empirical studies to share.

9. APRICOT plan

Dave said nothing further needed for his session, although he needed
to follow-up with Erik Nordmark regarding his participation. Leslie
said she’d been invited to participate in an APNIC policy session.
Sentiment in the IAB did not favor this because there is the
possibility of it being a political minefield. Leslie said she would
review the request and make a proposal to the IAB list.

10. IETF Journal

Leslie noted that there as been some discussion on the iab list of the
proposed charter for the IETF Journal, but deferred more discussion to
a future meeting.

11. Network stories

The IAB deferred this agenda item to a future meeting, due to lack of
time. Bernard noted the genesis of this agenda item was a request from
Tim Shepard asking how everything happening in the internet area fit
together into scenarios or stories.

12. Upcoming IAB meetings

Leslie noted that Jan 25 is the next tech chat and Feb 1 is the next
business meeting. The IAB discussed the success of its
two-meetings-per-month schedule. Most thought it was an improvement
but Rich and Leslie felt that it added significantly to their
workload. Eric noted that the perl support on prevented him
from installing his preferred bug-tracker software. The IAB agreed to
try using a wiki instead to track action and document status. Rich
asked Aaron to prototype this. Leslie noted that easy cut-and-paste
from the wiki to text minutes is a hard requirement.

13. AOB

The IAB briefly discussed the status of the Jefsey Morfin appeal
response. Two IAB members are drafting a response, ready for review at
the end of the week. The IAB agreed that the response is not moot even
if Jefsey’s suspension is over.

These minutes were prepared by Rich Draves;
comments should be sent to

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