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IAB Minutes 2006-05-17

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IAB Teleconference

May 17, 2006

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Minutes
  2. Review of Specific actions
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Regular Reports
  5. Liaison Appointments
  6. RFC Editor Process
  7. Handling New Work Mailing List
  8. Retreat Planning
  9. Any Other Business
  10. Dean Anderson Appeal

1.2 Attendance

Loa Andersson
Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Elwyn Davies
Kevin Fall
Olaf Kolkman
Kurtis Lindqvist
David Meyer
David Oran
Eric Rescorla
Dave Thaler
Lixia Zhang
Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC
Dan Romascanu — Liaison from the IESG
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Phil Roberts — IAB Executive Director
Brian Carpenter — IETF Chair

Bernard Aboba
Kurtis Lindqvist

2. Review of Specific Actions


3. Review of Specific Documents

Multiple Encapsulations

Existing version has already incorporated revisions based on comments from Elwyn and some of Dave’s. Another revision is needed to address the rest of Dave’s comments.

Denial of Service Attacks

Eric says this is mostly done. Has a bit more material plus some editorial work.

Liaison Guidelines

Received comments from Thomas Narten. Determining how to respond to the comments.

4. Regular Reports

IESG Liaison Report
Dan Romascanu

  • The IETF hold a retreat meeting in Boston, May 5-6. Agenda included among other impressions from new ADs and from incoming Ads, sessions on consensus building, mailing lists disruptions, better security considerations, congestion control and path changes, network management considerations, WG quality and review issues. Of special interest here is probably the session hold on IESG/IAB interaction on BOFs

    It was agreed that earlier notification of likely BOFs to the IAB is desirable, as well as discussion between the IAB and IESG *before* the scheduling deadline. For some time, the Internet Area has been asking for BOF input earlier than the official deadline, and this has been helpful. The IESG agreed to generalize this, which means getting BOF requests to ADs at least two weeks before the scheduling cutoff.

    What the IESG would like to get from the IAB about each BOF proposal is: – general technical assessment – warning of any likely liaison issues – architectural comment – research issues

    The discussion resulted in the following actions: – Schedule joint telechat (Leslie/Brian) [Done, for June 1st] – Send message asking for BOF requests by May 22 (Brian) [Done] – Advertise the BOF wiki this time (Mark) – Use Friday breakfast for early heads up on *next* IETF’s BOFs. – Update Secretariat meeting timeline for IETF 67 (Barbara)

    DISCLAIMER – this is extracted and slightly edited from the unofficial minutes sent by Brian, which are in review.

  • The IESG received on 5/16 a formal appeal from JFC (Jefsey) Morfin [] against an IESG decision related to the PR-action requested by Harald Alvestrand. Right now the text of the appeal is available at Brian responded to the author of the appeal that we intend to consider this at the same time as the previous appeal in this matter, and this will take a few weeks.
  • During the IESG telechat on 5/11 Ross Callon raised the issue of the ITU Interim Meeting in Ottawa, Canada, June 19-23, 2006. The IESG discussed having a liaison attend the ITU Interim Meeting with respect to T-MPLS. The current plan is that several IETF folks will be in attendance but not of them will have an official liaison role.
  • Brian plans to circulate the minutes of the IESG retreat to the community Soon.

ISOC Liaison Report
Lynn St. Amour

  • UN Internet Governance activities:

    The next phase of “Internet Governance” discussions (post the WSIS activities) continues with the seating of the Internet Governance Forum’s (IGF) equivalent of a program committee – the IGF Advisory Council (AG). While the full list has not been announced yet I have been informed that Patrik Fältström and Matthew Shears (ISOC’s Director of Public Policy) will be on the AG. All individuals serve in their personal capacity (see announcement below).

    Advisory Group to be set up to prepare for the first meeting of the IGF In light of the consultations on the convening of the IGF, held in Geneva on 16 – 17 February 2006, the Secretary-General will set up a multi-stakeholder Advisory Group to assist him in this task. The Group will consist of about forty members, representing governments, private sector and civil society and include members of the academic and technical communities. The members of the group will be chosen in their personal capacity. All stakeholders are invited to submit recommendations for members of the Advisory Group to the IGF secretariat by 18 April ( Relevant intergovernmental organizations are welcome to attend the meetings of the Advisory Group.

    ISOC has participated fully in these discussions over the last several years (while clearly not supporting the need for UN or government involvement in many of the issues under discussion).

    For Internet Governance Forum (IGF) see:

    For ISOC’s activities on WSIS and IGF see:

  • ITU activities: In addition, we are participating in a number of ITU activities (some related to WSIS follow-on) as well. The most recent one was a three day workshop on Multi-lingualism where John Klensin (a speaker) and Pete Resnick participated. John’s presentation will be posted shortly at:
    and there are also supporting papers posted there.
  • ISOC Board meeting – the next ISOC Board meeting will be held on July 1st, 2006 in Marrakech, Morocco immediately following ICANN’s meeting there.
  • Nothing else to report beyond supporting IASA activities and I believe that is being reported elsewhere.

Aaron Falk

Working with IAD/IAOC on IRTF requirements.

RFC Editor Report
Joyce K. Reynolds

Nothing to report.

5. Liaisons

  • 802.1 liaison

    Still searching for a liaison.

  • 802.16

    Still deciding what to do about an 802.16 WG within the IETF. Important touchpoints between IEEE and IETF, but it’s not clear yet whether we need a formal liaison.

6. RFC Editor RFP Process

– Timeline/IAB steps

The next step is for Leslie to publish an announcement to the community.

7. Handling new work mailing list

The new work mailing list has been around for years and it needs to be managed. Not clear who should manage it. Brian and Leslie will try to find someone to do this work. It is added to the IAB action list with TBD in a few weeks.

8. Retreat planning

The IAB spent time discussing the agenda for the upcoming retreat.

9. AOB

No other business.

10. Dean Anderson Appeal

The IAB entered into an executive session and considered the appeal.

These minutes were prepared by Phil Roberts. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: