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IAB Minutes 2006-06-07

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IAB Teleconference

June 7, 2006

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Minutes
  2. Review of Specific actions
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Liaison Appointments
  5. IETF 66 Planning
  6. RFC Editor
  7. Variance Request from Simon Joseffson
  8. Unicode Technical Consortium Reply
  9. Routing and Addressing Workshop
  10. AOB
  11. Dean Anderson Appeal

1.2 Attendance

Bernard Aboba
Loa Andersson
Brian Carpenter — IETF Chair
Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Elwyn Davies
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Ted Hardie — Liaison from the IESG
Olaf Kolkman
David Meyer
David Oran
Phil Roberts — IAB Executive Director
Eric Rescorla
Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC
Dave Thaler Lixia Zhang

Kevin Fall Kurtis Lindqvist

2. Review of Specific Actions

  • Responding to the RFI from the Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration

The IAB issued a statement in March () and we need to respond to the NTIA request based on this statement. It’s not yet clear how to say something that accomplishes our goal more effectively than our previous communications efforts. Eric and Leslie have the token now for handling next steps.

(See Appendix A)

3. Review of Specific Documents

DOS attacks

Dave Thaler will send comments to Eric who will incorporate and issue next and perhaps final version.

IAB Liaison Guidelines

The IAB received comments on this document, especially from Thomas Narten. Loa and Elwyn have the action to incorporate a response to those comments in the next revision of the draft.

Multiple Encapsulations

This document has been submitted and is starting to be used to gather comments from relevant audiences

(See Appendix B)

4. Liaison Appointments

  • IEEE 802.1 Liaison

    Bert Wijnen has expressed some interest in this role. The IAB suggests that Bernard encourage him to take on the responsibility. (Shortly after this meeting Bert accepted the appointment).

  • 3gpp Liaison

    The IAB discussed who the IETF liaison to the 3gpp should be and selected Gonzalo Camarillo for that role.

5. IETF 66 Planning

  • Plenary Talk: SAM RG

    The IAB agreed to line up a talk on Scalable Adaptive Multicast for the Thursday plenary at IETF66. Also agreed to have a discussion on delay tolerant network research during the IAB morning meetings at IETF66.

  • BOF Handling

    Phil agreed to set up a sign-up sheet for BOF coverage at IETF66 once the agenda is published.

6. RFC Editor

  • Handling of and general submissions

    The IAB discussed how to get wide circulation of the announcement of the mailing list. Phil agreed to put a copy of the announcement on the IAB website. Joyce agreed to put something on the RFC editor website. Lynn said that ISOC could issue a special all members newsletter with the announcement.

7. Variance Request from Simon Josefsson

The IAB discussed the request for a variance from RFC 3978 from Simon Josefsson and agreed to continue the discussion on the mailing list.

8. Unicode Technical Consortium Reply

Olaf and Leslie agreed to work on the reply after the latest revision of John Klensin’s draft is published.

9. Routing and Addressing Workshop

The IAB discussed refining the goals of the workshop and beginning to gather input from the community on who should be invited. Dave Meyer agreed to update the invitation and to begin circulating it for input on who the attendees should be.

10. Any Other Business


11. Dean Anderson Appeal

The IAB convened an executive session to discuss the appeal

Appendix A
Action Items


Assigned to: Olaf Kolkman

Initiated: March 2006

Goal: Work with IANA and the WG regarding the CRISP AREG request.

Old status: Andrew Newton has this on his TODO list.

IAOC Appointment

Assigned to: Leslie Daigle

Initiated: February 2006

Goal: Handle the IAB’s appointment to the IAOC, per RFC 4333.

Status: IAB needs to publish its timeline in November, so defer until late September / early October.

Workshop on Bad Traffic

Assigned to: Leslie Daigle, etc

Initiated: October 2005
Goal: Hold an IAB workshop on Unwanted Traffic.
Old status: Final(?) invitations sent. Rough agenda sent to participants.
New status: Workshop concluded. Next step: Loa and Lixia will send minutes.

Mobility Document or other

Assigned to: Lixia Zhang

Initiated: May 2006
Goal: Review the status of mobility issues and propose an IAB-sized piece to tackle (if any).

Appendix B

Guidelines for IETF Liaisons


Assigned to: Loa Andersson

Initiated: October 2005

Oldstatus: Document updated according to latest comments. Version -03 published. Mail sent to the IAB that it is ready to go 🙂

Design Choices When Expanding DNS

Link: (expired)

Assigned to: Olaf Kolkman, Patrik Faltstrom

Initiated: June 2004

Old status: Version -03 published

Internationalized Domain Names


Assigned to: Olaf Kolkman

Initiated: November 2005

Old status: Version -05 published.

A survey of Authentication Mechanisms


Assigned to: Eric Rescorla

Initiated: April 2002

Old status: Comments from Sam & others received.

DOS Attacks

Link: (expired)

Assigned to: Eric Rescorla

Initiated: September 2003
Old status: Revision imminent.

Untangling Activeware

Link: (expired)
Assigned to: Lixia Zhang

Initiated: April 2004

Old status: Lixia assumed responsibility.

Architectural Implications of Link Layer Indications


Assigned to: Bernard Aboba

Initiated: June 2004

Old status: comments being addressed.

Principles of IP Configuration


Assigned to: Bernard Aboba

Initiated: October 2005

Old status: IAB review solicited.

GSE History

Assigned to: Lixia Zhang

Initiated: December 2005

Old status: Missed the initial deadline but work in progress.

Link Layers Supporting Multiple Encapsulations


Assigned to: Bernard Aboba

Initiated: April 2006

Old status: Initial draft composed
New status: Version -01 published. Feedback requested from 802

These minutes were prepared by Phil Roberts. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: