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IAB Minutes 2006-06-21

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IAB Teleconference

June 21, 2006

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Minutes
  2. Review of Specific actions
  3. Review of Documents
  4. Regular Reports
  5. Retreat Update
  6. IETF66 Plannning
  7. RFC Editor 2006
  8. Variance Request from Simon Joseffson
  9. Next Steps on Network Neutrality
  10. Routing and Addressing Workshop Invitation
  11. AOB

1.2 Attendance

Bernard Aboba
Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Kevin Fall
Olaf Kolkman
Kurtis Lindqvist
David Meyer
David Oran
Eric Rescorla
Dave Thaler
Lixia Zhang
Joyce K. Reynolds — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Dan Romascanu — Liaison from the IESG
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Phil Roberts — IAB Executive Director
Brian Carpenter — IETF Chair

Loa Andersson
Elwyn Davies
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC

1.3 Approval of Minutes

Approved minutes of the May 17 telechat.

2. Review of Specific Actions

Response to DoC NTIA request for input

The IAB discussed the response and the possibility of sending someone to attned the meeting in DC on July 26.

3. Review of Specific Documents

Multiple Encapsulations

Existing version has already incorporated revisions based on comments from Elwyn and some of Dave’s. Another revision is needed to address the rest of Dave’s comments.

DOC document

Eric will submit an update by the draft deadline.

IAB liaison guidelines

Loa will make sure he has circulated the latest version.

IDN Next Steps

IAB agreed this is ready for publication.

Discussion of what to do about extensions docs

Re: draft-iab-protocol-extension-recs-00

The IAB discussed whether there is work that it needs to do in this space and what that work might be. Bernard expressed some interest in working on this, and it is in agreement with the IAB’s plan for work in the coming year, specifically how the IAB interacts with the rest of the world. But it’s not clear exactly what the work is to be. The IAB agreed to discuss further and determine what it should do.

4. Regular Reports

IESG Liaison Report
Dan Romascanu

  • One of the management issues that was discussed by the IESG in the May 25 call was the approval of previously discussed documents by the IESG – specifically documents that were holding DISCUSSes from the old IESG. New ADs were asked to look at all documents in the state IESG Evaluation and record a position.

  • The IESG approved as Informational draft-harrington-8021-mib-transition, which describes the process of transitioning the Bridge MIB work from the IETF to the IEEE 802.1 WG and makes some operational recommendations.

  • Input was required from the IEEE 802.16 Working Group concerning the 16ng Charter, to allow the approval of the WG prior to the Montreal meeting. The IEEE 802.16 chair and principal contributors committed to provide feedback on the charter proposal prior to the June 22 IESG Meeting, when the WG Charter is again on the agenda

  • A liaison letter was received by the Operations and Management Area from the ITU-T NGN Management Focus Group. The letter addressed to all partners of the ITU-T in this work describes the report to SG4 and the request to renew the mandate to continue to address the gaps and overlaps identified in its analyses of management specifications relevant to NGN. The current particpation of individuals from the IETF OPS area in this work seems right and agreeable to the ITU-T.

  • Bert Wijnen attended the ITU-T workshop on telecom management and OSS in Beijing in the week of May 22nd. The program and pointers to the majority of presentations given there is located at The talk Bert gave (coordinated with me) is at Bert’s report stresses the importance given by the ITU-T in making its presence visible in China, and raises the issue of similar activities by the IETF in this area.

  • As discussed in the 5/17 IAB meeting, a few IETF folks participate as individuals in an ITU-T SG 15 Interim Meeting in Ottawa, Canada, June 19-23, 2006. The focus is following T-MPLS and related discussions, following the MPLS and PWE3 WGs chairs being approached specifically on this subject by the ITU-T (

  • There are two pending appeals from JFC Morfin. Brian summarized During the May 25 IETF call Magnus Westerlund took an Action Item to understand and explain what JFC Morfin’s appeal at is about, before it being considered by the IESG. Magnus and then Brian provided summaries, but there is still a feeling that it’s difficult to understand what he is appealing. Possible target for the IESG for discussing the two appeals is 6/29.

  • The IESG received an appeal from Dean Anderson concerning grow: Last Call: ‘Operation of Anycast Services’ to BCP (draft-ietf-grow-anycast)’. The appeal is available at This followed exchanges of e-mails between Dean and some IESG members, leading to clarification about what is being appealed. Right now Brian asked for volunteers to summarize the appeal.

Aaron Falk

  • chartered the Scalable, Adaptive Multicast RG

  • supporting Path-Decoupled Signaling (offpath) BoF

  • new chair for Internet Congestion Control RG

  • anticipating chair change in Routing RG, Dan Massey stepping down

  • MobOpts, SAMRG, NMRG, and HIPRG meeting in Montreal

  • SAMRG invited to give a short plenary talk in Montreal

    The IAB discussed what is needed in a new routing research group chair and where that group might go from here.

RFC Editor Report
Joyce K. Reynolds

Nothing to report.

ISOC Report
Lynn St. Amour

No report.

5. Retreat wrap-up

  • Uploading files and minutes

    Phil took an action item to set up the internal website for uploading the presentations.

6. IETF66 Planning

The IAB discussed its agenda for the upcoming meeting and the agenda for the technical plenary on Thursday.

7. RFC Editor 2006

The IAB discussed its work in supporting the RFC Editor RFP, including the discussion of the handling of independent submissions.

The current “techspec” document captures the set of requirements of the IETF for its technical publisher. It is ready to go to the IESG for the next telechat. There are other documents being drafted to attempt to capture practices today and mechanisms for adapting to future changes in practice (not for documenting all future practices). Work is ongoing.

8. Variance Request from Simon Josefsson

The IAB agreed not to grant the variance request. Leslie will write a response to Ted Hardie.

9. Next steps on network neutrality

The IAB discussed what to do next about the network neutrality topic.

10. Routing and addressing workshop invitation

The IAB discussed planning for the upcoming workshop. It is clear that we will only be able to invite 15-20 people, and that there are more than that number of people who will provide interesting and constructive input, so we have a challenge ourselves in getting the most out of the limited capacity. Lixia and Dave Meyer will take another pass at the characteristics of the folks who should be invited to a small workshop and recirculate it with the IAB.

11. AOB

No other business.

These minutes were prepared by Phil Roberts. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: