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IAB Teleconference

January 10, 2007

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Minutes
  2. Discussion of IAOC Appointment
  3. Liaison Discussion/Appointments
  4. IETF68 Plenary Agendas
  5. ITU Focus Group on Identity Management Feb 13-16 Geneva
  6. Review of Specific Actions
  7. Review of Specific Documents
  8. AOB
  9. Executive Session

1.2 Attendance

Bernard Aboba
Loa Andersson
Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Elwyn Davies
Kevin Fall
Olaf Kolkman
Kurtis Lindqvist
David Meyer
David Oran
Eric Rescorla
Dave Thaler
Lixia Zhang
Dan Romascanu — Liaison from the IESG
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Phil Roberts — IAB Executive Director
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC

Brian Carpenter — IETF Chair
Sandy Ginoza — Liaison from the RFC Editor

Approval of Minutes

Approved minutes of December 20 business meetings.

2. Discussion of IAOC Appointment

See executive session.

3. Liaison discussion/appointments


The IAB is expecting final text for an I-D describing the proposed liaison.

4. IETF68 Plenary Agendas

The IAB discussed the possible agenda for plenary meetings during IETF 68. There are indispensible activites for all plenaries including the host presentation, and the question and answer time for the IAOC, the IESG, and the IAB. The question and answer time is particularly important during this meeting as it is the meeting with the new IESG and IAB are seated. There is also an expectation of a technical discussion and this time there is the possibility of using a 2 hour slot during plenary time to have a potential BOF discussing the next steps in routing and addressing (as a result of the IAB workshop on the same in 2006). There has been a tradition of also having a slot for a potential IRTF presentation. Meeting all of these goals in Prague may be challenging. The IAB intends to discuss this further at the next business meeting.

Eric agreed to draft some text on the qualitative expectations of any technical talk we choose to host in a plenary.

The IAB had previously considered inviting leadership from IEEE 802 to discuss their work plans to highlight possible areas of joint interest between the IETF and the IEEE, but it will not be possible at this meeting.

5. ITU Focus Group on Identity Management Feb 13-16 Geneva

The ITU has created a new work item on identity management and they are having their first focus group meeting during the ITU meeting on Feb 13-16. The IAB would like to have an observer for fact finding and reporting to determine whether there is related IETF work to be done or connected. It is possible that an IAB member may be able to attend but is yet unclear.

6. Upcoming Techchats

The IAB discussed upcoming techchats. Kevin Fall and Lixia Zhang will discuss current research in routing during the January techchat. Between the technical slot for the IAB during IETF 68 and the February tech chat, the IAB would like to have discussions on emergency preparedness, and on potential followups to the unwanted traffic workshop. The IAB will determine based on schedule availabilities how to allocate those chat slots.

7. Review of Specific Actions

  • Draft tracker proposal

    Phil sent the IAB part of the draft tracker proposal to Henrik and believes it is done.

  • Anycast text

    Kurtis expects to have some text on anycast very soon.

(See Appendix A)

8. Review of Documents

  • authentication mechanisms

    Bernard created a list of 20 issues from discussions on the SAAG list about this document. Eric proposed to go through this list in the next couple of weeks and publish proposed resolutions to the IAB mailing list.

  • link indications

    Bernard is in the process of completing updates and would like to get some review from the transport directorate. He expects a new version to be out next week.

  • Multilink subnets (Thaler)

    This document is in IAB last call but Dave Thaler hasn’t received any comments yet. Will be kept for the next business meeting in hopes of receiving feedback.

  • Internet Transparency (Bernard)

    Bernard updated after IETF 67. Would like feedback from the IAB about whether this is the correct mix of topics for this document.

  • Encapsulates Draft (Bernard)

    Bernard received some last minute comments he needs to look at. The IAB agreed with the assessment that this document probably doesn’t need to document examples from ATM.

  • Unwanted traffic report (Loa)

    Loa stated that this document is about ready to go, and agreed to publish a -01 version with comments received to now incorporated, then to issue an IAB last call. The goal is to have this published before Prague.

  • RAW report (DMM)

    Dave Meyer has received both good comments and good text. Will revise the current document and

  • RFC Editor
  • IAB Publication

    Leslie has received comments on how to update these and hopes to get a revision done and out to last call very soon.

(See Appendix B)

8. AOB


9. Executive Session

The IAB entered executive session to discuss the IAOC appointment.

Appendix A – Action Items

IAOC Appointment

Assigned to: Phil Roberts
Initiated: February 2006
Goal: Handle the IAB’s appointment to the IAOC, per RFC 4333.
Old Status: IAOC appointment questionnaire updated and ready to be shipped.
New Status: Questionnaires received from potential candidates. Selectioin to be completed by Jan 25.

ISOC BoT Appointment

Assigned to: Phil Roberts
Initiated: September 2006
Goal:Handle the IAB’s appointment to the ISOC Board of Trustees
Old Status: Timeline ready to be shipped on community in January.
New Status: Timeline announcement sent to community.

Workshop on Bad Traffic

Assigned to: Leslie Daigle, etc
Initiated: October 2005
Goal: Hold an IAB workshop on Unwanted Traffic.
Old Status: comments incorporated. Needs internal review, then ready to be published.

RAW Workshop Report

Assigned to: DMM
Initiated: Sep 2006
Goal: To produce a report on the workshop in a timely manner
Old Status: Release of first version is about to happen.
New Status: First version published

Data Tracker for IAB docs

Assigned to: Phil
Initiated: October 2006
Goal: Produce a plan in November; complete execution in December
Old Status: First draft of document flow completed. Revision needed.
New Status: Update sent to Henrik


Assigned to: Kurtis
Initiated: October 2006
Goal: produce a draft on protocol considerations for anycast suitability
Status: First draft of proposed text available by year-end.
New Status: Text expected RSN.

Addressing RFC Editor Question about submissions from individuals beyond working groups

Assigned to: Leslie
Initiated: October 2006
Goal: Integrate this with the other documents on RFC editor process
Old Status: A page on the IAB website will be created with current progress on all of these documents

Appendix B – Document Status

Design Choices When Expanding DNS

Assigned to: Olaf Kolkman, Patrik Faltstrom
Initiated: June 2004
Old status: waiting on publication of RFC 2929bis to include as a normative reference

A survey of Authentication Mechanisms

Assigned to: Eric Rescorla
Initiated: April 2002
Old Status: Bernard will provide input by year-end.
New Status: Bernard provided a list of 20 open issues. EKR will review and post

Untangling Activeware

Assigned to: Lixia Zhang and Dave Oran
Initiated: April 2004
Old Status: Revisit this in the middle of January.

Architectural Implications of Link Layer Indications

Assigned to: Bernard Aboba
Initiated: June 2004
Old status: will have a new revision by year end 2006.
New Status: Compiling and incorporating changes now. Would like some feedback from the transport directorate

Link Layers Supporting Multiple Encapsulations

Assigned to: Bernard Aboba
Initiated: April 2006
Old Status: Shipped for publication.
New Status: Some last minute comments have been recieved and are being incorporated.

The RFC Series and the RFC Editor

Assigned to: Leslie Daigle
Initiated: April 2006
Old status: A new version is imminent.
New status: Version -02 is out.

Multilink Subnets

Assigned to:Dave Thaler
Initiated:August 2006
Old Status: A revision is about to be published, and then it is ready for IAB last call.
New Status: Determining IAB consensus on this version of the document.

Reflections on Internet Transparency

Assigned to: Bernard Aboba
Initiated: September 2006
Old Status: -01 update submitted.
New Status: Requested feedback from the IAB on the right mix of contents for this document

Report on Unwanted Traffic Workshop

Assigned to: Loa Andersson
Initiated: March 2006
Status on 28 Nov 06: -00 document published

IAB publication

Assignd to: Leslie Diagle
Initiated: December 2006
Status: -00 document published

RAW report

Assigned to: Dave Meyer
Initiated: October 2006
Status: -00 document published.

These minutes were prepared by Phil Roberts. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: