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IAB Minutes 2007-01-24

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IAB Teleconference

January 24, 2007

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Minutes
  2. IAOC Appointment
  3. IESG Confirmation
  4. Wildcard Document
  5. IETF Plenary Planning
  6. Attendance at ITU-T Study Group on Identity Management
  7. Infrastructure ENUM
  8. Review of Specific Actions
  9. Review of Documents
  10. Regular Reports
  11. AOB
  12. Executive Session

1.2 Attendance

Bernard Aboba
Loa Andersson
Leslie Daigle — IAB Chair
Elwyn Davies
Kevin Fall
Kurtis Lindqvist
David Oran
Eric Rescorla
Dave Thaler
Lixia Zhang
Sandy Ginoza — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Phil Roberts — IAB Executive Director
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC

Olaf Kolkman
David Meyer
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Dan Romascanu — Liaison from the IESG
Brian Carpenter — IETF Chair

1.3 Minutes

The IAB approved the minutes of the January 10 meeting.

2. IAOC Appointment

See Executive Session.

3. IESG Confirmation

See Executive Session.

4. Wildcard Document


5. IETF Plenary Planning

The IAB discussed some possible plenary agenda topics. The topics will be reviewed again and a proposal made during the next call.

6. Attendance at ITU-T Study Group on Identity Management

Kurtis reported that he will attend except for one day.

7. Infrastructure ENUM

There is posibility of an upcoming liaison activity between the IETF and the ITU-T on carrier use of ENUM and its potential impact in DNS space. The IAB should be getting a note from the ENUM chairs in the next couple of weeks on this.

8. Review of Specific Actions

  • Anycast text

    Kurtis expects to have some text on anycast very soon.

9. Review of Specific Documents

  • authentication mechanisms

    Eric reported that he has begun to look at Bernard’s list and will produce something very soon.

  • Multilink subnets

    The IAB discussed an issue raised by Alfred Hoenes in a deployment scenario where a multilink subnet was required. The IAB concluded that there may be real cases where multilink subnets cannot be avoided, but that does not change the advice to protocol designers that is represented in this document. Dave Thaler agreed to incorporate comments received and accepted and to prepare a version that is ready for a call for community input.

  • Multiple encapsulations

    This document after a couple of earlier attempts to publish is indeed now ready to publish and the new version has been sent to the RFC Editor.

10. Regular reports

IESG Liaison Report
Dan Romascanu

  1. The IESG discussed in the 1/11 telechat the Charter proposals for three new Working Groups – Peer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol (p2psip), Media Server Control (mediactrl), and Provisioning of Symmetric Keys (keyprov). keyprov and p2psip were sent to community review and are on the agendas of the 1/25 telechat and 2/8 telechat respectively for approval as new Working Groups.

  2. The IESG hold an informal call on 1/18 with the principal scope of solving some of the long-holding DISCUSSes, making progress and clearing DISCUSSes on a number of documents.

  3. The first two IONs (IETF Operational Notes) have been submitted for public review and approved according to the process described in RFC4693 .The two notes deal with the ION format and store. Subsequently a couple of new IONs were proposed and are on the agenda of the 1/25 IESG telechat.

  4. The nemo working group is re-chartering and its updated charter is up for discussion for the 1/25 IESG telechat. See the separate mail from Jari Arkko with the charter text and call for feedback.

RFC Editor Report
Sandy Ginoza

  1. We are beginning to experiment the with expanded use of XML by using the source file during AUTH48. This has been made possible by our increased internal XML processing and training, and by the cooperation of the xml2rfc team.

  2. We aim to increase the effectiveness and coverage of the RFC Editor tutorial. There are several issues: (1) Sunday afternoons many IETFers have not yet arrived; (2) the content should be useful for oldies as well as newbies; (3) there is a significant interconnection between RFC editing and IANA processing, so we are discussing with IANA the possibility of their participation in the tutorial.

    We welcome suggestions on addressing these problems.

  3. As discussed with the IAB and IESG in an email exchange during December 2006, we have posted a number of unverified errata, and we will continue to do so as resources allow.

IRTF Report
Aaron Falk

Nothing to report.

ISOC Report
Lynn St. Amour

Nothing to report.

ICANN Nomcom Report
Lucy Lynch

The IAB received the following report from the ICANN nomcom liaison, Lucy Lynch.

The members of the 2007 Nominating Committee are: George Sadowsky (Chair),
Adam Peake (Associate Chair),
Karen Banks,
Ken Fockler,
Michael Froomkin,
Sandy George,
Tony Harris,
Wolfgang Kleinwaechter,
Lucy Lynch,
Bill Manning,
Russ Mundy,
Lucy Nichols,
Madanmohan Rao,
Sebastian Ricciardi,
Paul Stahura,
Ken Stubbs,
Mohammed El Fatih El Tigani Ali,
Christopher To

Seats up this year:

ICANN BOT (3 year term)
Joichi Ito 1 month prior to AM2007 29-Sep-2007 Asia/Pacific
Vinton G. Cerf 1 month prior to AM2007 29-Sep-2007 North America
Vanda Scartezini 1 month prior to AM2007 29-Sep-2007 Latin America/Caribbean

ALAC (2 year term)
Alice Wanjira end of AM 2007 Africa
Siavash Shahshahani end of AM 2007 Asia/Australia/Pacific
Jacqueline Morris end of AM 2007 Latin America/Caribbean

ccNSO (3 year term)
Charles Shaban AM 2007 End of AM 2007 Asia/Australia/Pacific

GNSO (2 year term)
Avri Doria End of AM 2007 North America
Sophia Bekele End of AM 2007 Africa

There will be a May 1 deadline on apps and several folks (including Vint Cerf) are at the end of term limits.

Recommendations for recruiting welcome.

11. AOB

No other business

12. Executive Session

The IAB entered executive session to discuss the IAOC Appointment and the IESG Confirmation.

These minutes were prepared by Phil Roberts. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: