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IAB Minutes 2007-03 18-23 IETF 68

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IAB Business Meeting

March 18-23, 2007

These are the collected minutes of the business discussions held during various IAB meetings of the IETF68 week. Various individual participants may have been unavailable for some of the specific discussion topics on different days, though the IAB had quorum at all times.

1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Rollcall, Agenda Bash, Minutes
  2. OIF Liaison
  3. GMPLS Document
  4. IETF/ITU Leadership Meeting
  5. ROAP
  6. IAB Chair Selection
  7. IETF 68 Plenary Preparation
  8. IAB Liaison to the IESG
  9. Executive Director Selection
  10. Emergency Services Meeting
  11. Review of Actions
  12. Review of Documents
  13. IAB Technical Session on Unwanted Traffic Workshop Followup
  14. The IAB Retreat
  15. Upcoming Techchats
  16. ISOC BoT appointment discussion
  17. ITU-T Identity Management Workshop
  18. Regular Reports

1.2 Attendance

Bernard Aboba
Loa Andersson
Leslie Daigle — outgoing IAB Chair
Elwyn Davies
Kevin Fall
Olaf Kolkman — incoming IAB Chair
Barry Leiba
Kurtis Lindqvist
Danny McPherson
David Meyer
David Oran
Eric Rescorla
Dave Thaler
Lixia Zhang
Dan Romascanu — Liaison from the IESG
Aaron Falk — IRTF Chair
Sandy Ginoza — Liaison from the RFC Editor
Phil Roberts — IAB Executive Director
Lynn St. Amour — Liaison from ISOC
Brian Carpenter — outgoing IETF Chair
Russ Housley — IETF Chair

Topics 2-5 were discussed in a joint meeting with the IESG.

2. OIF Liaison

The IAB and IESG discussed the relationship with the OIF. There was a general agreement that IETF only enters into liaison relationships under certain conditions; (1) it must be that the liaison relationship improves the possibilities for IETF to fulfill its tasks, (2) there must be someone on the IETF side that can manage the relationship, (3) there must be enough resource overlap between the liaised organizations to complete intended protocol design, (4) there must be a clear agreement between IETF and the other organization on conditions governing the relationship. The last time we discussed a liaison relationship it wasn’t possible to establish because we lacked an IETF person to manage the relationship.

Loa agreed to work with the CCAMP WG chairs, Adrian Farrel and Deborah Brungard, to determine if there is an IETF person to manage the relationship and determine the state of affairs with respect to the other conditions.

3. GMPLS Document

The IAB and the IESG discussed the GMPLS change process document (draft-andersson-rtg-gmpls-change-08). The document had been in the IESG-review for a long time and there were several “discusses” raised. However, at the meeting in Prague there was only discuss left (by Mark Townsley). Mark agreed to check if the changes introduced in version -08, made it possible to clear the discusses.

4. IETF/ITU Leadership Meeting

The IAB and IESG discussed a potential meeting with ITU-T SG chairs in Chicago. The proposal is to have an informal meeting with the objective of building relationships between individuals moreso than having technical exchanges on any particular topics. Scott Brim will be working out a proposal with the IESG and IAB and then relating that to the ITU-T.


The IAB and IESG discussed preparations for discussions in the Wednesday night meeting and during the Int-area and Rtg-area meetings on Thursday.

The following sections describe the IAB Business Meeting without the IESG.

6. IAB Chair Selection

The IAB selected Olaf Kolkmann to be IAB chair.

7. IETF 68 Plenary Preparations

The IAB discussed final preparations for the Thursday technical plenary.

8. IAB Liaison to the IESG

The IAB selected Loa Andersson as the new liaison to the IESG.

9. Executive Director Selection

The IAB agreed to send out a call for interested parties to become the new executive director.

10. Emergency Services Meeting

The IAB discussed whether to have representation at the SDO Emergency Services Coordination Workshop in Washington D.C., April 10-12. No agreement was reached.

11. Review of Actions

  • ISOC BoT candidates

    Phil agreed to forward messages on possible ISOC BoT candidates

  • Anycast text

    Kurtis will work on the anycast text

  • Addressing RFC editor query

    This action has been overtaken by events, Phil will mark it concluded.

  • Infrastructure ENUM doc

    Olaf and Leslie will have more discussions on this topic. Assigned to Olaf.

  • ICANN nomcom

    Phil will schedule a discussion for the next business meeting. We may not have a document that describes this.

  • CableLabs Liaison

    Oran will provide some possible candidates to the IAB in the next couple of days.

12. Review of Documents

  • Design choices on DNS

    This document is waiting on another doc. Rob Austein has reviewed and said there might be some DNS issues that he’ll talk to Olaf about.

  • RFC Editor and IAB publication document

    The document was submitted to the RFC Editor and an editor’s note is accommodating the change to refer to an ION with a reference to the ION RFC.

13. IAB technical session on Unwanted Traffic Workshop Followup

The IAB discussed some possible follow-ons to the IAB unwanted traffic workshop. After much discussion it was concluded that it is difficult to find specific actions within the realm of IAB activities. The one concrete possible action is to figure out some way to exhort people to implement BCP 38. Loa and Danny agreed to work on a plan.

14. The IAB retreat

The IAB agreed to hold its retreat on May 31 and June 1 in the Boston area. Dave Oran agreed to look into facilities, potentially at the Cisco Boxborough facility.

15. Upcoming Techats

Dave Thaler volunteered to do a follow-up techchat on protocol success during the April meeting. Barry volunteered to lead a techchat on spam and phishing, but would like to participate in one first. Danny would like to lead a techchat on Internet attack traffic analysis, later.

16. ISOC BoT appointment discussion

The IAB discussed the process of selecting an ISOC BoT member and the timeline for getting its nomination to the IESG.

17. ITU-T Identity Management Study Group

Kurtis agreed to send some email about following up on tracking the ITU-T identity management work. He may be able to attend some of the upcoming meetings.

18. Regular Reports

IESG Report
Dan Romascanu

Nothing to report.

IRTF Report
Aaron Falk

Aaron added that there was a successful RRG meeting on the Saturday before IETF 68.

RFC Editor Report
Sandy Ginoza

Sandy added that there was a successful tutorial on Sunday including IANA giving direction to authors about adding IANA considerations sections to documents.

ISOC Report
Lynn St. Amour

Lynn added that when the IASA structure was approved, ISOC had made a commitment to the IETF to have a reserve of 6 months of cash on hand against recurring operating expenses plus two IETF meeting guarantees. This commitment was met at the end of 2006, over a year ahead of schedule.

These minutes were prepared by Phil Roberts. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: