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IAB Minutes 2007-05-16

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IAB Teleconference

16 May 2007

1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia
  2. Dave Ward’s Presentation of Router Scaling Issues
  3. IAB Retreat Planning
  4. Selection of Cablelabs Liaison
  5. ITU/NGN Liaison Status
  6. ITU Consultation on 102 (Last Call)
  7. ISO Work Proposal and Possible Liaison
  8. Short Topics/Status Check
  9. ISOC Report
  10. ITU-T/IETF Joint Meeting
  11. ANSI Meeting
  12. AOB

1.2 Attendance

Joe Abley (IAB Executive Director)
Leslie Daigle
Elwyn Davies
Kevin Fall
Aaron Falk (IRTF Liaison)
Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Danny McPherson
Dave Oran
Eric Rescorla
Lynn St Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Dave Thaler
Mark Townsley (IESG Liaison)
Lixia Zhang

Loa Andersson
Barry Leiba
Kurtis Lindqvist

1.3 Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the IAB business telechat on 2007-05-02 were approved.

2. Dave Ward’s Presentation of Router Scaling Issues

A number of those present had seen a presentation by Dave Ward relating to scaling issues facing router vendors, and there was some consensus that the material would be useful for the wider IAB to see. Olaf Kolkman to follow up with Dave to investigate whether a version of the presentation without vendor-confidential content could be assembled and presented at some point.

3. IAB Retreat Planning

Some fine tuning of the IAB retreat agenda was carried out.

4. Selection of Cablelabs Liaison

Dave Oran reported that he was still working on finding a time to talk to the last of the candidates.

5. ITU/NGN Liaison Status

Eric Rescorla to work with the RAI ADs to find possible candidates and follow up with Scott Bradner before the appointment of the new liaison representative.

6. ITU Consultation on 102 (Last Call)

Olaf Kolkman reported that the draft text circulated on the IAB mailing list was ready to send, with some minor changes. It will be sent with Russ Housley’s name at the bottom, as IETF Chair.

7. ISO Work Proposal and Possible Liaison

Olaf Kolkman reported that the British Standards Institute (BSI) has proposed to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) that the table of country codes which ICANN uses as part of the guiding reference for TLDs be extended with the names of each country in their own language, and their own scripts. There was some concern voiced about possible conflicts between this work and IDN. There was consensus that if this work is to proceed at ISO, more coordination between the IETF and ISO would be desirable.

8. Short Topics/Status Check

  • IESG Report

    The IESG liaison and IETF Chair gave an informal update of IESG activities, including some heads-up of potential appeals.

  • IRTF Report
    • Circulating draft-irtf-rfcs-01d for review by IESG, RFC Editor and for review and approval by the IAB.
    • All-day RRG meeting planned for July 27th (Friday of IETF week). Agenda TBD.
    • IMRG planning workshop October 3rd at BBN in Cambridge: A workshop to consider the variety of techniques being researched to classify traffic by application or application type regardless of whether standard ports, tunneling, encryption, etc. is employed in an attempt to evade classification. Call for abstracts expected RSN.
    • DTNRG meeting at Trinity College in Dublin May 21 & 22 Agenda:
    • Initial EMERG design draft published: draft-irtf-eme-francis-nutss-design-00.txt
    • ICCRG winding up draft on the state of congestion control in the IETF that notes open issues: draft-irtf-iccrg-cc-rfcs-01.txt
    • Documents awaiting/moving into IRSG review from TMRG, DTNRG, ICCRG, RRG
  • RFC Editor Report

    Follow up discussion on the RFC Editor Report dated 18 April 2007:

    1. XML validity

      It was suggested that the RFC Editor ensure that the XML source is valid when we make the file available to the authors during AUTH48.

      We can point authors to the validator (or encourage use of the PI strict=yes) in order to promote submission of clean XML, but we believe this would frustrate and discourage authors that are not highly experienced with XML. We currently accept any XML source file that can be used to produce a text/nroff file via xml2rfc.

    2. Using the cref element to insert RFC Editor comments/questions

      Suggestion 2 is not as time consuming as the first suggestion. Although we understand the author’s request that comments appear in the diff file, there has been some question about whether cref works properly. Based on comments on the xml2rfc list, we have a few concerns about using cref to insert RFC Editor notes. However, we have not experimented with this ourselves yet.

      Note: We have since experimented with the cref element, but we are not yet able to make a determination about its usefulness.

    We are drafting a style guide and procedures manual.

    We intend to make our abbreviations and terms list available online shortly.

    We have submitted and received no objections (from the IAB or IESG) regarding a policy and format for citing IONs in RFCs.

    • IONs cannot be referenced normatively.
    • The reference format is as follows:

      [CITE] Last Name, First Initial., “Title”, ION, Date of Publication (including the day).


      [SPONSOR] Arkko, J., Ed., “Guidance on Area Director Sponsoring of Documents”, ION, March 20, 2007.

9. ISOC Report

Lynn St Amour reported that she is working to appoint the IETF Nomcom Chair.

Lynn St Amour also reported the results of the recent ISOC Board of Trustees election. The results have been published on the ISOC web page.

10. ITU-T/IETF Joint Meeting

Olaf Kolkman is drafting a formal invitation which will be circulated in due course. Leslie Daigle continues to volunteer to facilitate the event. Olaf will attempt to gauge likely numbers so that a suitable venue can be identified.

11. ANSI Meeting

The possibility of attending the ANSI meeting of the GSC in Kobe was discussed. Russ to coordinate the question of attendance with the IESG.

12. AOB

Notes from the recent IESG retreat were discussed.

The question of whether to establish an IAB liaison with WiMax was discussed. It was agreed to discuss this further during the next IAB business telechat.

These minutes were prepared by Joe Abley. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: