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IAB Minutes 2007-06-06

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IAB Teleconference

6 June 2007

1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia
  2. NomCom Process for 2007
  3. BOF Signup
  4. Action Status Update
  5. Document Status Update

1.1 Agenda

1.2 Attendance

Joe Abley (IAB Executive Director)
Loa Andersson
Leslie Daigle
Kevin Fall
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Barry Leiba
Dave Oran
Eric Rescorla
Dave Thaler
Lixia Zhang

Danny McPherson
Elwyn Davies
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
Kurtis Lindqvist
Mark Townsley (IESG Liaison)

2. NomCom Process for 2007

The NomCom process for 2007 was discussed, following correspondence from the 2007 NomCom chair. There was extensive discussion on the role of the IAB NomCom liaison in relation to RFC 3777, particularly with reference to the question how personal opinions of liaisons might be interpreted or presented. Olaf to draft a response to the NomCom chair.

3. BOF Signup

Joe to provide a sign-up page on the IAB wiki to help coordinate coverage of BOFs by IAB members.

4. Action Status Update

4.1. Anycast

No progress.

4.2. Infrastructure ENUM

Still waiting on liaison.

4.3. ICANN NomCom


4.4. CableLabs Liaison

Dave Oran has not yet found time to talk to the last candidate.

4.5. Next Steps in Persuing RG on Unwanted Traffic

A conference call to be scheduled between Loa, Dave Thaler and Danny to discuss next steps.

5. Document Status Update

5.1. Design Choices when Expanding DNS

Olaf to follow up with Rob Austein.

5.2. Survey of Authentication Mechanisms

Not expected to be done before Chicago.

5.3. Architectural Implications of Link Layer Indications

In AUTH48.

5.4. The RFC Series and the RFC Editor

Closure achieved.

5.5. Multilink Subnets

In AUTH48.

5.6. Reflections on Internet Transparency

No update available, since Elwyn not present.

5.7. Report on Unwanted Traffic Workshop

No progress.

5.8. IAB Publication

Closure achieved.

These minutes were prepared by Joe Abley. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: