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IAB Teleconference

3 October 2007

1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia
  2. Selection of ICANN NomCom Candidate
  3. ITU-IETF and T-MPLS
  4. OMA Liaison
  5. Adopting draft-aboba-ip-config-03 as an IAB Document
  6. Action Items
  7. Document Status

1.2 Attendance

Joe Abley (IAB Executive Director)
Loa Andersson
Leslie Daigle
Elwyn Davies
Aaron Falk (IRTF liaison)
Kevin Fall
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
Barry Leiba
Kurtis Lindqvist
Danny McPherson (Meeting Chair)
David Oran
David Thaler
Lixia Zhang

Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Eric Rescorla
Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Mark Townsley (IESG Liaison)

1.3 Approval of Minutes

The minutes of IAB meetings on 2007-07-11, 2007-07-24, 2007-07-26 and 2007-08-15 were approved.

2. Selection of ICANN NomCom Candidate

It was noted that several candidates had expressed interest in filling this position. It was agreed that discussion of those candidates would continue by e-mail, and that it was still worthwhile encouraging others to put their names forward.

Danny undertook to follow up with Olaf to confirm the timeline and an appropriate mechanism for selecting someone from the pool of available candidates..


Proposed text for a joint press release was received from the ITU. The ITU are currently waiting to hear feedback from the IETF. It was agreed that a prompt IETF response was appropriate and desirable.

There was some discussion of what the appropriate vehicle within the IETF might be to identify the requirements for work on T-MPLS to be managed within the IETF. Suggestions such as the establishment of a requirements working group, and the creation of a design team were considered.

It was decided that a design team be established in order to explore fully what work is required in preparation for a situation where we have entered into an agreement on cooperation with ITU-T on T-MPLS. Loa will take the action item, with the help from Danny, to propose such a design team.

4. OMA Liaison

The IETF’s current liaison to the OMA has indicated that they need to retire from the role. Leslie drew the IAB’s attention to RFC 3975, “OMA-IETF Standardization Collaboration”. Few others in the meeting had read that document.

There was some discussion about the ongoing need for an OMA liaison, and also on the subject of what process might be appropriate in general for reviewing the usefulness of existing liaison relationships.

Barry to follow up with the Apps and RAI area directors, and to review RFC 3975. The specific issue of the OMA Liaison function to be re-visited in the next meeting. The more general question of how to review liaison relationships was deferred for future consideration.

5. Adopting draft-aboba-ip-config-03 as an IAB Document

After a brief discussion, it was agreed that draft-aboba-ip-config-03 should become an IAB document, aimed at Informational. Dave Thaler to re-submit the document, renamed starting draft-iab-.

6. Action Items


There was some brief discussion over some draft text which had been circulated by e-mail by Dave Thaler.

There was more discussion about how the text should be communicated. There was consensus that it was useful for the communication to be made in a public forum. It was also agreed that there was value in exploring the issue in more depth in a document, in addition to the e-mail communication.

Dave Thaler to send updated text for the e-mail communication to the list for comment. Once final, the text to be sent to, cc’ing

Elwyn Davies to perform initial editing work on a corresponding document.

6.2. Followup to Emergency Services SDO Co-ordination Meeting

Deferred in Olaf’s absence.

6.3. OMA Liaison

This was covered in item 4 above.

6.4. ITU/NGN Liaison

Work to continue on identifying possible candidates. Aim to make an informed decision in Vancouver.

6.5. Unwanted Traffic RG

Loa to draft some text describing the research activities the IAB would like to see in relation to unwanted traffic. Aaron and Barry to provide advice about where that message should be sent in order to gauge interest and enthusiasm in the research community.

6.6. Anycast

Kurtis indicated that some progress is expected before Vancouver.

6.7. Discussion on Infrastructure ENUM Doc

Deferred in Olaf’s absence.

6.8. Consider Policy on ICANN NomCom

Leslie to circulate her earlier note comparing the ICANN NomCom selection process with similar existing roles such as the ISOC BoT appointment.

Discussion of whether a formal process is required, whether/how such a process ought to be published to follow by e-mail, with a followup in the next business call.

7. Document Status

7.1. Design Choices when Expanding DNS

Deferred in Olaf’s absence.

7.2. DNS Synthesis Concerns

Deferred in Olaf’s absence.

7.3. A Survey of Authentication Mechanisms

No progress, but has moved up Eric’s priority list.

7.4. Principles of Internet Host Configuration

See section 5, above.

7.5. Experiment in Study Group Formation with in the IETF

To be discussed on the list by e-mail. The short time remaining until the conclusion of the document’s last call was noted.

These minutes were prepared by Joe Abley and Dow Street. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: