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IAB Teleconference

9 January 2008

1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Approval of Minutes, Administrivia
  2. Preparation for ITU-T Seoul Meeting
  3. OMA Liaison Manager
  4. Action Item Status
  5. Document Status
  6. ISOC BoT Appointment
  7. Executive Session
  8. AOB

1.2 Attendance

Joe Abley (IAB Executive Director)
Loa Andersson

Leslie Daigle
Elwyn Davies
Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)

Kevin Fall

Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)

Barry Leiba

Kurtis Lindqvist

David Oran

Eric Rescorla

Lynn St Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Dave Thaler

Mark Townsley (IESG Liaison)
Lixia Zhang

Danny McPherson

1.3 Approval of Minutes

Elwyn Davies helped to provide the minutes of December 19, 2007 meeting right before this call. The approval of these minutes was deferred until the next call.

2. Preparation for ITU-T Seoul Meeting

Loa Andersson reported on the current status of efforts by the IAB technical Ad Hoc committee on T-MPLS, and then led a discussion on identifying potential actions that IAB/IETF might need to take before/during the Seoul meeting of the ITU-T. Two ITU-T documents, G.8114 and G.8113, which were intended to be approved at Seoul, raised serious technical concerns about the interoperability with MPLS.

The suggested action items included (1) IAB/IESG chairs sending a message to ITU-T management to bring up the above concerns at the Seoul meeting; (2) requesting that the ITU-T management confirm that the ITU-T will use the MPLS change process for the parts of T-MPLS that fall within the IETF purview, e.g., the MPLS technology as such, but also areas like OAM that straddle the expertise of both groups; and (3) requesting that the ITU-T and IETF management appoint a joint working team to work on a resolution.

3. OMA Liaison Manager

Dean Willis, the current IETF liaison to OMA, expressed an interest in stepping down. After various discussions at Vancouver IETF, Dean is now willing to stay on. A remaining issue is the access to OMA documents and notifications that Dean lost due to a job change. The decision was made to close this item but check again in a couple of months to see whether the document access issue has been resolved.

4. Action Item Status

4.1. T-MPLS Design Team

– The IAB technical Ad Hoc committee on T-MPLS has completed preparations for T-MPLS cooperation with ITU-T.

4.2. IAB Considerations on NAT-PT:

– The IAB has sent a message to the IESG to reopen the consideration on NAT-PT as one of the means, among others, toward transitioning to IPv6. Additional efforts may follow, but this item is considered closed.

4.3. ITU/NGN Liaison

– This item is considered closed

4.4. Unwanted Traffic RG

– Several IAB members met at the Vancouver IETF to discuss possible actions, and concluded with sending a “call for volunteer” message on the topic to the mailing lists of various research communities. Aaron Falk will follow up on this action.

4.5. Anycast

– There have been continued discussions after the publication of RFC4786 on “Operation of Anycast Services” regarding the feasibility and limitations of running TCP connections over anycast. Dave Oran volunteered to do an IAB TechChat on this topic in the near future.

4.6. Infrastructure ENUM

– The ENUM WG finally produced a set of documents to be published, however several technical concerns remain with regard to potential lookup interoperability issues of different ENUM semantics (e.g., call numbers managed by individual use versus the numbers managed by service providers). The IAB is waiting for a summary message on this issue from the APP Area Director.


– Discussion was deferred until a later date.

4.8 Presentation for the IETF 71 Technical Plenary

– The IAB is currently looking into potential outside presenters in the topic area of Peer-to-Peer applications.

5. Document Status

5.1. What Makes For a Successful Protocol

– This document will be ready for IAB last call within the next few weeks.

5.2. Design Choices When Expanding DNS

– A new draft of this document is expected to go out soon.

5.3. DNS Synthesis Concerns

– No progress to report.

5.4. Survey of Authentication Mechanisms

– No progress to report.

5.5. IPv6 Migration: The Way Forward – Strategy and Tools

– This item was discussed earlier in context of NAT-PT. Elwyn will update the status on the IAB wiki.

5.6. Design Considerations for Protocol Extensions

– Brian Carpenter is planning to help with this and is looking for co-authors.

6. ISOC BoT appointment

– There was a short discussion on the timeline for the ISOC BoT appointment. The IAB will proceed with a call for nomination.

7. Executive Session

The IAB went into an executive session to discuss NOMCOM procedures.

8. AOB

There was a short discussion on the date for the upcoming BOF coordination meeting.

These minutes were prepared by Lixia Zhang and Dow Street. Any comments should be sent to An online copy of these and other minutes is available at: