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IAB Minutes 2008-03-26

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IAB Teleconference

26 March 2008

1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Administrivia

1.1 Agenda

  1. Roll-Call, Agenda-Bash, Administrivia
  2. Technical Discussion on the Topic of “Time”

1.2 Attendance


Loa Andersson
Gonzalo Camarillo
Stuart Cheshire
Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
Russ Housely (IETF Chair)
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Gregory Lebovitz
Barry Leiba
Kurtis Lindqvist
Andy Malis
Danny McPherson
Dave Oran
Lynn St. Amour
Dow Street (IAB Executive Director
Dave Thaler
Mark Townsley (IESG liaison)
Lixia Zhang


Peter Lothberg (presenter)



2. Technical Discussion on the Topic of “Time”

The IAB had a technical discussion of time and time-related issues in computer networks. The discussion was led by Peter Lothberg, who presented an extensive slide set that covered definitions of time, time standards, clock technology, time transfer methods, network timing, host issues, NTP / IEEE 1588, TicToc, and time services over the Internet.

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