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Minutes IAB Teleconference 2008-05-07

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, approval of minutes, administrivia

1.1. Agenda

1.2. Attendance


Loa Andersson
Stuart Cheshire
Russ Housely (IETF Chair)
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Gregory Lebovitz
Barry Leiba
Danny McPherson
Dave Oran
Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
Dave Thaler
Mark Townsley (IESG liaison)
Lixia Zhang


Gonzalo Camarillo
Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
Kurtis Lindqvist
Andy Malis

1.3. Administrivia

– A wiki page has been set up for tracking the summer vacation
schedules of IAB members.

– The group discussed IAB participation in the IETF Workshop on P2P
Infrastructure (to be held on May 28, 2008). At present, Russ,
Danny, Dave Oran, Loa, and Gregory plan to attend.

1.4. Review of Meeting Minutes

The IAB is trying a new process for reviewing and approving meeting
minutes. Four sets of meeting minutes have been posted to the wiki:


IAB members will make any needed edits directly in the wiki, unless
the change significantly changes the intent or content of the text.
In these cases, the change will be coordinated over email (as

A review deadline of Friday 9 May was set for the minutes listed
above, at which point they will be considered approved. Olaf also
requested that those incumbent IAB members assisting with backlog
minutes finish their drafts by Wednesday 14 May.

2. IAB Liaison Manager Discussion

Dave Oran walked through several slides he had prepared on the
topic of IETF liaisons and the IAB’s role in liaison shepherding.
It was agreed that some regularization of IAB-liaison coordination
would be helpful, and that each liaison should have a designated
IAB shepherd.

Dave has already been acting as a shepherd for several liaisons,
and he described his usual methods of coordination (e.g. quick
check-in once a month via email, summary report before each IETF).
Olaf noted that the IAB often receives correspondence where it is
not immediately clear how the issue would be best addressed, and
that having shepherds in place would assist in working and tracking
issues across multiple areas. There was also general agreement
that it would be worthwhile to keep some informal (internal)
state about existing contacts within other outside organizations
for which no formal IETF liaison has been established.

Dave Oran and Danny will draft a rough plan for liaison
shepherding, and IAB members were asked to begin volunteering as

3. Architecture Topics – Way Forward

The group conducted a quick status check on each of the five
architecture work items identified at the retreat:

– IP Model Evolution
– Securing Inter-domain Routing
– IPv6 and Firewalls
– User Control of Traffic
– Peer-to-peer Architectures

There has been some initial coordination on the topics, but the
real work on these has yet to get going. The 28 May techchat was
set as the target date for topic leads to develop a charter / work
plan, which would include initial milestones, method(s) for working
the problem, expected outputs, etc.

4. Infrastructure ENUM Feedback

Olaf has been working with Richard Shockey, Patrik Faltstrom and
others on a pending issue related to the use of Infrastructure
ENUM. There is an existing agreement between the IAB and ITU-T
(documented in RFC 3761) for populating with E.164
numbers, thereby enabling DNS resolution. However, the ENUM WG has
drafted a series of documents which reuse ENUM technology, but have
the potential for establishing a different anchor in DNS. The IAB
is concerned about the referential integrity of look-up mechanisms
in cases where multiple anchors could be in use, and will confer
with the ITU-T prior to suggesting guidance to the ENUM WG.

Olaf drafted an email response to the ITU-T and distributed it to
the board for consideration. A similar message will be submitted
in response to the the upcoming last call on

5. RFC Editor Model

After discussion at the IAB retreat, Russ revised the descriptive
text of the proposed RFC Editor Model (re)Structure. This new
draft was sent to IAB members for review, and the group decided
during the call that the new draft is ready for the sub-committee.
The primary change in this draft was separation of the RFC Editor
function and supervision of the Independent Stream. The
sub-committee will finalize the text and update artwork prior to
distribution for public comment.

6. Action Items

6.1. OMA Liaison

Barry indicated that this item can be closed based on recent a
conversation with Dean Willis.

6.2. Unwanted Traffic

The group determined that there were no immediate steps on this
for the IAB, and that the item should be revisited in 6 mos.

6.3. Anycast

(no update)

6.5. ENUM

Olaf will update the status of this item in the IAB wiki based on
the previous discussion (agenda item 4 above).

6.6. ICANN NomCom

This item will be re-visited during the upcoming ICANN NomCom

7. Document Status

7.1. What Makes for a Successful Protocol

Dave Thaler indicated that the call for comments on this document
has been completed. He received comments from six people, and had
met Bernard to discuss the document. Dave expected to complete a
new draft by the end of the day, and to submit the document to the
ID repository on later in the week.

7.2. Principles of Internet Host Configuration

There was a short discussion about a 3GPP specification that
violates the guidance given in this document by using a layer 2
protocol (3GPP) to configure layer 3 information (DNS). Dave
Thaler suggested that this example might be added to the draft.

After this change, the document will begin a last call within the

7.3. Design Choices When Expanding DNS

Olaf reported that he had received a few additional comments at the
last IETF meeting. He asked the IAB to review the new draft so as
to ensure that all comments had been adequately addressed. There
was a discussion about current DNS server implementation support
for new record types, and whether servers can act as a secondary
for another zone. This led the group to consider a change in the
focus of the document – rather than only describing the current
state, the document will now also provide guidance to application
develops and corporations. Dave Thaler agreed to draft some new
text to this end.

7.4. DNS Synthesis Concerns

Danny provided feedback on this document to Olaf, who will
incorporate the comments into a new draft.

7.5. A Survey of Authentication Mechanisms

Gregory recently took over this document from Eric Rescorla and is
currently coordinating with other contributors.

7.6. IPv6 Migration: The Way Forward – Strategy and Tools

It was decided that this item is essentially covered by other
ongoing work. The document will be closed.

7.7. Design Extensions for Protocol Extensions

Stuart indicated that he would be willing to co-author this
document with Brian Carpenter. It was also noted that this draft
complements the “Protocol Success” document and may itself be
appropriate as an IAB draft at some point in the future. Stuart
will coordinate with Brian Carpenter on the matter.

8. AOB

There was a brief discussion of assigning an ISSN to the RFC
series. The board had no objections to such a step, but largely
considered the decision a matter for the IAOC.