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Minutes IAB Teleconference 2008-05-21

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, approval of minutes, administrivia

1.1. Agenda

1.2. Attendance


Loa Andersson
Stuart Cheshire
Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Gregory Lebovitz
Barry Leiba
Kurtis Lindqvist
Andy Malis
Dave Oran
Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
Dave Thaler
Mark Townsley (IESG liaison)
Lixia Zhang


Gonzalo Camarillo
Danny McPherson
Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)

1.3. Administrivia

1.4. Review of Meeting Minutes

Dow noted that the 2008-01-09 meeting minutes are posted on the IAB
wiki. A review deadline was set for 5/23, after which the minutes
will be considered approved.

There was also a short discussion about the process for drafting
catch-up minutes. It was decided that all meetings should have
minutes, even though some (e.g., tech chats) are likely to include
only a high-level summary of the discussion.

2. IETF 72 Agenda

The group spent some time on the IAB agenda for the upcoming IETF
in Dublin. It was decided to keep the same Sunday schedule as
IETF 71, but to move the IAB technical plenary to Wed evening. The
Anti-Spam Research Group was selected as a candidate for the Thurs
morning IAB-IRTF meeting. On Monday and Friday morning the IAB
will have have their customary meetings with the IESG to discuss
the “week ahead” and “week behind”.

It was decided to have a short presentation on the RFC Editor
Model during the plenary slot. A main technical topic for the IAB
plenary has not yet been confirmed.

3. Liaison Reports

3.1. IESG Liaison Report

Russ Housley gave an update on the IESG (Mark Townsley was not
able to participate in the call). Highlights:

– The NETMOD WG was chartered.
– A call for comments is underway for two possible working
groups: SAVI and DRINKS.
– The RADIX and MEXT working groups are considering re-chartering.

Mark Townsley also submitted a written liaison report.

(begin IESG liaison written report)

Since the last IESG liaison report sent on April 16, the IESG has 
had two formal telechats, one on April 24 and the other on May 8, 
and three informal "discuss clearing" telechats on April 17, May 1,
and May 15. In total, 33 internet drafts were brought to the two 
formal telechats for review and action by the IESG.

One new Working Group, NETCONF Data Modeling Language (netmod) was
approved. Two new potential working groups, Source Address 
Validation Improvements (savi), and Data for Reachability of 
Inter/tra-NetworK SIP (drinks), are undergoing IETF review and are 
scheduled to return to the IESG for final review on May 22. Two 
working group charters are undergoing IETF review, RADIUS 
EXTensions (radext), and Mobility EXTensions for IPv6 (mext); Both 
are also scheduled for approval on the May 22 IESG telechat.

The 2008 IESG retreat will take place May 29 & 30th in New York 
City. The agenda is still being worked out, but the topics of 
discussion could include:

        -- How do ADs spend their time?
        -- Why is the number of DISCUSS positions growing?
        -- Improving chartering & charter tracking
        -- Ballot write-up
        -- NomCom Liaison Instructions
        -- IESG Input to Tools Management Committee
        -- Moving mail lists to         
        -- Guidelines for Experimental to Proposed Standard
        -- Informational docs that "update" standards track docs
        -- Moving RFCs to Historic
        -- Too hard to climb the standards ladder
        -- Narrative Minutes: Meeting Community Needs?         	 
        -- RFC Errata

(end IESG Liaison written report)

3.2. RFC Editor Liaison Report

Sandy reported that the RFC Editor has updated the errata process
and are re-structuring the queue to better organize documents by
stream. This functional improvement could impact anyone running
scripts that use queue information, so for now both the old and new
versions will be maintained.

Dave Thaler asked about plans to make the RFC Editor Site IPv6
capable. Sandy said that ISI is currently working on this, but
there is not a specific timeline for completion. Dave suggested it
might be useful to be able to report a timeline before the next
IETF, particularly if there is another IPv6 experiment.

(begin RFC Editor Liaison written report)

1. draft-rfc-editor-errata-process has been updated.  The ID 
tracker now has version -01. However, we expect to have version -02 
posted this week that will correct a couple of nits.

2. We are restructuring the queue.html page to be divided by stream.  
Please see  Note that we 
intend to post a message to the rfc-interest list as a notice to 
those that have scripts running on the current queue.  We intend to 
maintain both of these queues while users update their scripts.

(end RFC Editor Liaison written report)

3.3. ISOC Liaison Report

There was no ISOC report as Lynn was not available for this

3.4. IRTF Chair Report

Aaron noted that several IRTF RG mailing lists had moved to the
IETF domain when the new secretariat took over administration. He
is working with the secretariat to correct the situation, but noted
that some individual’s mail filters could be impacted accordingly.

There are several IRTF items that are waiting on 3932 progress, and
four research groups are scheduled to meet at the upcoming IETF.

4. IETF Liaison to IEEE 802.1

Olaf received email from Bert Wijnen stating that he may not be
able to continue as liaison to IEEE 802.1. Bert had suggested Eric
Gray as a good candidate to take over the role. The IAB discussed
the situation, noting that liaison selection in the past has been
informal and internal to the IAB, but that a more open process
might be better. There was consensus on the need to keep the
process simple.

In order to fill the immediate 802.1 position, the IAB decided to
solicit feedback from the chairs of several relevant WGs on the
plan to appoint Eric Gray. The chairs will also be asked to
suggest any other potential candidates. Working group chairs to
be contacted are trill, ccamp, l2vpn, pwe3, and capwap. The board
will also work on a standard process for selecting liaisons going

5. Techchat Planning

Due to a schedule conflict with IESG P2P workshop, the IAB decided
to cancel the regular techchat on 5/28. The time will be used
instead for a smaller working meeting focused on one of the IAB
architecture topics. Olaf will review which topic has the fewest
members impacted by the P2P workshop. It was also decided that
some time would be set aside during the 6/4 meeting to discuss the
architecture topics.

6. Zone Transfers – .ARPA and Children

There was a question from IANA about whether there are any policy
issues with opening up .ARPA and its sub-zones for zone transfer
and NSEC signing. It was decided that there is no policy for
keeping the data private (i.e., not making the zones available), but
there may still be reasons for preventing transfers (e.g., DOS).

Olaf took an action to draft a response to IANA and send it to the
IAB for review.

7. Protocol Success Document

Dave Thaler reported that the Protocol Success document has been
updated and should now be ready for publication as an RFC. The
new draft includes all the comments received thus far. The IAB
will have 24 hours for completing one final review prior to
submission. Olaf will also inform previous members of the IAB
since the document was initially drafted during their tenure.

8. Conclude Call