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Minutes IAB Teleconference 2008-07-16

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, approval of minutes, administrivia

1.1. Agenda

1.2. Attendance

Note: Meeting chaired By Danny McPherson in Olaf’s Absence


Stuart Cheshire
Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
Gregory Lebovitz
Barry Leiba
Kurtis Lindqvist
Danny McPherson
Dave Oran
Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
Dave Thaler
Mark Townsley (IESG liaison)
Lixia Zhang


Loa Andersson
Gonzalo Camarillo
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Andy Malis

1.3 Meeting Minutes

There are three sets of meeting minutes currently out for review:


These minutes were planned for approval at the next business
meeting. Dow also described a new process for editing draft
minutes directly in the IAB wiki. No final minutes were approved
during this call.

2. Liaison Reports

2.1. ISOC Liaison

Lynn summarized the NOMCOM chair appointment process that had just
taken place. Of interest to the IAB was whether the challenges of
the 07/08 NOMCOM had resulted in difficulty in finding a chair.
Lynn felt that this was not a significant factor, and noted that
there were about 13 total candidates who were considered. Some
candidates eventually declined, with common reasons being their
planned nomination for IESG / IAB slots, or limitations of day-job
schedules. As is now public, Joel Halpern has been selected as the
08/09 chair. Joel will have time during the Thursday plenary to
comment about the upcoming NOMCOM.

(no ISOC Liaison written report submitted)

2.2. RFC Editor Liaison

Sandy reported that the RFC Editor will have office hours in
Dublin, and will take part in the tutorial sessions on Sunday.
This time, Alice Hagens and Bill Fenner will present the xml2rfc
tool, and there will a tutorial on document life-cycle. Gregory
thought the xml2rfc tutorial was a good idea, as there is a lot of
information about the tool, but it is not organized in a way that
makes it easy for a newcomer to get started, especially if the
author is unfamiliar with XML.

Danny noted that there was recent email about RFC erratum, and that
it would still be useful to publish the draft as an independent
document. An action was given to all board members to review the
draft and send comments to Sandy.

(begin RFC Editor Liaison written report)

RFC Editor Report to the IAB

- The RFC Editor will be holding office hours during IETF 72.

Mon - Wed 9:30 - 4:30

- We will be participating in the following Tutorial sessions on
Sunday (27 July 2008).

Time: 1:00 - 2:45
Introduction to xml2rfc Tutorial

Time: 3:00 - 4:45
Document Lifecycle Tutorial

- We have produced the following reports at the IAD's request:

RFC Editor Report -- June 2008
MISSREF Statistics -- June 2008
Errata Report -- 11 July 2008

Available at

(end RFC Editor Liaison written report)

2.3. IESG Liaison

Mark introduced the items contained in his written report, and also
noted a separate email about possible steps forward for NAT-PT.
The mail was sent to the IAB and IESG as an attempt to coordinate
a variety of work items in this area leading into the Dublin IETF.

(begin IESG Liaison written report)

Good Day, IAB.

Since the last IESG liaison report sent on June 18, 2008, the IESG
has had two formal telechats, one on June 19 and the other on July
3. In total, 54 internet drafts were brought to the two formal
telechats for review and action by the IESG. One new working group
was approved, IP Security Maintenance and Extensions (ipsecme).
Three working group were rechartered, "Host Identity Protocol
(hip)," "IPv6 over Low power WPAN (6lowpan)," and "Pseudowire
Emulation Edge to Edge (pwe3)." The IESG approved Nicholas Williams
( as the official expert for RFC5056, and
Roy Arends (, Frederico A C Neves
(, and Andrew Sullivan (
as experts for RFC2929bis. Two new Working Group chairs were
appointed to the L3VPN WG, Marshall Eubanks and Danny McPherson.
Matthew Bocci stepped in as Working Group chair for PWE3, replacing

There has been a great deal of discussion in the IESG on what the
IETF can do about the upcoming IPv4 exhaustion (completion)
problem, including standardization of additional coexistence tools
such as NAT-PT. We expect to focus a lot of energy on this topic in

The following documents were approved by the IESG between June 5
and July 3.

o draft-ietf-ecrit-lost-10.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-netconf-notification-14.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-simple-partial-notify-10.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-simple-partial-pidf-format-10.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-simple-partial-publish-07.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-simple-xml-patch-ops-04.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-bfd-mpls-07.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-hokey-emsk-hierarchy-07.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-idr-bgp-prefix-orf-05.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-idr-route-filter-17.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-interarea-04.txt (Proposed Standard)
o draft-ietf-tsvwg-rsvp-user-error-spec-08.txt (Proposed Standard)

o draft-ietf-pwe3-ms-pw-requirements-07.txt (Informational)
o draft-ietf-v6ops-addr-select-ps-09.txt (Informational)
o draft-shimaoka-multidomain-pki-13.txt (Informational)
o draft-irtf-dtnrg-ltp-10.txt (Experimental)
o draft-irtf-dtnrg-ltp-extensions-08.txt (Experimental)
o draft-irtf-dtnrg-ltp-motivation-07.txt (Informational)
o draft-monrad-sipping-3gpp-urn-namespace-03.txt (Informational)

(end IESG Liaison written report)

2.4. IRTF Chair

Aaron reported recent coordination with Russ on reconciling the
draft IRTF RFCs, RFC 3932, and the Headers and Boilerplates
document. Additional coordination is planned during the IETF
meeting. Danny noted that it might also be worthwhile to publish
the errata draft at the same time; Russ agreed, and he and Danny
will talk to Cullen Jennings about that plan.

(begin IRTF Chair written report)

The IRTF chair is collaborating with the IAB and IETF chairs to
develop a coherent set of documents on handling, processing, and
marking non-IETF stream documents (with particular attention to the
IRTF stream). draft-irtf-rfcs will be updated accordingly.

Four IRTF Stream documents are in IRSG review:

The following RGs have requested agenda slots at IETF-72 in Dublin:

(end IRTF Chair written report)

3. IETF 72 BOF Coverage

There was short a coordination discussion to ensure that all IETF
72 BOFs will have IAB participation.

4. IAB Liaison Shepherds and Report

The board talked about liaison shepherding assignments and
reporting frequency. Danny noted that prior familiarity with a
liaison organization is not a pre-requesite for acting as that
shepherd. Though such alignment can be helpful, it is important
that the IAB as a whole maintain and/or develop such familiarity
with external organizations as board members turn over. Danny will
talk to Joel Halpern (NOMCOM chair) to ensure that IAB candidates
are aware of the liaison shepherding component.

5. IETF 72 Technical Plenary

Plans are shaping up for the IETF 72 technical plenary. Gregory
presented an update of the charter, goals and overview from the
wiki and the board reviewed the list of potential and confirmed
panel members. The goal is to have a variety of perspectives on the
topic of IPv6 deployment challenges and successes.

6. Update on IANA Discussion

Danny reported that he is in the process of updating Geoff Huston’s
IANA draft, which defines the role and function of IETF protocol
parameter registry operators. Kurtis, Leslie, and others have
provided feedback on the document, and Danny intends to have a new
version available for IAB review in the next several weeks.

7. RFC Erratum Discussion

This topic was previously discussed during the RFC Editor report.
It was further noted that the RFC Editor needs feedback on the the
errata tool, and that such feedback is a responsibility of the IAB
in its series oversight role. Russ directed the board to the IETF
discussion list for additional background information. There has
already been a long discussion on that list about Cullen’s draft,
namely, the number of categories and what they should be called,
but thus far no real consensus has emerged.

8. ICANN 2009 NomCom Member Selection

The IAB picks one person each year for the ICANN NOMCOM, but the
process for making the selection is open to the board. Danny
provided a little background for new IAB members, and suggested
revisiting the topic after the Dublin meeting once Olaf is back.

9. IAB Liaison to IETF NomCom

There was a discussion about who would serve as the IAB liaison to
the 08/09 NOMCOM. By definition, only those members in the first
year of their terms are eligible. Dave Oran, Stuart, and Gregory
expressed interest, but Gregory then withdrew his name after
learning that Ross Callon would act as the IESG NOMCOM liaison
(so as to avoid two individuals from the same company, i.e.,

As the previous year’s liaison, Danny will provide additional
information on what the role entails. The board will then confirm
a single individual (likely Dave or Stuart) in the near future.

10. Conclude Call