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IAB Teleconference


1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, approval of minutes, administrivia

1.1. Agenda

1.2. Attendance

  Gonzalo Camarillo
  Stuart Cheshire
  Lars Eggert (IESG Liaison to the IAB)
  Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
  Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
  Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
  Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
  Gregory Lebovitz
  Barry Leiba
  Danny McPherson
  David Oran
  Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
  Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
  Dave Thaler
  Lixia Zhang
  Loa Anderson (IAB Liaison to the IESG)
  Kurtis Lindqvist
  Andy Malis

1.3. Administrivia

A review of the UNSAF draft was added to the agenda.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

The board approved final minutes from the 5 November and 3 December IAB meetings.

2. Liaison Reports

2.1. ISOC Liaison Report

Lynn summarized the items in her written report. Olaf and Russ will be in-the-loop during preparations for the World Telecom event, and will keep the rest of the IAB informed. There were no specific questions for Lynn from the IAB.

(begin ISOC liaison written report)

Dear IAB Members,

– UN and Enhanced Cooperation Request – As you are all aware, the UN is seeking recommendations on how enhanced cooperation should be pursued. ISOC is planning to respond, and we will share the draft response with the IAB given the recent interest in doing so as expressed on the IAB list.

– ISOC Board meeting – The ISOC Board is holding its next Board meeting on March 28th (all day) and 29th (AM only) 2009, immediately after IETF 74 in San Francisco. ISOC Board meetings are open and participation is welcome. The agenda will be posted in early February at : .

– ISOC, ICANN and other Internet organizations will be participating in ITU Telecom World 2009 from October 5 – 9 in Geneva. We have taken a booth (prime spot). Our intent is to build on past cooperative efforts and focus on increasing visibility for Internet organizations, Internet development / management model, etc. IETF and IAB were part of similar efforts (WSIS II in Tunis in 2005, for example) and we will be reaching out to determine level of interest/fit with respect to this event. See

(end ISOC liaison written report)

2.2. RFC Editor Liaison Report

Sandy reported that the RFC Editor is publishing documents only when authors provide explicit consent with respect to RFC 5378. Otherwise, the documents are being held until the open issues with 5378 transition are resolved. Beginning with the February report, the RFC Editor will indicate whether whether a pending document is being held due to an RFC 5378 issue or for a different reason. There are currently about 7-8 that are on hold only for copyright reasons.

Danny asked about the Errata document, and Sandy thought it would still be useful to publish, even if just for historical reasons. She will take another look at the latest version and coordinate with Danny on the matter.

(begin RFC Editor liaison written report)

RFC Editor Report to the IAB

– We have notified authors about the transition to the RFC 5378 copyright notice and legends. We are publishing documents for which the authors have provided explicit acknowledgment and approval of the new copyright language.

– We are continuing to process documents as usual, but the RFC Editor queue will grow as documents are getting stuck at AUTH48.

(end RFC Editor liaison written report)

2.3. IESG Liaison Report

Lars summarized the material in his written report. With respect to “chartered work that has been overtaken by events”, Lars noted that this IESG discussion was triggered by the NSIS router alert work, but there is other activity that also falls into this category. The concern is that publishing such work could confuse the marketplace. On the other hand, a WG charter is seen to be something of a “contract” between IETF leadership and participants, and the IESG does not want to alienate contributors.

Lars also reported that Dean Anderson is threatening pre-litigation discovery as related to his appeal. Jorge Contreras (IETF Legal Counsel) will respond to Dean. The IAB has not yet seen the IESG response to Dean, and no further appeal has been forwarded to the IAB.

(begin IESG liaison written report)

IESG Liaison Report to the IAB

2009-1-8: The IESG approved creation of the MORG WG.

2009-1-8: The IESG approved the NomCom’s selection of Henk Uijterwaal for the IAOC.

2009-1-15: The IESG discussed whether it should be possible for IPR statements to be removed from the IETF web site (some have been). The general opinion seems to be that they should be archived in some form. Russ will discuss this the the legal counsel.

2009-1-15: The IESG is considering issuing a statement regarding chartered work overcome by events before IESG consideration.

2009-1-15: The IESG penciled in a tentative date for its 2009 retreat (to be confirmed once NomCom has concluded): 11-13 May in Europe

2009-1-19: The IESG has been receiving strongly-worded requests for additional information from Dean Anderson about how his recent appeal was handled within the IESG. Mr. Anderson said he is performing a “pre-litigation discovery”. The IESG has agreed with the legal counsel to let him respond to Mr. Andersons requests.

2009-1-20: The IESG issued a statement about the proposed status for IETF documents reserving resources for example purposes.

(end IESG liaison written report)

2.4. IRTF Chair

Aaron reported that two RRG documents, one on routing requirements and another on routing history, are being prepared for publication. These documents have been within the RRG for some time, and although they are no longer relevant to current RRG work, they constitute a significant body of work and are seen as a useful reference. Aaron advised the IAB of their publication since they are likely to be published directly as “Historic”, an unusual case in the RFC series.

(no IRTF Chair written report was submitted)

2.5. Other Liaison Activity

Dave Oran is currently collecting information about the SG11 and SG13 meetings that took place this week. He will send an update to the IAB mailing list.

3. IETF 74 Technical Plenary

Loa and Andy have been the primary coordinators for IETF 74 Technical Plenary on MPLS. Due to the MPLS-TP meeting this week, neither of them participated in the IAB call. In their absence, the board reviewed the list of potential panel members, and discussed the different panelist perspectives (vendor, operator, SDO, etc).

The group reviewed the “success factors” for the panel session, and there was agreement that the discussion must be oriented in a way so as to be interesting to a wide audience. It was decided that Loa and Andy could begin contacting panelists now, even though the exact goals of the panel are still being refined. (several of the potential speakers are attending the same MPLS-TP as Andy and Loa).

The group will pick up this discussion again next week. The focus of the session seems to be leaning toward discussing MPLS in the context of “What Makes for a Successful Protocol.” This focus should help to draw out lessons learned that would be of general interest to the IETF community as a whole.

4. UNSAF Draft

Dave Thaler has updated the UNSAF draft, and received comments from Gregory and Lixia. Due to time constraints, the IAB decided to defer discussion of the draft until next week. The goal is to have a -00 draft ready prior to the March 2nd cut-off. Dave Thaler will continue to hold the pen on this document.


Note: At this point in the meeting liaisons dropped from the call. Russ Housley participated in the 3GPP2 topic, but recused himself from the IRTF Chair, JFC Appeal, and NOMCOM discussions.

5. Appointment of 3GPP2 Liaison

The IAB has been considering several candidates for liaison to 3GPP2. Given the low activity level in recent months, the group decided to ask the relevant ADs for their perspective on whether to continue this liaison relationship. Though less active as of late, this relationship has been of notable value to the IETF in the past.

The board selected a preferred candidate, and will determine next steps based on feedback from the ADs.

6. IRTF Chair Appointment

Aaron Falk’s term as IRTF chair ends in March, so the board needs to decide whether to re-appoint Aaron or to select a new chair. After some discussion, the IAB decided on a process for obtaining input from the IRTF Research Group chairs. Olaf will draft a message to the RG chairs and send it to the IAB for review.

7. JFC Appeal

The group had a long discussion of the appeal response, and by the end of the meeting had nearly converged on final text. The text will go through one final revision via email, and Olaf will send the response to JFC by the end of the week.

Editor’s Note: The final response to JFC is now posted here:


One of the candidates from the confirmed IESG slate has encountered new availability constraints, and subsequently will not be able to serve as AD. As such, the NOMCOM is re-working the slate and will send it to the IAB in the coming weeks.