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IAB Minutes 2009-02-18

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IAB Teleconference


1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, approval of minutes, administrivia

1.1. Agenda

1.2. Attendance

  Gonzalo Camarillo
  Stuart Cheshire
  Lars Eggert (IESG Liaison to the IAB)
  Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
  Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
  Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
  Gregory Lebovitz
  Barry Leiba
  Kurtis Lindqvist
  David Oran
  Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
  Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
  Dave Thaler
  Loa Anderson (IAB Liaison to the IESG)
  Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
  Andy Malis
  Danny McPherson
  Lixia Zhang

1.3. Administrivia

There was a short discussion regarding the announcement of incoming IAB members, and a plan to assign incumbents as “mentors” to those who are new to the IAB. The incoming members are Jon Peterson, John Klensin, Vijay Gill, and Marcelo Bagnulo. Now that the incoming members are known, the board will initiate a poll to select a date for the IAB retreat.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

The board approved final minutes for the following meetings:

2008-06-18 Meeting
2008-06-25 Meeting
2008-07-02 Meeting
2008-10-03 Meeting
2009-02-05 Meeting

Dow will post the minutes to the IAB web site.

2. Liaison Reports

2.1. ISOC Liaison

Lynn summarized her written report, highlighting the funding for Internet 2 as part of the Trust and Identity Initiative. ISOC is also looking for mentors for their 10 fellowship students, some of whom are returning participants.

<begin ISOC Liaison written report>

– Deployment of IETF Standard DKIM

ISOC, Internet 2, and the InCommon Federation are collaborating on an activity to promote deployment of IETF Standard DKIM technology at higher-education and research sites. DKIM promises a variety of improvements in email reliability, trustworthiness, and usability when deployed in a way that takes advantage of existing trust communities, such as research and education federations. ISOC made a small grant to Internet2 in December of 2008 to support initial DDX efforts as part of our Trust and Identity initiative. Additional details can be found here:

– ISOC’s IETF Fellowship Program

ISOC has awarded 10 fellowships to students for IETF 74, 1 each from Bangladesh, Brazil, DRC, Malawi, Uganda, Mongolia and Mauritius, and 3 from Pakistan. 4 of these students are returning fellows. Mentoring opportunities are available for the duration of the IETF and if anyone is interested, please contact Mirjam Kuehne (

– ISOC Board meeting

The ISOC Board is holding its next Board meeting on March 28th (all day) and 29th (AM only) 2009, immediately after IETF 74 in San Francisco. ISOC Board meetings are open and participation is welcome. The agenda will be posted in late February at .

<end ISOC Liaison written report>

2.2. RFC Editor Liaison

Sandy reported that there are 11 documents currently in AUTH48 with approved text, but are waiting on the new boilerplate approval. The new boilerplate language was approved earlier this week, and the tools team is working on updating XML2RFC.

<begin RFC Editor written report>

Following up on last months report, there are 11 documents in AUTH48 for which the authors have approved the content for publication, but were unable to agree to publication with the RFC 5378 copyright notice and legends. We are contacting them this week to see if the revisions announced 12 February 2009 resolve their concerns.

<end RFC Editor written report>

2.3. IESG Liaison

Lars summarized the material in his written report, and there was a short discussion concerning the use of webex for upcoming IAB and IESG calls. Lars also mentioned ongoing efforts between the security, routing, and transport areas to consolidate work on TCP authentication options. Another item being discussed by the IESG is what to do with chartered work that has essentially been overcome by events. Right now there is not a standard procedure in these situations, so course of action is left to the relevant AD.

<begin IESG Liaison written report>

IESG Liaison Report to the IAB
2009-2-18 version 2

2009-1-16: Several ADs are involved in the still ongoing discussion around the EAP-FAST documents.

2009-1-22: MBONED has new chairs (Leonard Giuliano, Greg Shepherd, Marshall Eubanks)

2009-1-22: The IESG is planning its annual retreat. Tentative dates: May 11-13. Tentative location: Europe. To be confirmed when the new IESG is sitting.

2009-1-27: Cisco has offered Webex for the IESG telechats (and other IETF virtual meetings.) The IESG has accepted Cisco’s offer, which should reduce the IASA budget. (Thanks!)

2009-1-30: Several ADs have joined the discussion related to completing the TCP authentication option (TCP-AO). There’s apparently a big disconnect between transport and security folks on what sort of design choices are appropriate and what level of security is required. The whole thing is a big mess and I’m not confident there’ll be an easy solution. Lubricants may need to be applied liberally in SF.

2009-2-2: The IESG asked for community input on an IESG Statement on IETF activities that are overtaken by events (OBE). Community feedback has made it clear that a general statement is not considered useful, but that the community would like to discuss specific instances of OBE activities when they arise. The statement will not be issued.

2009-2-4: NETCONF was rechartered.

2009-2-4: The ipr-announce mailing list was created. This mailing list is for anyone who wants to be notified when new IPR disclosures are uploaded to the IETF website. This is an announcement list only, and no discussion is permitted on this list.

2009-2-12: The IESG has been discussing the general issue of (very) late IPR disclosures, and specifically some recent examples. We’re considering an IESG statement to clarify the current rules and practices. The discussion hasn’t yet concluded.

2009-2-17: The IESG has received an appeal related to draft- kucherawy-sender-auth-header and has asked the RFC Editor to put publication on hold while the appeal is being considered.

<end RFC Liaison written report>

2.4. IRTF Chair

Aaron was unavailable for the call. No written report was submitted.

3. IETF 74 Technical Plenary Update

Andy and Loa are organizing the IETF 74 plenary, but were not available for this IAB call. Olaf will inquire as to the expected delivery date for panelist slides.

4. IETF 74 Agenda

The board spent a few minutes reviewing the IAB agenda for the upcoming IETF meeting. It was decided to have a short discussion of the IETF-IRTF work split topic at the combined IAB-IESG lunch on Sunday, mostly for the benefit of new members (to raise awareness). The rest of the Sunday IAB meeting will be used to get to know each other, and to have a talk by Danny on routing scaling issues. There is still additional time available during that session, and Olaf solicited the group for topics of interest. The Tuesday morning meeting will be used for ISOC BoT, retreat planning, and updates from liaison shepherds. Monday and Friday mornings will be the usual week-ahead and week-behind meetings with the IESG, and Thursday morning the IAB will meet with one of the IRTF research groups.

5. Techchat Planning 2/25

Dave Thaler indicated that he should have time in the coming week to write an initial draft on the NAT66, making that a good topic for a techchat on 2/25. The IAB has spent a fair amount of meeting time on this topic already, and it was agreed that a draft was needed to make additional progress. Olaf also suggested that part of the 2/25 meeting could be used as necessary for further NOMCOM discussion. Olaf then raised the idea of a talk by Tom Vest comparing the IP address exhaustion to a financial market. It was agreed that this would make a good technical topic for the Sunday IAB meeting at IETF. It was further decided that a NAT66 discussion on 2/25 should allow the IAB to establish some initial positions on the topic, in turn making NAT66 a suitable agenda item for the combined IAB-IESG meeting at IETF (Sunday lunch).

Dow and/or Olaf will revise the IAB IETF 74 agenda accordingly.

6. T-MPLS Next Steps

Olaf summarized the current state of the T-MPLS discussion, namely that the JWT agreement is still in AUTH48, and that there continue to be references in various workshops and forums to T-MPLS documents (rather than to MPLS-TP specifications). Russ is planning to raise the issue with ITU-T leadership, likely Malcolm Johnson, in an attempt to reduce confusion in the marketplace. There was also a short discussion about the possibility of drafting a “T-MPLS considered harmful” draft.

One of the critical goals is to ensure that technologies developed within the IETF are also “extended” within the IETF, not via a third party with limited IETF coordination. This precedent is consistent with the historical practices of the IETF, the IETF mission statement, and the JWT agreement. As a next step, Russ will draft text for an email to Malcolm and distribute it to the IAB for review.

7. FSF Mail Flood

There has been a recent surge of mail on the list from individuals affiliated with or aligned with the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Most of this mail has concerned the decision to publish an RFC on a TLS authorization extension even though there is an intellectual property rights (IPR) statement from RedPhone Security.

The group briefly considered whether IAB action was needed to address the mail surge. Given that the volume has decreased in recent days, and that there has not been an official liaison on the matter, it was decided that no immediate IAB action was needed. Russ has asked the author of the Tao to add a few words about the goal and intent of IETF Last Call.

8. AOB

8.1. IAB Mentors and Outgoing Members

Incumbent IAB members were asked to volunteer as mentors for incoming IAB members who are new to the IAB. Olaf also
thanked outgoing members for their contributions, and asked that they would hopefully be available to assist with projects begun under their tenure. Barry noted that he was still willing to assist with the Network Neutrality plenary topic, a project he had helped to kick-off in recent months.

8.1. IETF 74 Shirt Design

There was a short discussion about the IETF 74 shirt design, and Gregory explained how the art had come about, and how it was an example of an alternative approach to spreading the word of IPv6 deployment. Gregory further stated that he had no problem giving the art to the IETF trust if there was interest in merchandising. Lynn noted that ISOC had been looking into this kind of thing.

8.2. DNS Choices Draft

Dave expressed the intent to try and close the DNS choices draft within the next few days. Olaf took an action to work on the text and send it to Patrik tomorrow. Olaf also stated that he had asked the IETF trust and a lawyer if it would be reasonable for the IAB to submit a draft to the trust. The question originally came up in the context of the headers and boilerplates document, and applies to the boilerplate of all IAB drafts.

8.3. P2P Draft

Gonzalo drew the group’s attention to the revised P2P Arch draft, which is planned for publication as an IAB document. Gonzalo will submit the revised draft to the ID repository, and he solicited additional comments from the board.