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IAB Minutes 2009-05-13

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IAB Teleconference


1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, approval of minutes, administrivia

1.1. Agenda

1.2. Attendance

  Marcelo Bagnulo
  Stuart Cheshire
  Lars Eggert (IESG Liaison to the IAB)
  Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
  Vijay Gill
  John Klensin
  Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
  Gregory Lebovitz
  Andy Malis
  Danny McPherson
  Jon Peterson
  Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
  Dave Thaler
  Gonzalo Camarillo
  Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
  Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
  David Oran (IAB Liaison to the IESG)
  Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)

1.3. Administrivia

No administrative items.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

No meeting minutes were reviewed during this call.

2. Peer 2 Peer Draft

There was a short discussion about the P2P Architectures draft. Dave Thaler agreed to review the latest draft, after which Olaf will send an announcement soliciting input from the larger community. John Klensin asked why Skype was not included as an example, and Marcelo said the main reason was that Skype is difficult to analyze because the protocol is secret. John will re-surface this question with Gonzalo, the primary document author, during the next round of editing. Gonzalo was not on the call due to a schedule conflict, but had previously agreed that the document was ready for review by the larger community.

3. Infrastructure ENUM

Jon had recently distributed a draft version of the liaison message on Infrastructure ENUM, and there was agreement to send it to the ITU-SG2 after making a few minor editorial changes. The note will basically inform the ITU-T that the ENUM informational documents are complete, that there are remaining open questions regarding operational next steps, and that the IETF WG does not intend to take the work forward but the ITU-T is welcome to do so.

The IAB then discussed whether a second liaison was needed that would cover a few related areas. This decision, and the contents of any such note, will be made via the mailing list.

Editor’s Note: The liaison statement can now be found here:

4. IANA Draft

At this point the Board entered into a discussion of the IANA draft that Danny has been writing. Marcelo raised a concern that the term IANA is used to refer to several, partially overlapping things depending on context, and that this causes confusion both in the draft itself and in the larger discussion of IANA-related registries. Olaf described IANA, from one perspective, to be purely a set of IETF protocol registry functions that is independent of the executor of those functions. He acknowledged, though, that outside parties often think of these functions, and the current IANA contract via the U.S. DoC, as being synonymous. He further noted that there is a long history to the name IANA, and that RFCs have had “IANA considerations” for a long time. After more discussion, the group decided to table the topic for this meeting, but work offline to clarify the text of the draft.

5. Report from Russ’s Lunch with Malcolm Johnson

This item was deferred since Russ was not on the call.

6. Retreat Follow Up

This agenda item was a placeholder for any questions or thoughts on the architectural topics presented at the IAB retreat. There was a short exchange about recent coordination on the RPKI topic. Olaf noted that an old IETF leadership mailing list was being re- initiated that may have useful information going forward.

7. Action Item Review

Related to the item above, the group decided to begin tracking the retreat topics as part of the action item list. This will help to ensure progress is made over the course of the year.

7.1. Anycast

Danny will publish an updated version of this document in a week or two. The group still needs to decide whether to make this an IAB document, or leave it as an individual draft.

7.2. Discussion on Infrastructure ENUM Doc

This action was discussed in item #3 above.

7.3. Application Level Identifiers

John will be working with Stuart, Dave Thaler, and Olaf to collect notes on this issue and distribute them to the IAB prior to
IETF 75.

7.4. IDN-TLD

Olaf reported that the status on this item had not changed, and the progress for significant progress in the next few weeks was slim. John noted that this item is related to the NOI response, and Danny offered to move that correspondence to the top of his priority list. Danny then reminded the IAB of the ICANN SSAC plan for a DNS scalability study, which is partly related to this topic. Olaf and John will assist Danny with drafting the NOI response.

7.5. UTF-8 Universal

Dave Thaler is working on an I-D, and expects to have a draft for John, Stuart, and Olaf to review by next week.

7.6. Will IPv6 Break the Internet?

Andy stated that the expected product for this item is a document that lays out IPv6 operational considerations. He is planning to have a document outline complete by mid-June.

There was also a short exchange on routing security, which was the topic area of several different retreat papers by different authors. Gregory and Danny will coordinate with the other Board members working in this area, and will figure out if/how to combine the efforts.

8. Document Status [5 min]

8.1. On RFC Streams Headers and Boilerplates

This document has been submitted to the RFC Editor for publication.

8.2. RFC Editor Model

After a final review by John Klensin this document will be submitted to the RFC Editor.

8.3. Principles of Internet Host Configuration

Stuart reported that this draft had also been submitted to the RFC Editor.

8.4. Design Choices When Expanding DNS

No change in status.

8.5. A survey of Authentication Mechanisms

Gregory reported that Eric prefers to hand over the pen to someone else, partly to ensure that if published as an IAB document, it reflects the consensus of the current IAB. Gregory also noted that there may be some contentious issues in the current draft related to authentication frameworks vs. mechanisms, but that this should not result in significant textual changes.

This document has been around for a long time, having been initiated in April of 2002. Gregory asked that IAB members take a new look at the document if they have not read it in a while.

8.6. Evolution of the IP Model

No change in status.

8.7. IAB IANA Draft

This item was discussed in item #4 above.

8.8. P2P Architectures

No change in status.

8.9. IAB Thoughts on IPv6 Network Address Translation

Gregory will provide text on host identification to Dave Thaler within the next two weeks.

8.10. Design Consideratations

Stuart will be updating this draft in the next week or two.

8.11. SAF

The SAF document is currently an independent submission of Dave Thaler’s. He intends to update this document ahead of the I-D submission deadline.

9. Broadband Forum Liaison

Andy reported that the IP-MPLS Forum is in the process of merging with the Broadband Forum. The IAB has an existing liaison with the IP-MPLS forum, but his work responsibilities have changed and he intends to step down as liaison. Andy has identified a volunteer, Dave Sinicrope, to act as a liaison to the new (combined) forum.

After a short discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to ask Dave to assume this role. Andy will inform the relevant parties.

10. Library of Congress as an SDO?

The U.S. Library of Congress recently submitted a MIME type registration request for four new types. The standing policy for MIME types is that requests from SDOs may be sent directly to the IESG, while other requests require an RFC to get a new code point. This prompted Alexey Meinikov to raise the issue of the LoC’s status as an SDO on the IAB and IESG mailing lists.

There was general agreement within the IAB that the LoC should be considered to be an SDO, at least in the context of new MIME types. However, John pointed out that depending on the specific details of the type, it may be better to register it via TC46, which the IETF also clearly considers to be an SDO. John will coordinate further with Alexey and TC46, and will come back to the IAB with a recommendation.

11. RFC Editor Model Committee and Review Status

At the retreat Olaf had described a plan to ask the RFC Editor advisory body to take a role assisting the IAB with future RFC Editor selection procedures. During this call, Olaf asked the Board to confirm this plan. There was agreement, so Olaf will ask the current group to consider acting as members of that selection body.

12. Techchat Planning

There was a short discussion of possible topics for the upcoming IAB techchat, scheduled for 3 June. Danny offered to talk about routing scalability, a topic that was deferred at a previous meeting. The group also considered a talk on routing security, since this is one of the architectural work items from the retreat. There was consensus on the routing security topic; Danny and Gregory will develop an agenda and arrange a guest speaker for the 6/3 meeting.

There was also a short exchange on the question of speakers for the upcoming network neutrality plenary. Marcelo indicated that there had not yet been a definitive response from Dave Clark, who had previously indicated that he was sorting out travel arrangements. Olaf will contact Dave to confirm availability.

13. NOI Correspondence

The NOI correspondence was partly discussed during item #4 above. Danny re-iterated that he was looking for additional feedback on the draft text.

14. Signing of .arpa

The IAB has been interesting in the signing of .arpa for some time, and the issue surfaced again recently due to an email from the community asking about progress on the matter. Olaf will be talking to Barbara Roseman in the next few days, and based on that discussion the IAB will determine next steps with respect to the signing of .arpa.

Editor’s note (added 30 July 2009): Related correspondence is now available here: