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IAB Minutes 2010-03-03

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IAB Teleconference


1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, approval of minutes

1.1. Attendance

  Gonzalo Camarillo
  Stuart Cheshire
  Spencer Dawkins (incoming IAB)
  Vijay Gill
  Sandy Ginoza (RFC Editor Liaison)
  Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
  John Klensin
  Gregory Lebovitz
  Danny McPherson
  David Oran (IAB Liaison to the IESG)
  Dave Thaler
  Hannes Tschofenig (incoming IAB)
  Bernard Aboba (incoming IAB)
  Ron Bonica (IESG Liaison to the IAB)
  Ross Callon (incoming IAB)
  Marcelo Bagnulo
  Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
  Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
  Andy Malis
  Jon Peterson
  Andre Robachevsky (incoming IAB)
  Lynn St.Amour (ISOC Liaison)
  Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)

1.2. Agenda

This was an informal IAB meeting to discuss the three topics below. Danny McPherson chaired this meeting.

1.3. Administrivia

No administrative items were discussed.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

No meeting minutes were reviewed during the call.

2. Reserved Names in the DNS

Danny summarized the current state of the draft, and noted some possible political sensitivities related to the IANA / ICANN relationship. The draft has been circulated on IETF, IAB, and IANA mailing lists. Stuart noted that the questions of a new directory of special names, and the specific example of .local as one of these names, are somewhat separable, but that the current text combines the two. The group then discussed the possible policies for adding new names into the reserved words registry. There was general agreement that the IAB should draft three documents: a description of the reserved names registry, a revised document to add .local to this registry, and a liaison statement informing ICANN of the registry’s creation. Stuart, Olaf, and Russ hold the pen.

3. Anycast Draft

Danny reported that he had received additional feedback from Dave Thaler and will revise the text prior to the next IAB call. He will also circulate draft text covering multiple IP addresses.

4. Open Discussion on IAB Techchat Topics

The board then considered potential topics for upcoming techchats, as well as some ways of making techchats more effective, and the different factors to consider when prioritizing topics. Current suggestions included M2M, cloud computing, privacy and identity management, and emerging sub-topics related to the Internet of Things. The group ended the call with a short discussion of the upcoming plenary on privacy.