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IAB Minutes 2011-03-09

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IAB Teleconference


1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, approval of minutes

1.1. Attendance

Bernard Aboba
Ron Bonica (IESG liaison to the IAB)
Ross Callon
Spencer Dawkins
Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair)
Joel Halpern (incoming IAB)
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
John Klensin
Olaf Kolkman (IAB Chair)
Glenn Kowack (RFC Editor Liaison)
Jon Peterson
Andrei Robachevsky
Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
Dave Thaler
Vittal Krishnamurthy (IAB Scribe)
Alissa Cooper (incoming IAB)
David Kessens (incoming IAB)
Lynn St.Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Hannes Tschofenig

1.2. Agenda

No agenda items were added.

1.3. Administrivia

Dow asked the board if they wanted to revisit the recurring meeting time/day, as has been customary when new members join the IAB. It was agreed to keep the call on Wednesday, but to consider a shift in the meeting time. He will set up a poll to find the best slot.

Also discussed was whether to have the IAB meeting scheduled on March 23, since several members will be in transit to the IETF meeting. It was agreed to cancel the regular business meeting, but keep that day as a place holder to discuss plenary preparations or any other urgent items that come up.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

There were 3 sets of minutes for up for final approval, with several additional sets of minutes to be posted shortly. For the former, it was agreed to give one more day of review, after which they will be considered to be approved unless issues are raised.

2. Liaison Coordination

Liaison shepherds were asked to touch base with their liaisons prior to IETF so that any issues can been addressed in Prague. John Klensin has been the shepherd for several organizations, and since his IAB term will be ending soon, other IAB members will need to take over those positions. John summarized the liaisons he has been shepherding, including ISO JCT1/SC2, ISO IEC JTC1 SC6, Unicode, and WIPO. He added that is might be helpful if SC2 and Unicode were shepherded by the same person, since they are sort of two sides of the same work. Dave Thaler volunteered to take over the SC2 and Unicode (both of which deal with internationalization), and Joel will pick up 802.3 from Dave.

3. IETF 80 Planning

3.1. IAB Schedule

Olaf mentioned that there were still open slots in the IETF 80 for technical discussions and presentations in the IETF agenda. He then summarized the IAB meetings during IETF week. Hannes had proposed 2 discussion topics: smart objects and web security. Olaf stated that either of them could be a good topic for Sunday afternoon or the informal Sunday dinner.

The Sunday afternoon meeting will have IAB chair election, Exec Dir appointment, and appointment of an IAB liaison to the IESG. There will be a business meeting on Tuesday morning, with approval of the IAB’s IANA NOI response, selection of the ISOC Trustee, and a short review of IAB programs and work plans. On Thursday morning the IAB will meet with the Internet Congestion Control Research Group (ICCRG), and meet with the new IRTF Chair Lars Eggert. Peter St. Andre will likely be invited if the board discusses Web Security at some point in the week (possibly Sunday dinner).

Dow asked about Do Not Track as a Sunday topic. Bernard supported this idea, and Olaf agreed, if the goals of such a session could be defined and someone identified to lead the discussion. The IAB is also in the process of identifying a new top-level liaison to the ITU-T, and after some discussion it was decided that Wednesday morning would be the best time to meet with candidates, allowing the board to make a final decision later in the IETF week.

3.2. Technical Plenary

Jon Peterson summarized the progress, stating that Jonathan and Henry had finalized the topics of their talks. Leslie Daigle had asked whether this topic would be ‘over the heads’ of layer 3 people, and inquired whether to broaden the topic to include machine-to-machine and sensor networks. Jon is working with the presenters to ensure that the topic is interesting to the IETF.

Hannes had previously suggested having a demo of Javascript, but he was not sure how the demo would show up on big screens. Danny volunteered to help as needed. Dow asked about the timeline for getting the presentation material, and Jon said he will ask for the slides to be sent 2 weeks in advance, although he suspected that there would be review and tweaking up until Monday afternoon.

3.3. Smart Objects Workshop

Since Hannes was not on the call, Marcelo volunteered to handle any questions on this topic. He summarized that everything is on track for the workshop, and that the interest level was driving high attendance. There were no questions from the board. At a minimum, Hannes, Marcelo, Spencer, Russ, Bernard, and Dave Thaler will attend.

3.4. IAB BOF Coverage

Dow mentioned that the sign-up page for BOF meetings has been posted on the IAB wiki. Olaf then explained to incoming members that generally one or more IAB members need to participate in a BOF. Spencer asked for someone to summarize the IAB role in BOFs, and Olaf clarified that IAB participation can help to identify areas where the work could impact the overall architecture, or require coordination with external standards bodies. Although the IAB often does not establish ‘board positions’ on the work proposed in BOFs, IAB members can bring their individual expertise and IAB perspective to assist the IESG with leadership and maneuvering, and can help influence the BOF discussion and direction in a constructive way.

Dave added that IESG needs to make decision on what needs to be done after a BOF, and they look to IAB member reports as valuable input to that decision. Further, the IAB and IESG meet together on Friday morning during IETF week and review the activities of the week. BOF reports are an important part of this meeting. Olaf noted that sometimes an IAB member will act as a BoF shepherd when the BOF has architectural questions or inter-SDO issues that need to be resolved (e.g., CODEC BOF).

4. Action Item Review / Programs Status

4.1. Privacy Program

Bernard reported that the minutes from the IAB Privacy Workshop are posted, and that they are continuing to work on the workshop report. The next phase for this program will be standardization of various work items. He felt that the liaison relationship and overall coordination with the W3C is good, and that it would be worth meeting with the W3C liaison, David Nottingham, during IETF week. This led to a discussion about the type and periodicity of reporting that the IAB would like from liaison managers. The W3C is a little different in this regard (than other liaisons) because there are several IAB members who are individually working closely with the W3C.

Bernard noted that there are at least 3 different Do Not Track proposals, and that he expected discussions in the area at IETF.

4.2. Internationalization Program

The Encoding RFC on this topic was recently published. Dave noted that he, John, and Stuart Cheshire had been primarily covering this area for the IAB, and with John rotating out he will be the only one of this core remaining. He was unsure whether any incoming IAB members had experience in internationalization. John added that there is a great deal of activity around the world, especially groups from Europe and various non-western countries, so it is important that the IAB keep this work going. Olaf raised this point as one of the goals of the Program model – to enable work to continue in the face of IAB member changes. Programs are work areas that the IAB thinks are important, and for which the board is well-suited to lead or organize activity. As a next step Dave suggested creating a mailing list of interested people, which would at a minimum include liaisons in this area, shepherds, and past IAB members who have worked on internationalization.

On a related topic, John expressed concern regarding some changes in the IAB where people act more as individuals in their area of interest, rather than as a board on areas of importance to the Internet (even if such areas are not in the direct experience or interest of IAB members). If this is a correct observation, he felt it would be challenging to successfully continue long-term programs. Olaf said he would think seriously about this concern and try to devise an action plan. If the program model is not feasible, he was unsure how to maintain continuity for longer-term IAB work. Dave and Bernard suggested that this topic would be a good one to discuss during the IETF meeting. Joel said that doing the things that only the IAB can do is a good thing, since the IAB work can impact the overall IETF. Olaf agreed, and added that the work of IAB should focus on not only big issues of the IETF, but of the entire Internet.

4.3. IANA Evolution Program

Olaf said three items of the IANA Evolution need to be considered:

– the NOI response is needed before March 31
– the IAB IANA draft needs further coordination
– the framework document needs review

He emphasized that a group is needed to work on this, and he has set up a poll to find a meeting time. Dave asked whether the IAB itself intends to send a response to NOI. Olaf answered that this is a clearly an IAB oversight duty and the IAB will send a separate response, even if other organizations also send comments. John Klensin agreed, and further emphasized the importance of an IAB response to the NOI.

Olaf said the smaller group should have text ready for approval by the whole IAB during IETF week. Russ asked about the schedule, and the group agreed to plan to approve on Tuesday morning. Olaf will send the text in advance for any members not able to join the Tuesday meeting (including Russ). He requested assistance from John and Danny in particular, who have been working on this already, and emphasized the short timeline.

4.4. SDO Coordination Program

Olaf said that ITU-T MPLS issue was the hot topic here, and explained that the IAB line of reasoning is not to keep two protocols to achieve one goal. The ITU-T liaisons will be meeting on Thursday afternoon at IETF to discuss next steps in ITU coordination.

Eventually this program will be expanded to other SDOs beyond just the ITU-T.

4.5. IPv6 for IAB Business

This item is still deferred, but a loose target was set to make progress by World IPv6 day on June 8th.

4.6. Evaluate Mapping of IAB Website and IAB Communication Processes

Dow gave a brief update on the website migration. Willem Toorop of NLnet labs has been assisting with transferring content to the new CMS. They are are hoping to have the new site operational by IETF week.

5. Document Status

This agenda item was deferred due to time constraints. IAB members were asked to update the status of their documents on the wiki.

6. RSOC Establishment

There was a short discussion of next steps in establishing the RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC). This is a new committee in the RFC Editor Model v2 that will assist the IAB with oversight and long-term stability of the RFC Series. There are still a number of details to be worked out in the formation of the RSOC. The IAB has formed a list of candidates to make up the committee initially. The exact size of the board is still being considered.

Only a few minutes were spent on this topic due to time constraints. Further discussion was directed to the mailing list.