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IAB Minutes 2011-03-29

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Minutes of the 2011-03-29 IAB Meeting, Prague

1. Roll call, agenda-bash, administrivia

1.1 Attendance

Bernard Aboba (IAB Chair)
Ross Callon
Alissa Cooper
Spencer Dawkins
Aaron Falk
Joel Halpern
David Kessens
John Klensin (via phone)
Olaf Kolkman
Danny McPherson
Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Assistant)
Jon Peterson
Andrei Robachevsky
Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Dave Thaler
Hannes Tschofenig
Marcelo Bagnulo
Ron Bonica (IESG Liaison to the IAB)
Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)

1.2 Agenda

No agenda items were added.

1.3 Administrivia

Dow reported on the results of the poll to find the best time slot for future IAB teleconferences. The calls will remain on Wednesdays at 09:30 AM Pacific.

Bernard asked the board to fill in some of the tech chat slots for the coming months.

Bernard asked everyone on the board to try to make some time to meet with him one-on-one to discuss goals for the IAB.

2. IANA NOI Approval

The board discussed the latest version of the IANA NOI. The latest version of the NOI references draft-iab-iana; the board is hoping to get an RFC number for that document before sending the NOI. Danny circulated a new version of draft-iab-iana that incorporated feedback received to date, and asked that any additional comments be sent by noon Prague time. Danny agreed to incorporate all of the feedback into draft-iab-iana-08, and Bernard promised to send a message to the RFC Editor requesting an RFC number and expedited publication of the document.

Bernard asked the board if the IANA NOI was ready to send once the RFC number for draft-iab-iana was included; there were no objections. The IAB approved the sending of the IANA NOI.

3. IETF 80 – Followup from Plenary

3.1 Non-WG mailing list for apps-future

The board agreed that the mailing list for apps-future should be a non-working group list hosted at The board agreed to defer requesting the new mailing list for a few days until a more descriptive name for the list can be agreed upon. Once the name is decided, the board will ask Pete Resnick to request the creation of the new list.

3.2 Meeting with the TAG

At the plenary, the board agreed to look into a meeting with the W3C Technical Advisory Group (TAG) ( The TAG has in the past expressed an interest in having a closer relationship with the IAB. The board agreed that initial discussions would probably
be fairly high-level as both sides learn more about each other. The board discussed trying to set up a one-hour telepresence session with the TAG during the IAB retreat to go over future options.

Action item: Jon will follow up with the TAG to set up the initial meeting.

4. Retreat Program Committee

Danny has set up a room block for the retreat, and is coordinating dinner and transportation for May 12. Danny, Spencer, Joel and Andrei will plan the program for the retreat.

5. IT Update

5.1 WordPress site

Olaf has been heading the effort to copy information from the old IAB website to the new WordPress site. One challenge has been putting redirects in place to keep old URLs working.

The board briefly discussed whether everything from the old site needs to be moved to the new site. The board concluded that everything should be moved to the new site, because the documents are a record of past IAB decisions and correspondence, and that sort of information might be used by the community as backup for part of an appeal.

Olaf hopes to have the new site completed before the IAB retreat.

5.2 Wiki

Bernard reminded the board that contact points (Jabber IDs, Skype IDs, SIP URIs, et cetera) should be collected on the wiki. David Kessens suggested that dietary information be collected on that page as well.

Alissa suggested adding a new wiki page to document IAB decision processes and help new people get up to speed. The first entry will be about the RSOC selection process.

6. ISOC BOT Discussion

Lynn and Andrei recused themselves from the discussion. The board met in an executive session to discuss the ISOC BOT nominations. The board plans to finish this discussion at their next call on April 6, 2011.