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IAB Minutes 2011-04-13

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Minutes of the 2011-04-13 IAB Teleconference

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, approval of minutes

1.1. Attendance

Bernard Aboba (IAB Chair)
Ross Callon
Alissa Cooper
Spencer Dawkins
Joel Halpern
Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
David Kessens
Olaf Kolkman
Danny McPherson
Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Assistant)
Jon Peterson
Andrei Robachevsky
Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
Dave Thaler
Sean Turner
Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
Hannes Tschofenig

1.2. Agenda

An item on the upcoming European Council meeting was added to the end of the agenda.

1.3. Administrivia

Dow asked the board if it was time to close the mailing list now that the privacy workshop is over. The board agreed to close the list after sending a farewell message pointing subscribers to the list for future discussions.

Dow reported that the IESG will meet on Thursday (2011-04-14) to discuss the confirmation of the ISOC BoT selection.

Dow asked the board to review the ToDo list on the wiki and update their items accordingly. Cindy will contact the owners of ToDo items who are no longer on the board to get an update on their current status.

In Prague, the board discussed asking Pete Resnick to set up a mailing list for the future of applications. This will be added to the IAB ToDo list.

Hannes has been acting as the IAB’s liaison to the IESG. Dow asked the board if anyone else was interested in acting as liaison to the IESG if Hannes does not want to continue. Joel indicated that he would be interested, and Bernard asked that this topic be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

There were three sets of minutes for up for approval. The first set of minutes (2010-12-22) still requires one more change, which the board agreed upon. Dow will make this change to the draft minutes, and the board will have until the end of the week to review, after which those minutes will be considered approved unless further issues are raised.

The board agreed to approve the minutes from 2011-03-29 and 2011-04-06.

2. IETF 80 Wrap-up / Actions

Dow asked the board if there were any action items from IETF 80 that needed to be discussed. The board agreed that there was nothing that required immediate discussion.

3. IETF 81 Technical Plenary

There was a short discussion on the potential IETF 81 plenary topics. The board agreed that the topic should be related to what was learned at the recent privacy workshop. Alissa will work with Hannes, Jon and Bernard to put together goals for this plenary topic.

4. Status of Programs and Initiatives [20 min]

Bernard asked for volunteers to act as program leads for the various IAB programs and initiatives. The program leads will update the board on the programs’ status at future meetings.

4.1. Privacy Program

Alissa volunteered to act as lead for the Privacy Program.

4.2. Internationalization Program

Dave Thaler volunteered to act as lead for the Internationalization Program. Dave reported that he has a list of people to invite to participate in the Internationalization Program. The IAB approved inviting those Dave’s list, and Olaf also volunteered to be on the list. Dave is currently working on an individual draft on the topic of canonicalization of identifiers for security purposes, which topic was first discussed at last year’s retreat at which time Danny and Russ had expressed interest. Since then, the topic got combined into the Internationalization Program, although it was not specific to internationalization. Dave plans to have the draft ready for discussion by the IAB retreat.

4.3. RFC Editor Program

Olaf volunteered to act as lead for the RFC Editor Program.

4.4. IANA Evolution Program

Olaf volunteered to act as lead for the IANA Evolution Program. The board briefly discussed comments from ICANN on the NOI. Russ and Bernard are planning to meet with the NTIA once all NOI responses are in.

4.5. SDO Coordination Program

Andrei volunteered to act as lead for the SDO Coordination Program.

4.6. IP Evolution

Spencer volunteered to act as lead for the IP Evolution initiative. Bernard will ask Hannes producing a report on the Internet of Things workshop.

4.7. DNS

Jon volunteered to act as lead for the DNS initiative.

4.8. IPv6 for IAB Business (inc. IPv6 day)

Bernard and David Kessens will work on the IPv6 for IAB Business initiative. Bernard reported that the IAB’s internal domain is the only service that does not run over IPv6; all of the other IAB and IETF resources run over IPv6.

5. Retreat Planning

5.1 Logistics

The retreat will run from 0900-1700 on Thursday and 0900-1500 on Friday, with a dinner planned for Thursday evening. Danny has arranged a room block at the Hyatt Place, which is within walking distance of Verisign’s offices.

5.2 Agenda

Bernard has created a wiki page for the draft agenda; at the moment, the list of topics is too long to cover in the two days allotted. The retreat planning team has calls scheduled, and will have a more detailed agenda for the board to review in the coming weeks.

6. IAB Delegate to the IAOC

The board discussed updating BCP 101. The document is currently being discussed on the IETF list, and Olaf plans to update it based on the results of that discussion.

David Kessens will join Bernard at the IAOC retreat on May 17-18.

7. ARIN IPv4 Address Space Proposal

Olaf reported that ARIN is reviewing a proposal that calls for the allocation of a /10 for NAT 444, and the board discussed possible ramifications to the IETF if this proposal is approved. Olaf will contact John Curran for an update from ARIN and report back to the board.

8. IAB IT Update

Bernard reported that he has been looking into options for a shared calendar that can be used by the IAB. Bernard will work with Alissa, Dow and Cindy to come up with a list of requirements for such a shared calendar. Dow will check to see if the IAB’s existing mediawiki software can be updated to add plug-ins.

9. All Other Business (AOB)

Olaf will attend the upcoming European Council meeting on principles for internet governance.