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Minutes of the 2011-05-25 IAB Teleconference

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, approval of minutes

1.1. Attendance

– Bernard Aboba (IAB Chair)
– Ross Callon
– Alissa Cooper
– Spencer Dawkins
– Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
– Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
– David Kessens
– Olaf Kolkman
– Danny McPherson (present from 5.6 onwards)
– Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Assistant)
– Jon Peterson
– Andrei Robachevsky
– Dow Street (IAB Executive Director)
– Dave Thaler

– Joel Halpern
– Lynn St. Amour (ISOC Liaison)
– Sean Turner (IESG Liaison)
– Hannes Tschofenig

1.2. Agenda

An item on a requested liaison relationship from ISO TC 204 was added
to the end of the agenda.

1.3. Administrivia

No administrative items were discussed.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

There were two sets of meeting minutes under review (2011-04-27 and
2011-05-05). The board asked for another week to review those

2. Liaison Reports

2.1. ISOC Liaison

Lynn was unable to be on the call due to a scheduling conflict, but
she submitted a written report to the board ahead of time.

<Begin ISOC Liaison written report>

I. Council of Europe
III. The Protect IP Act
VII. e-G8 Forum and 37th G8 Summit

I. Council of Europe – submitted by Markus Kummer

ISOC submitted comments to the Council of Europe on their draft Internet
Governance Principles and Recommendation, highlighting the importance
for existing SDOs to carry out their work free of government

II. OECD – submitted by Markus Kummer

Ongoing preparations are being made for ISOC/ITAC participation in the
OECD “High-Level on the Internet Economy: Generating Innovation and
Growth” (28-29 June 2011, Paris). ISOC/ITAC submiited a written
contribution to the outcome document, in particular empasizing the
importance of developing principles in an open and inclusive
multistakeholder process.

III. The Protect IP Act – submitted by Markus Kummer

The Protect IP Act was re-introduced in the U.S. Senate and serious
concerns remain over provisions that would mandate DNS filtering by ISPs
for sites that the government determines are dedicated to infringement.
ISOC has participated alongside a group of technical experts to craft a
document that reiterates the importance of the DNS as an essential
infrastructure for the global Internet and outlines serious technical
concerns with the implications of the DNS filtering requirement. This
activity has helped advance ISOC’s thinking about the DNS blocking and
filtering issue, a topic we are aiming to address from a global

IV. ITU – IETF MPLS Issue – submitted by Markus Kummer

ISOC is working closely with the IETF Chairman to craft a short, high-
level paper that articulates the concerns with the ITU’s recent
decisions regarding MPLS standards. The paper will articulate the
importance of “respectful cooperation” amongst standards bodies and, in
this specific case, the concern that the ITU will proceed to approve
two, incompatible standards. This paper should help interested parties
as they discuss the issue with governments, industry groups and other
“non-technical” audiences.

V. IGF – submitted by Markus Kummer

ISOC participated at the IGF Open Consultations and MAG meeting on 18-19
May 2011.

VI. CSTD – submitted by Markus Kummer

ISOC participated at the 14th Session of the Commission on Science and
Technology for Development (CSTD) on “Progress made in the
implementation of and follow-up to the WSIS outcomes” (24 May 2011).
ISOC and representatives of the Internet technical and academic
communities emphasized their support for continuation of the IGF on
grounds of multistakeholder and open participation and called for an
extension to the mandate of the CSTD Working Group (CSTD WG) on the IGF
to make sure that any discussions would take place in a multistakeholder

VII. e-G8 Forum and 37th G8 Summit – submitted by Markus Kummer

ISOC, ICANN, the NRO and the Internet Society French Chapter released a
statement on 23 May 2011, urging G8 Governments to embrace
multistakeholder approach to Internet issues
( ISOC intends to pursue efforts
to encourage member states to broaden the participation and engagement
with all stakeholders, and also plans to build on the experience in the
eG8 in May to develop a stronger presence in the G20 process and
possible G20 side events next autumn.

<End ISOC Liaison written report>

2.2. IESG Liaison

Sean was unable to be on the call due to a scheduling conflict.

<Begin IESG Liaison written report>

SDO coordination:

– Response regarding LS-256 and LS-258, Draft Recommendation G.phnt,
“Protocol for identifying home network topology” (ITU-T SG 15) (See: was approved by the IESG in
response to Liaisons and

– MPLS Working Group Last Calls forwarded to ITU-T SG15 Q9, Q10, Q12 and
Q14 (see

– CCAMP Working Group Last Calls forwarded to ITU-T SG 15 (see

– Device API WG (W3C): W3C posted the Device API WG charter to the new
work list on 5/12. Informally reached out to Thomas Roessler (cced Mark
Nottingham, Stephen Farrell, and Peter Saint-Andre) asking whether
crypto API work would be handled in this new WG. Stephen, Peter, and
Sean generated a paper for the W3C Identity in the Browser Workshop
(which was also reviewed by SAAG and the Apps Open Area lists) asking
for access to the built-in browser crypto, as opposed to using Java
Script distributed at run time. We just wanted to know if this new WG
was going to tackle this work. No response yet.

– IPv6 Security Issues (ITU-T SG17 Q2 & Q3). Informally reached out to
Chair and Vice Chair of SG 17 to figure out the actual work planned so
that we know best how to respond to the liaison and whether there are
things we should try to co-ordinate or not in the future. Note that the
IETF’s ITU liaison (Eliot) has been made aware of these informal
communications. Also the OPS & Management as well as the Internet Area
ADs were made aware of the liaison as the Security ADs felt this could
overlap with other areas.



– Softwires (approved 5/26)
– TLS (approved on 5/26)
– OAUTH (out for external review on 5/26)
– TSVWG (approved on 5/26)

New Working Groups:

– 6RENUM (out for external review on 5/26)

– PAWS: The debate continues. Discussion has been scheduled for the
2011-06-02 informal IESG telechat. Sponsoring AD may invite the
proposed WGs chairs (or others) to the call.

<End IESG Liaison written report>

2.3. RFC Editor Liaison

Olaf introduced his written report, and noted that there are ongoing
discussions about how IAB-stream documents are handled.

<Begin RFC Editor Liaison written report>

= Statistics

#### RFC Editor Queue Summary: 2011/05/23 ####

State total # total # Median Wks Average Wks
docs pages in state in state

EDIT 34 1218 2.9 3.2
RFC-EDIT 27 1126 1.9 1.9
AUTH48 19 649 0.6 2.9
MISSREF 52 1560 14.3 28.0
REF 1 8 58.9 58.9
AUTH 2 103 2.5 2.5
ISR 19 473 24.0 44.4
TO 1 35 0.7 0.7
ISR-AUTH 18 714 12.3 27.4
IESG 1 21 101.8 101.8
IANA 1 38 0.7 0.7

Totals: 175 docs 5945 pages

= RFC Production Center Staffing.

Based on projected needs the Production Center has requested additional
resources from the IAOC.

The reasons for this requests are manyfold: a high in-flux of documents,
a higher than usual number of documents in the queue (175 vs 120-130), a
number of activities that will need senior staff involvement, and the
continued transition to the RSE.

Two additional part-timers have been approved till end-of-year.

= IAB stream specific: Header and Authors

(this is a detail that I would normally not include in a report like
this, but it’s relevant for the IAB stream)

IAB gave some guidance about the appearance of the IAB and Editors in
the authors and header sections. The RFC editor will publish this on its
procedure pages so not only the IAB but also tool developers might
benefit from having that information.

<End RFC Editor Liaison written report>

Dave Thaler brought up the question, regarding the IAB stream headers,
of whether an approved errata should be posted on RFC 4845 section 2,
since the new procedure differs from what is specified there. The
board agreed that the new procedure does obsolete what was there.

2.4. IRTF Chair

Lars reported that the Internet Congestion Control Research Group
(ICCRG) is the process of being rechartered, and that there are two
groups planning side meetings at IETF 81 to discuss forming new
research groups. The new research groups would be focused on network
complexity and information networking.

Lars also reported that the applications for the Applied Networking
Research Prize (ANRP) are currently being reviewed.

Bernard asked Lars to suggest a Research Group to be reviewed by the
board at IETF 81 before the next IAB teleconference (2011-06-01).

<No IRTF Chair written report was submitted>

3. IETF 81 Technical Plenary

Alissa reported that she and Hannes have contacted potential speakers,
and have confirmed a speaker from the Canadian Data Protection
Authority (DPA), exact name TBD. They have also tentatively
confirmed an opening speaker. Alissa is still looking for
a speaker from the browser vendor community, and Dave Thaler offered
to help find someone.

4. W3C TAG Meeting

Bernard reported that he has exchanged correspondence with Noah
Mendelsohn of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) about setting
up a meeting between the IAB and the TAG. The time initially proposed
is not ideal, so Bernard volunteered to set up a Doodle poll in order
to get consensus on a more agreeable time. The agenda has not yet
been set for this meeting.

5. Status of Programs and Initiatives

Dow asked the leads of all of the Programs and Initiatives to start
thinking about what information about each Program/Initiative should
be published on the new IAB website.

5.1. Privacy Program

Alissa reported that the wiki page for this Program has been updated
to include the list of non-IAB members and to organize the Program’s
work items. The Privacy Program team is currently working on the
report from the Internet Privacy Workshop that was held last December.
The Program also has work items for privacy guidelines for protocol
designers and a glossary of privacy terminology. The most pressing
work item for the Privacy Program at the moment is organizing the
panel session for the IETF 81 Technical Plenary (see Item 3, above).

5.2. Internationalization Program

Dave Thaler reported that both of the Applications Area Directors have
agreed to participate in the Internationalization Program, and that he
is waiting to hear back on a name for the ISOC representative. Dave
also reported that work on the canonicalization internet-draft is
still in progress.

5.3. RFC Editor Program

Bernard reminded the board to submit their comments on
draft-iab-rfc-editor-model-v2 by 2011-06-01 so that Joel will have
time to process the comments before the document is discussed at the
IAB meeting on 2011-06-08.

5.4. IANA Evolution Program

Olaf reported that the IANA Evolution Program is still waiting for
correspondence on the ARIN /10 proposal and the IANA Notice of Inquiry
(NOI). The IANA Evolution Program has a work item to come up with a
list of good and bad characteristics for potential organizations that
would hold the IANA contract.

5.5. SDO Coordination Program

Andrei reported that the SDO Coordination Program is working on a
document to outline the principles of coordination, and that the
Program is hoping to meet face-to-face on the Saturday before IETF 81.
Andrei and Spencer are working on a proposal on how to structure the
Program, which may include having sub-Programs for specific high-
activity SDOs.

5.6. IP Evolution Initiative

Danny reported that a new revision of
draft-iab-anycast-arch-implications that incorporates the latest
comments will be published soon. Bernard reported that Hannes is
working on the report from the Internet of Things workshop that was
held in March.

5.7. DNS Initiative

Jon suggested two additional names for non-IAB members of the DNS
Initiative, and the board approved adding them. Jon also reported
that he is following up on comments on draft-iab-dns-applications.

5.8. IPv6 for IAB Business (inc. IPv6 day) Initiative

Bernard reported that he had sent the board an update on preparation
for a live chat over IPv6, and that there is a problem with a BOSH
connection manager that does not support IPv6. A bug report has been
filed on this issue, and Bernard is looking to find another
implementation that runs over IPv6.

5.9. HTTP/Web Evolution Initiative

Jon reported that there was nothing new to report on the HTTP/Web
Evolution Initiative.

5.10. Evaluate Mapping of IAB Website and IAB Communication Processes

This agenda item was not discussed.

6. Action Item Review

Cindy reported that the action item list has been reorganized in an
attempt to make it more user-friendly. She briefly went through the
action items that were nearing their due dates and asked for updates;
the action item list will be updated accordingly.

7. AOB

7.1 ISO TC 204 Liaison

Bernard reported that there has been an inquiry from ISO TC 204
(“Intelligent Transport Systems”) about establishing a formal liaison
relationship with ISOC/IETF. Spencer volunteered to serve as liaison
shepherd for ISO TC 204, find a liaison manager and come up with a
proposal for how to proceed.

(More information about ISO TC 204 is available at

8. Conclude Call