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IAB Minutes 2012-08-02

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Minutes of the 2012-08-02 IAB Business Meeting
Vancouver, BC, Canada

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia,

1.1. Attendance

  • Bernard Aboba (IAB Chair)
  • Jari Arkko
  • Mary Barnes (IAB Executive Director)
  • Marc Blanchet
  • Alissa Cooper
  • Spencer Dawkins
  • Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
  • Mat Ford (ISOC Liaison)
  • Joel Halpern
  • Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
  • David Kessens
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Assistant)
  • Jon Peterson
  • Robert Sparks (IESG Liaison)
  • Dave Thaler
  • Hannes Tschofenig
  • Ross Callon
  • Danny McPherson
  • Lisandro Granville, NMRG Chair (item 3 only)

1.2. Administrivia

The board agreed not to hold a teleconference on 8 August 2012. Hannes is checking with Ed Felten for possible dates for a tech chat. Hannes to also check about a tech chat on passwords based on recent SAAG mailing list discussion.

2. Technical Topic: Congestion Control Workshop Post-Mortem, and next steps on QoS

Alissa led a review of the Congestion Control Workshop held on 18 July 2012, based on the summary slides presented during the meeting (see

Bernard pointed out that while a congestion control algorithm might be more effective with assistance from the network, it would be desirable to use a single algorithm that can function well with or without competition from other transports, including TCP, LEDBAT or SCTP.

Spencer agreed to take the action item to draft a high-level message on supported for segregated queueing and a plan for an update to RFC 3714.

3. IRTF Review: Network Management Research Group (NMRG)

Lisandro Granville, chair of the Network Management Research Group (NCRG) [] gave a brief overview of the research group’s activities. The group has met 28 times since forming in 1998, and has published 5 RFCs.

Current work items include topics on NetFlow and IPFIX, autonomics and self management, the Internet of Things, software-defined networking, and Cloud datacenter networks.