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IAB Minutes 2012-12-12

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Minutes of the 2012-12-12 IAB Teleconference (Business Meeting)

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, minutes

1.1. Attendance

  • Bernard Aboba (IAB Chair)
  • Jari Arkko
  • Mary Barnes (IAB Executive Director)
  • Marc Blanchet
  • Ross Callon
  • Spencer Dawkins
  • Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
  • Heather Flanagan (RFC Editor Liaison)
  • Joel Halpern
  • Russ Housley (IETF Chair)
  • David Kessens
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Assistant)
  • Robert Sparks (IESG Liaison)
  • Dave Thaler
  • Alissa Cooper
  • Mat Ford (ISOC Liaison)
  • Danny McPherson
  • Jon Peterson
  • Hannes Tschofenig

1.2. Administrivia

Hannes Tschofenig reported via email that he is working to confirm a speaker for the IAB tech chat on 9 January 2013.

1.3. Action item review

The internal action item list was reviewed.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the following meetings were approved:

  • 7 November 2012 (IETF 85 Plenary)
  • 28 November 2012 (Business Meeting)
  • 5 December 2012 (Tech Chat & Business Meeting)

2. IETF 86 Plenary

Russ Housley reported that the current plan is to have two plenaries at IETF 86: a 120-minute technical plenary on Monday, and a 150-minute administrative plenary on Wednesday. The technical plenary will include reports from the IAB Chair, IRTF Chair and RFC Editor as well as technical presentations on the IEEE 802 RAC OUI Tier restructuring (to be delivered by Glenn Parsons), and “The End of POTS”, to be coordinated by Hannes Tschofenig and Jon Peterson. Bernard reported that Henning Schulzrinne (CTO of the FCC) has agreed to present.

3. IETF/IEEE 802

3.1. IEEE RAC OUI tiers proposal

Glenn Parsons is scheduled to speak about the IEEE RAC OUI tier restructuring proposal at the IETF 86 Technical Plenary. The IAB agreed that this talk would be more useful if there was already an internet-draft on the topic in place; Russ Housley agreed to ask Glenn for a draft.

Dave Thaler agreed to follow up with Ralph Droms about whether the IETF should provide additional advice to the RAC on the proposal.

3.2. draft-dawkins-iab-rfc4441rev

Spencer Dawkins reported that draft-dawkins-iab-rfc4441rev should be ready for IAB Call for Adoption in the near future.

3.3. IETF/IEEE Coordination Meeting Minutes

The IAB agreed to add a new section to the IAB website for “Joint Activities” to house the minutes of the IETF/IEEE 802 leadership coordination meeting minutes. Mary Barnes will update the website accordingly.

4. ISO Liaison

Russ Housley reported that ISOC has been granted Class A liaison status with portions of ISO, namely TC46, JTC 1/SC2, JTC 1/SC29 and JTC 1/SC 6.

5. RFC Format Draft

The IAB agreed to start IAB Last Call on draft-iab-rfcformatreq. Bernard Aboba will send the IAB Last Call and copy the RSOC mailing list so that the RSOC can comment at the same time.

6. IAB Chair Election Guidelines

After discussion, the board agreed that Mary Barnes would start an e-vote on the IAB Chair Election Guidelines, with a closing date of 17 December 2012.

7. Second-level .ARPA changes

Marc Blanchet and David Kessens agreed to respond to pending requests from IANA about second-level .ARPA changes as well as the change request for NS on the .arpa TLD, and to look into updating the guidance to IANA on making such changes.

8. IAB Datatracker Functionality

Bernard Aboba and Mary Barnes reported that they have been unable to use the IAB extension to the datatracker. Russ Housley agreed to check with the IETF Tools Team to see if it is a permissions issue or a bug in the datatracker.


Dave Thaler reported that loads content from the IAB website [] in an iframe, and asked whether the IAB should take any action. It was noted that loads content from the IESG website [] (and loads content from an APPS area website [], and content from Wikipedia []). Robert Sparks agreed to take the question to the IESG, and the IAB agreed to discuss this topic further once the IESG has had a chance to comment.

10. Executive Session

Liaisons were asked to leave the call, and the board discussed the following topics in an executive session.

10.1. IAOC Feedback

The process for giving feedback to the IAOC was discussed in an executive session.

10.2. ICANN appointment

The timeline for the IAB appointment to the ICANN Board of Trustees was discussed in an executive session.

10.3. Recusals from Nomcom candidate slate discussions

The board discussed the process for handling IAB recusals from NomCom candidate slate discussions in an executive session.