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IAB Minutes 2013-06-26

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Minutes of the 2013-06-26 IAB Teleconference (Business Meeting)

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, minutes

1.1. Attendance

  • Bernard Aboba
  • Mary Barnes (IAB Executive Director)
  • Marc Blanchet
  • Ross Callon
  • Alissa Cooper
  • Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
  • Mat Ford (ISOC Liaison)
  • Joel Halpern
  • Eliot Lear
  • Barry Leiba (IESG Liaison)
  • Xing Li
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Assistant)
  • Andrew Sullivan
  • Hannes Tschofenig
  • Jari Arkko (IETF Chair)
  • Heather Flanagan (RFC Editor Liaison)
  • Russ Housley (IAB Chair)
  • Dave Thaler

1.2. Administrivia

Several items were added to the end of the agenda.

The board agreed that the 3 July 2013 would be a joint tech chat and business meeting.

1.3. Action item review

The internal action item list was reviewed.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the 12 June 2013 and the 19 June 2013 business meetings remain under review.

2. Liaison updates

2.1. ISOC Liaison

–Begin ISOC Liaison Report, Mat Ford–

Internet Society Liaison Report to the IAB
25 June 2013


 I. World IPv6 Launchiversary
II. Policy Fellows at IETF87
III. Privacy
IV. OECD and IPv6

I. World IPv6 Launchiversary
6th June 2013 marked the anniversary of World IPv6 Launch and by most 
metrics IPv6 traffic on the global Internet has doubled since the Launch 
twelve months earlier.

II. Policy Fellows at IETF87
Policy fellows at IETF87 will come from: Tunisia, African Telecom Union 
(2 people), ECOWAS (West African Regional Union), Gabon, Morocco, Congo-
Brazzaville, Burkina Faso (2 people), Netherlands, Germany (2 people), 
France, Norway, Russia, Canada and the UN-IGF Secretariat. As with past 
IETF policy programs, the agenda for the week will provide a mix of 
opportunities for the policy guests to interact with the IETF community, 
attend IETF sessions and to receive briefings on specific topics of 
interest (introduction to the DNS, interconnection, privacy, routing, 

III. Privacy
During their last monthly call, the W3C Privacy Interest Group (PING) 
hosted a discussion led by a representative from the System Applications 
WG about "The app: URI scheme" draft specification and privacy 
considerations. PING also discussed amendments to the draft Security and 
Privacy Considerations for the Ambient Light and Proximity Events 
specifications, progress on the suite of privacy guidance documents, and 
other privacy reviews.

IV. OECD and IPv6
As part of an OECD Volunteer Group Meeting on IPv6, ISOC is leading 
coordination on the development of a study and a draft statement on the 
economic benefits of IPv6 deployment. The statement could be adopted by 
the ICCP in December 2013, and may become an OECD Council Recommendation 

–End ISOC Liaison Report–

2.2. IESG Liaison

–Begin IESG Liaison Report, Barry Leiba–

Recent new working groups:
SIP-TO-XMPP (stox) [Markus Isomaki, Yana Stamcheva]
JavaScript Object Notation (json) [Paul Hoffman, Matthew Miller]

Current new chartering:
Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance (lmap) [on 6/27 
Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring (sacm) [on 6/27 telechat]

Current rechartering:
Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (mile) [on 6/27 telechat]

Personnel changes:
Swapping out Dave Ward from chairing (new position in day job);
  affects bfd, isis

Other items:
There are a record number of BoFs approved for IETF 87: 14, possibly
scheduled all the way to Friday.  That will prove challenging for IAB
coverage at the meeting.  Also, please be alert to any shepherding
requests that come (I'm not aware of any yet).

–End IESG Liaison Report–

2.3. RFC Editor Liaison

–Begin RFC Editor Liaison Report, Heather Flanagan–

1. RSE Report

Update on Active Projects
* RFC Format
 Discussions continue with the RSOC regarding the Format Specification
 SoW.  Work may start with a design team rather than a formal contract
 for building specifications; further discussion on the topic will occur
 on the July RSOC call and possibly at the Berlin retreat.

* RFC Style Guide
 A revised I-D of the new Style Guide has been posted (see  This draft will be
 put forward to the RSAG for more detailed discussion.  A more flexible
 web portion of the Style Guide is also in progress.

* Other news
 The RPC and Publisher Selection Committee 2013 (Bob Hinden, Russ
 Housley, John Klensin, Nevil Brownlee, Ray Pelletier, and Heather
 Flanagan (chair)) continues to review and propose revisions to the RPC
 and Publisher SoWs.  A report from the committee is pending.

2. RFC Production Center
* Update on "back-end development"
 The datatracker is receiving notifications from the RPC (upon
 publication of an RFC or changes to the queue) and vice versa (upon
 approval of a document), as specified in RFC 6359. This means the
 datatracker reflects the RFC Editor's actions in a more timely manner,
 and it obviates some data entry by the RPC.

* IETF 87
 - The RPC will be hosting their usual office hours in Berlin.
 - Alice Russo will be presenting "Tools for Creating IDs & RFCs" on Sunday
 - Sandy Ginoza will be onsite at the Language Editing Session held by
   Ted Lemon and Joel Jaeggli

June Stats for the RFC Editor
(See attached spreadsheet for 2013 stats)
Submissions: 17
Publications: 8

–End RFC Editor Liaison Report–

2.4. IRTF Chair

–Begin IRTF Chair Report, Lars Eggert–

- Which RG does the IAB want to review in Berlin? See for the 
  history. (I'd propose the SDNRG, since it has met a few times now and 
  has not been reviewed once.)

- We've opened the 2014 ANRP cycle.

- One of the two final documents out of the SAMRG didn't pass the IESG's 
  RFC5742 review due to how URIs were used. This is being resolved, but 
  means that the timeline to close the RG will be delayed.

- Folks are proposing a new RG on network coding. The discussion list is 
  at A wiki is at
  trac/wiki/nwcrg. The meeting in Orlando went extremely well, and they 
  are planning a second one for Berlin. If this goes similarly well I'll 
  likely charter them.

–End IRTF Chair Report–

The board agreed to review the Software-Defined Networking Research Group (SDNRG) at IETF 87.

3. RSSAC Update

The board approved the text for the call for nominations for the IETF Liaison Manager to ICANN RSSAC pending the addition of a sentence requesting that readers forward the announcement to any interested parties. Marc Blanchet will follow up with the IAB Chair and the RSSAC Chair about the timing of the call for nominations.

4. draft-blanchet-iab-2870bis

The board discussed draft-blanchet-iab-2870bis, noting that RFC 2870 is a BCP, and that if the update is also to be a BCP, then it must be in the IETF Stream rather than the IAB Stream. The board briefly discussed publishing an IAB document as an AD-sponsored document in the IETF Stream, and agreed to continue the discussion at the next IAB Business Meeting (3 July 2013).

5. CableLabs Update

Eliot Lear reported that work in the IETF HOMENET WG relates to the CableLabs HIPnet work. CableLabs has submitted draft-grundemann-homenet-hipnet, and would like to publish it through the HOMENET WG as an Informational RFC. The liaison manager will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the interested parties continue to work together.

6. Dotless Domains

The board discussed the potential IAB Statement on dotless domains. Andrew Sullivan agreed to edit the current text to make the statement more generic. The board will discuss this topic further at the next IAB Business Meeting (3 July 2013).

7. IETF Delegate to the 2014 ICANN Nominating Committee

The board discussed the text for the call for nominations for the IETF Delegate to the 2014 ICANN Nominating Committee. The board tentatively approved the text pending edits to be provided by Marc Blanchet. The board will finalize the text for the call for nominations via email, and send the call for nominations out with a deadline of 19 July 2013 so that candidates can be interviewed during IETF 87.

8. Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP)

Olaf Kolkman requested that the IAB provide him with input regarding any IETF work that is relevant to the MSP’s proposed outline for the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardization. Alissa Cooper identified a few areas where there is relevant IETF work, and asked the board to review and provide a brief one-sentence summary of any other IETF work that may be relevant.


Bernard Aboba reported that the new RSOC has been announced publicly,
and that the new members have been invited to attend the RSOC Retreat
on the afternoon of Saturday, 27 July 2013.

10. IAB Requirements for NomCom

The board approved the updated IAB Requirements for NomCom. Alissa Cooper will update the internal wiki page, and send the requirements to the NomCom chair.

11. ICANN Consultation on the Source of Policies & User Instructions for Internet Number Resource Requests

Bernard Aboba reported that the comment period for the ICANN Consultation on the Source of Policies & User Instructions for Internet Number Resource Requests runs from 25 June 2013 – 16 July 2013, and that the reply period runs from 17 July 2013 – 7 August 2013. Although mentioning the IETF/IAB as an interested party and a user, the consultation questions are limited to global unicast address distribution. The board and the IANA Evolution Program will continue to monitor this in case comments or replies are needed. See:

12. IETF 87 Technical Plenary Update

Bernard Aboba reported that he is still working to confirm additional speakers for the IETF 87 Technical Plenary on OPUS, relating to the “Lessons Learned” and “Futures” portion of the agenda. Bernard will update the board further at the next IAB Business Meeting (3 July 2013).


Eliot Lear reported that the JSON WG is working on a standards-track specification for JSON, but there is disagreement about whether JSON is owned by IETF or ECMA. Representatives from ECMA were participating in the JSON WG, but have recently gone quiet. Eliot will follow up with Area Directors, as well as the people from, if appropriate.

14. Internet Technology Adoption and Transition (ITAT) Workshop

The board approved the call for participation for the Internet Technology Adoption and Transition (ITAT) workshop. Eliot Lear will send the call for participation.

15. IETF 87 Agenda

Mary Barnes reminded Program Leads to put their Program meetings on the IAB agenda for IETF 87. Cindy Morgan reminded everyone that the secretariat must be notified in advance for any catering or audio/visual needs (including data projectors).