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Minutes of the 2015-05-13 IAB Teleconference (Business Meeting)

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, minutes

1.1. Attendance

  • Jari Arkko (IETF Chair)
  • Alia Atlas (IESG Liaison)
  • Sarah Banks (RSOC Chair)
  • Marc Blanchet
  • Michelle Cotton (IANA Liaison)
  • Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
  • Heather Flanagan (RFC Editor Liaison)
  • Mat Ford (ISOC Liaison)
  • Ted Hardie
  • Joe Hildebrand
  • Russ Housley
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)
  • Erik Nordmark
  • Robert Sparks
  • Jonne Soininen (ICANN Liaison)
  • Andrew Sullivan (IAB Chair)
  • Dave Thaler
  • Brian Trammell
  • Amy Vezza (IETF Secretariat)
  • Suzanne Woolf
  • Mary Barnes
  • Ralph Droms

1.2. Administrivia

An item on the IANA transition was added to the agenda.

1.3. Action item review

The internal action item list was reviewed.

1.4. Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the 29 April 2015 business meeting were approved.

2. Monthly Reports

2.1. ISOC Liaison Report

–Begin ISOC Liaison Report, Mat Ford–

Internet Society Liaison Report to the IAB
12 May 2015


 I. ITU Workshop on "Future Trust and Knowledge Infrastructure"
II. Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS)
III. RESPECT conference
IV. Ethical Data-handling and User Privacy
 V. ISOC-IEEE Open Wireless Project
VI. Reconnecting Nepal

I. ITU Workshop on "Future Trust and Knowledge Infrastructure"
ISOC attended and presented during a recent ITU workshop on “Future 
Trust and Knowledge Infrastructure”. The IETF as a technical body 
working on relevant standards was mentioned many times. Although not 
speaking for the IETF, when asked, ISOC observed that the IETF addresses 
questions of trust in very specific situations where it can identify a 
technical problem to solve. During the session on Openness and Security 
ISOC presented papers on Openness and Collaborative Security, after 
which there was a lively debate. A meeting report has been shared with 
the IETF liaison manager for ITU-T. During the meeting Olaf Kolkman met 
with Dr. Chaesub Lee, the new director of the TSB, and subsequently 
introduced Mr. Lee to Andrew Sullivan by mail.

Further information about the workshop and meeting materials are 

II. Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS)
In the lead-up to the GCCS and the Global Commission on Internet 
Governance (GCIG) at The Hague, the Internet Society launched its 
Collaborative Security approach for addressing Internet security issues 

This approach was promoted by the Internet Society at the GCCS and CGIG, 
and featured on the GCCS website.

The Internet Society was an active participant in the GCCS and its many 
associated events. Further details are available [2, 3, 4, 5]. 
Additionally, the Internet Society coordinated the Internet technical 
community’s input on the GCCS Chair’s statement. Key input from the 
Internet technical community was incorporated into the statement [6] and 
the community was recognised as an important and distinct stakeholder 
group with specialist technical and policy expertise at the GCCS.


III. RESPECT conference
The Internet Society participated in the final public conference [1] of 
the EU funded projected RESPECT [2] (22-24 April 2015), providing input 
on a draft policy brief and model law on surveillance (two of the 
projected key outcomes of the multi-year project).


IV. Ethical Data-handling and User Privacy
Three recent workshops reflect the timeliness and growing relevance of 
ISOC’s work on ethical data-handling and user privacy choices:

	- Horizon Research Institute (Nottingham University); a workshop 
to define the institute’s research programme in privacy, ethics and 
usability (ISOC gave a keynote summary, has defined one of the research 
themes and will be providing external mentoring for the PhD candidate 

	- Future Agenda workshop on IoT; a strategy-setting session to 
look at the longer-term impacts of autonomous systems on privacy and 

	- Digital Enlightenment Forum 2015; ISOC participated in the 
ethical data-handling sessions. A summary blog post is here:

V. ISOC-IEEE Open Wireless Project
ISOC and IEEE are currently partnering to deliver the Online Wireless 
Project, which includes the development of an e-Learning course on 
building wireless community mesh networks. The course will be based on 
the award-winning Wireless for Communities (W4C) Project materials which 
have yielded great results for our Asia-Pacific Bureau. The objective is 
to use the course in both offline and online formats to support a train 
the trainer (ToT) model that exponentially scales the impact of the 
program and builds capacity in the design and deployment of wireless 
mesh networks, especially with relevance to delivering access in rural 
and geographically challenged communities.

Niel Harper (Internet Society) and Walter Pienciak (IEEE) will be 
presenting this project during the GAIA research group meeting at IETF 
93 in Prague.

VI. Reconnecting Nepal
After the devastating earthquake on 25 April (and now a second massive 
earthquake on 12 May), the Internet Society’s Nepal Chapter has been 
actively working with local governments and telecommunications 
organizations to restore power and connectivity into the region.  The 
Internet Society website has been providing updates [1] and links to how 
people can assist.  To support the ISOC Nepal Chapter, the Internet 
Society launched a fund-raising campaign [2] under the name “ReConnect 
Nepal” to help rebuild the region’s Internet infrastructure.


–End ISOC Liaison Report, Mat Ford–

2.2. IESG Liaison Report

–Begin IESG Liaison Report, Alia Atlas–

Recent new working groups:

Current new chartering:
  CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (cose)
  Internet Video Codec (netvc)

Current rechartering:
  Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks (roll) 

Pending rechartering:
  Protocol Independent Multicast (pim) 

Recently closed working groups:

Personnel changes:

–End IESG Liaison Report, Alia Atlas–

2.3. IRTF Chair Report

–Begin IRTF Chair Report, Lars Eggert–

- Erik Nordmark and Ralph Droms joined the IRSG as at-large members 
  (replacing Eliot Lear and Xing Li).

- ANRP 2016 nomination period opened:

–End IRTF Chair Report, Lars Eggert–

2.4. ICANN Liaison Report

–Begin ICANN Liaison Report, Jonne Soininen–

I.  Public Comments needing attention (only highlights)
(All public comment processes:

2nd Draft Proposal of the Cross Community Working Group to Develop an 
IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal on Naming Related Functions
Close date: 20 May 2015

Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG-
Accountability) - Input Needed on its Proposed Accountability 
Enhancements (Work Stream 1)

II.  Upcoming topics that could be relevant

Continuation of the stewardship transition discussion

The Cross Community Working Group on IANA stewardship transition has 
published its 2nd draft report. There is time provide comments on the 
draft until next week - May 20th, 2015. The core of the proposal is to 
move IANA to separate legal entity under ICANN (the Post Transition IANA 
or PTI). The discussion about what this means to the IETF is already 
ongoing on the ianaplan WG mailing list.

In addition, the work on improving ICANN accountability is going ahead. 
The CCWG published the its proposal for accountability enhancements on 
May 4th. The comment period will close on June 3rd. 

The IANA operational community addressed the ICANN board during the 
ICANN board retreat in the end of April. Andrew Sullivan and Jari Arkko 
were giving the IETF/IAB remarks. This was an excellent opportunity for 
the ICANN board to directly hear the view points of the different 
communities and certainly did give new information to parts of the 

III.  (If relevant) upcoming meeting topics of importance

The next ICANN meeting is June 21st-25th, 2015 in Buenos Aires, 
Argentina. Clearly the IANA stewardship transition topic will be one of 
the key topics discussed during the meeting as, for instance, the names 
community is expected to finalise their proposal by that time.

–End ICANN Liaison Report, Jonne Soininen–

Dave Thaler asked if the ongoing debates over the .sucks TLD would affect the IANA transition; after discussion, the IAB decided that the answer was probably no.

2.5. IANA Liaison Report

–Begin IANA Liaison Report, Michelle Cotton–

IANA Liaison Report – 13 May 2015

2014 SLA Deliverables Update:

- ICANN met 98% of processing goal times for the March 2015 monthly 
  statistics, exceeding the SLA goal to meet 90% of processing goal 
  times.  These times include the steps that the IANA Department has 
  control over and not time it is waiting on requesters, document 
  authors or other experts.

- At this time ICANN is unable to enter into the proposed 2015 
  Supplemental Agreement.  On April 21, IAB and IETF representatives had 
  a teleconference with ICANN management where this topic was discussed 
  at length.  

Other News:

- None

–End IANA Liaison Report, Michelle Cotton–

2.6. RFC Editor Liaison Report

–Begin RFC Editor Liaison Report, Heather Flanagan–

RSE Update:
RFC Format
The format design team is working through the last difficult element of
the xml2rfc vocabulary: the handling of  and .  When that
discussion reaches a conclusion--which may take some time--and the
drafts are updated, the next step of the RFP process (formally posting
and accepting bids) can kick off.

Google Scholar
The RFC Editor has received word from the Google Scholar team that RFCs
are now being properly indexed by Google Scholar.  Note that for any
previously indexed RFCs--even if they're at another online location--the
RFC Editor version will appear with the next full Scholar index refresh,
which will occur sometime this summer.

DOI Project
All RFCs have been assigned DOIs and registered with CrossRef, and the
code to assign DOIs at time of publication has been moved into
production. The RFC Info pages and the RFC Index have been updated, and
the publication announcement email is being modified to include the DOI
also. The RSE will post an update to the community regarding the
conclusion of this project later this week.

RSE Statement on Authors
The RSE statement regarding sponsors != authors has been discussed by
the IESG and the IAB, and is expected to be posted after a final review
by the RSOC on 13 May 2015.

RPC Update:
Stats -
The SLA was met for the month of April. The Q1 surge has not entirely
worked its way through they system yet, however, so the SLA times are
still in a state of flux.

–End RFC Editor Liaison Report, Heather Flanagan–

3. IETF 93 Technical Plenary

The IAB discussed the Technical Plenary for IETF 93. Cindy Morgan will set up tech chats on Wednesday, 20 May 2015 and Thursday, 28 May 2015 with potential speakers.

4. Name Resolution Program

The IAB approved the charter for the Identifiers Program (formerly the Name Resolution Program). Suzanne Woolf and Cindy Morgan will update the website and set up a mailing list accordingly. Dave Thaler will send Suzanne a list of potential Program members to start the discussion on that topic.


The IAB discussed their participation in the OECD’s Internet Technical Advisory Committee. Andrew Sullivan noted that the IAB’s history with this is not documented anywhere, which caused some confusion when he started receiving the emails about it to the iab-chair email address. After discussion, the IAB agreed that continued monitoring of this effort was a good thing. Andrew Sullivan agreed to document some of the history in the IAB wiki so that future IAB chairs are not confused. Additionally, Andrew will ask the ISOC representatives to let the IAB know if there is anything happening in the ITAC that would require the IAB to take direct action.

6. IAB Blog

The IAB discussed plans for adding a blog to After a brief discussion, the IAB agreed to look at ways to better utilize the existing blog on that is currently being used as a newsfeed. Cindy Morgan will investigate the “categories” and “tags” options to see if using those will require any changes to the current website template. Dave Thaler also observed that the IAB web site was hard to navigate, but improving it was left for future work.

7. NomCom Update

The IAB confirmed that they are asking the NomCom to fill six seats that would have terms beginning in March 2016. Robert Sparks will carry that message to the NomCom Chair in his role as IAB Liaison to the NomCom.

8. IANA Transition update

Andrew Sullivan reported that the I* coordination group will hold monthly teleconferences during the lead-up to the IANA transition. It is not currently clear whether Andrew can bring a “plus-one” to the calls; he will find out and report back to the IAB.

9. RSSAC Liaison Appointment

The IAB has received five nominations for the ICANN RSSAC Liaison appointment. Andrew Sullivan will send out the call for community feedback today, and Cindy Morgan and Marc Blanchet will set up Doodle polls to schedule the candidate interviews.

10. Executive Session

The IAB held a brief executive session.