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IAB Minutes 2016-08-31

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Minutes of the 2016-08-31 IAB Teleconference (Business Meeting)

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, minutes

1.1. Attendance

  • Jari Arkko (IETF Chair)
  • Ralph Droms
  • Lars Eggert (IRTF Chair)
  • Joe Hildebrand
  • Lee Howard
  • Suresh Krishnan (IESG Liaison)
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)
  • Erik Nordmark
  • Robert Sparks
  • Andrew Sullivan (IAB Chair)
  • Dave Thaler
  • Martin Thomson
  • Brian Trammell
  • Amy Vezza (IETF Secretariat)
  • Suzanne Woolf
  • Heather Flanagan (RFC Editor Liaison)
  • Mat Ford (ISOC Liaison)
  • Ted Hardie
  • Russ Housley

1.2. Administrivia

No administrative items were discussed.

1.3. Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the 17 August 2016 business meeting were approved pending a change to add the name of the newly-appointed IRTF Chair.

1.4. Action Item Review

The internal action item list was reviewed.

2. Future Tech Plenaries

The IAB reviewed the list of possible future tech plenary topics. Lee Howard mentioned that he had informally reached out to all IRTF Chair candidates to ask if they were willing to be part of the Plenary Planning Program.

Brian Trammell noted that he added a topic about Architectural Transition to the wiki, but is not sure how to frame it for a plenary topic. Dave Thaler suggested it might pair well with a talk on GAIA in the IRTF open meeting.

The IAB will continue to develop plenary topics and suggest speakers for future tech talks.

3. IPv6 Liaison statement

Lee Howard reported that he received comments from several people on the potential liaison statement on the IPv6 transition, and that he is still expecting comments from at least one other person. He will re-circulate the text once the comments have all been incorporated.

4. IAB Liaison to NomCom

Brian Trammell reported that he may not be able to make it to the IETF meeting in Seoul. Given the load on NomCom at that meeting, and the difficulty a new liaison would have catching up at the last minute, he asked whether the IAB should appoint a new liaison to the NomCom.

After discussion, Erik Nordmark agreed to take over as the IAB liaison to the NomCom.

5. draft-morgan-iab-rzerc

The IAB adopted draft-morgan-iab-rzerc into the IAB stream. Cindy Morgan will revise the document based on comments received, and upload the next revision as draft-iab-rzerc.

6. IEEE 802/IETF Coordination Meeting

The IAB briefly discussed the agenda for the IEEE 802/IETF Coordination meeting that will be held on 9 September 2016.

7. IAB Comments on IANA IPR Agreements

The IAB comments on the IANA IPR Agreements were approved pending a typo edit and a corrected link. Andrew Sullivan will post the comments once those changes have been made.

8. IAB Questionnaire for NomCom

The IAB approved the questionnaire that NomCom will give to prospective nominees for the IAB.