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IAB Minutes 2017-07-17

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Minutes of the 2017-07-17 IAB Meeting, Prague


  • Jari Arkko
  • Mat Ford (ISOC Liaison)
  • Ted Hardie (IAB Chair)
  • Lee Howard
  • Olaf Kolkman
  • Allison Mankin (IRTF Chair)
  • Gabriel Montenegro
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)
  • Erik Nordmark
  • Mark Nottingham
  • Jeff Tantsura
  • Martin Thomson
  • Brian Trammell
  • Suzanne Woolf


  • Alissa Cooper
  • Heather Flanagan (RFC Editor Liaison)
  • Joe Hildebrand
  • Kathleen Moriarty (IESG Liaison)
  • Robert Sparks


  • Jonne Soininen, IETF Liaison to the ICANN Board of Directors

1. IETF-ICANN Relationship

Jonne Soininen gave the IAB an overview of the IETF’s relationship with ICANN. The IAB appoints a non-voting liaison to the ICANN Board of Directors. The liaison takes part in all of the ICANN Board discussions and has access to all of the materials, but does not vote.

The work load for the ICANN Board Liaison is high; 1-2 days a week are spent on ICANN Board activities in addition to traveling to ICANN meetings. ICANN offers remuneration to board liaisons, but the IAB requests that its appointees decline offers of compensation from the bodies to which they are appointed (aside from reasonable travel expenses).

On the technical side, the ICANN Board has ongoing discussions about Registration Data Directory Services, IDN and namespace issues, and universal access.

Jonne Soininen suggested that the next IAB-appointed liaison to the ICANN Board should be someone with experience on a board, such as the IAOC. The next liaison should be appointed in time to attend the ICANN Board retreat in May 2018. It is preferable that the outgoing and incoming liaisons overlap for a period of time so that the new liaison can get up to speed.

2. ICANN Board Liaison Appointment

The IAB discussed the timeline for the next liaison appointment to the ICANN Board. The goal is to interview candidates during IETF 100 and have the new liaison on board before the May 2018 ICANN Board Retreat. Cindy Morgan will draft a timeline for this appointment.

3. ICANN NomCom Appointment

The IAB approved the timeline and messaging for the ICANN NomCom call for nominations. Cindy Morgan will send out the call for nominations.

4. MaRNEW Workshop Report

Brian Trammell reported that Natasha Rooney has asked for an additional editor to help with the MaRNEW workshop report. The IAB will continue this discussion via email.