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Minutes of the 2018-01-10 IAB Teleconference (Business Meeting)

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, minutes

1.1. Attendance

  • Jari Arkko
  • Alissa Cooper
  • Michelle Cotton (IANA Liaison)
  • Heather Flanagan (RFC Editor Liaison)
  • Mat Ford (ISOC Liaison)
  • Ted Hardie (IAB Chair)
  • Joe Hildebrand
  • Lee Howard
  • Gabriel Montenegro
  • Kathleen Moriarty (IESG Liaison)
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)
  • Erik Nordmark
  • Mark Nottingham
  • Robert Sparks
  • Jeff Tantsura
  • Martin Thomson
  • Brian Trammell
  • Amy Vezza
  • Suzanne Woolf
  • Allison Mankin (IRTF Chair)
  • Jonne Soininen (ICANN Liaison)

1.2. Administrivia

Ted Hardie took an action to ask the IAOC about maintaining a list of Jabber servers that are accepting new accounts.

1.3. Minutes

The minutes of the 13 December 2017 tech chat and business meeting were approved.

1.4. Action Item Review

The internal action item list was reviewed.

2. Monthly Reports

2.1. ISOC Liaison Report

–Begin ISOC Liaison Report, Mat Ford–

Internet Society Liaison Report to the IAB
10 January 2017


I. Policy papers
IoT Security for Policymakers

II. Upcoming engagements
ITU CWG-Internet
Trinidad and Tobago IGF
2nd APT Preparatory Meeting for ITU PP-18
CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation

III. Highlights of recent activities
The Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
"Do we still trust the Internet?" Panel discussion together with Chatham House
Asia Internet Symposium

I. Policy papers

IoT Security for Policymakers
The policy paper IoT Security for Policymakers is out for comment.
Comments are due by 15 January.

II. Upcoming engagements

ITU CWG-Internet: Online Open Consultation
The ITU Council Working Group-Internet has an online open consultation
on "Bridging the Gender Digital Divide." Submissions were due 5 January,
and the event will take place on January 22nd. For more information and

Trinidad and Tobago IGF
ISOC's TT chapter is organizing their second national IGF, under the
theme “Shaping your digital future!”. The agenda will focus on key
issues about blockchain, gender inclusion and digital financial
services. ISOC's LAC Bureau is supporting the event. More info at
Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum 2019
2nd APT Preparatory Meeting for PP-18 The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity is organizing its second Preparatory Meeting for the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference next year to discuss issues of interest in the region. ISOC's APAC Bureau will participate. CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation The group's fifth meeting will discuss the reporting of the Working Group to the twenty-first session of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development in 2018. For more information about the meeting, including previous contributions, please visit the CSTD website here: III. Highlights of Recent Activities The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) The twelfth IGF was held in Geneva Switzerland at the Palais des Nations. Internet Society participated in numerous panels and sessions. During the event an MOU was signed between the Internet Society and Association For Progressive Communications (APC) regarding cooperation in the area of community networks. For a review of our contributions to the IGF please seek out our 2017 IGF page: "Do we still trust the Internet?" Panel discussion together with Chatham House The Internet Society together with Chatham House organized a panel discussion where participants discussed the trend towards ‘securitization’, its implications and how to strengthen trust in the Internet. They also announced the December 2017 edition of the Chatham House Journal of Cyber Policy, produced in partnership with the Internet Society. For more information about the event, including a recording of the discussions, please visit: Asia Internet Symposium Partnering with JPNIC and the Japan Chapter, ISOC's APAC Bureau organized an AIS to tackle emerging and topical concerns around online privacy in Japan. APEC TEL 56 The APAC Bureau presented on community networks, spectrum management and operational security issues at the workshops and roundtables organised by various working groups at the 56th APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group Meeting.

–End ISOC Liaison Report, Mat Ford–

2.2. ICANN Liaison Report

–Begin ICANN Liaison Report, Jonne Soininen–

I. Public Comments needing attention (only highlights)
(All public comment processes:

II. Topics that could be relevant

Ongoing activities:

Namespace issues
The ICANN board passed a resolution about "Consideration of .CORP,
.HOME, and .MAIL and other Collision Strings"
en#2.a) in its meeting in the ICANN#60 meeting. The idea is to put SSAC
to the lead on preparing the direction for names collisions. SSAC has
been given the guidance from the board to reach out to the technical
community - specifically the IETF - while addressing the issue. It is
not clear, yet, how the SSAC will address the IETF. However luckily,
there are many people in the SSAC from the IETF community to ensure the
communication with the IETF community should happen in the right level.

III. (If relevant) upcoming meeting topics of importance

ICANN board retreat, February 1st-4th, 2017

–End ICANN Liaison Report, Jonne Soininen–

2.3. IANA Liaison Report

–Begin IANA Liaison Report, Michelle Cotton–

IANA Services Liaison Report – 10 January 2018

SLA Deliverables Update:
- The December 2017 statistics report has not yet been finalized. It
will be reported next month.

Other News:

- Kim Davies was selected as the new PTI President. See announcement:

IANA Services Operator and IETF Leadership Meeting Minutes:


Summary of Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 13, 2017
Lunch Meeting at IETF-100, Singapore
1200 Local Time, 0400 UTC

Jari Arkko, IAB IANA Program
Alissa Cooper, IETF chair
Michelle Cotton, PTI Protocol Parameters Engagement Sr. Manager
Kim Davies, PTI Director of Technical Services
Ted Hardie, IAB chair
Jonne Soininen, IETF liaison to ICANN Board
Sabrina Tanamal, PTI IANA Services Specialist
Portia Wenze-Danley, Interim IAD
Suzanne Woolf, IAB IANA Program

1. Introductions and Welcome

We welcomed Portia and gave a quick introduction to the purpose of the
informal meetings and background of this group.

2. Review of Action Items

Completed: Ping the group about the potential changes to the SLA

In Progress: M. Cotton to send final version of Inactive Process
Documentation. As we are close to the end of 2017, M. Cotton will add
data for 2017 and deliver in the beginning of 2018.

No action items were assigned in Prague.

3. IANA Services Activity

Processed more than 904 IETF-related requests from July 2017 - September
2017. This includes: Document reviews, registry creations, new
registrations, modifications to existing registrations, and deletions.
This reporting period was for only 3 months as opposed to the normal 4-
month period.

Added 1 new stand-alone registry since IETF-99 (July 2017-September

4. Update on Deliverables and Projects

SLA Deliverables:
Average cumulative percentage for April 2017-September 2017 was 100%.
The 2018 SLA between ICANN and IAOC for the protocol parameter work is
currently being revised and reviewed. No additional feedback on the
proposed 2018 SLA. M. Cotton will begin the internal review cycles
with ICANN and then will send to the IAOC for review and approval.

The 2017 Annual Review of Protocol Parameters is in the final stages and
the audit report will be issued to this group by January 30, 2018.

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey have been sent. Responses are due
November 17, 2017.

5. Discussion Items

- Protocol Parameter Queues

Updates to the IESG about status of Media Types, Port Numbers Process
Review and Yang Module Posting

A. Melnikov is still helping with Media Type requests that have been
open for a long period of time.

M. Cotton will be meeting with Benoit this week to discuss the process
for posting all of the YANG modules.

A review of the Ports Assignment Process was discussed at the Sunday
IESG Breakfast Meeting. Feedback was provided by Area Directors.

Action Item: M.Cotton to report back to the IESG after gathering
additional information on the Ports Process.

- General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

M. Cotton and K. Davies shared updates on what's to come with GDPR and
some of the work that ICANN is doing.

J. Arrko suggested looking at registries created from IETF Documents vs
other sources.

T. Hardie suggested to meet with the new IETF lawyer regarding the GDPR

Action Item: M. Cotton to share updates regarding GDPR and ICANN’s
activities in March.

- Registry Workflow System Update (K. Davies)

K. Davies shared a presentation on the Registry Workflow System. This
included the history, where we are today and where we hope to be in the
coming years.

T. Hardie suggested getting to beta quickly to gain user feedback.

T. Hardie and A. Cooper expressed concerns regarding changing the title
of registries. Suggested to be conservative and give guidance to

- M. Cotton confirmed that we are giving guidance to authors on how to
title their registry.

A. Cooper asked if there is going to be some process from the user
community to make suggestions

- K. Davies said that we will continue to be open to feedback.

6. Summary of Action Items

Action Item: M. Cotton to send final version of Inactive Process
Documentation. As we are close to the end of 2017, M. Cotton will add
data for 2017 and deliver in the beginning of 2018.

Action Item: M.Cotton to report back to the IESG after gathering
additional information on the Ports Process.

Action Item: M. Cotton to share updates regarding GDPR and ICANN in


–End IANA Liaison Report, Michelle Cotton–

2.4. RFC Editor Liaison Report

–Begin RFC Editor Liaison Report, Heather Flanagan–

RFC Series Editor Update

- Format
A new version of id2xml was released, adding some minor enhancements to
the text to XML converter. The overall timeline has been adjusted to
reflect feedback from the developers and the change in vendor for the
SVG checker, RFClint, and XML diff tools. See for the
current expected timeline.

- ISO TC46/SC9
The RSE participated in various discussions with the IAB, John Klensin
(as ISOC's TC46 liaison), and Todd Carpenter (NISO) regarding the
question of whether a liaison relationship is necessary or appropriate
to help fast track RFC 8141 (URN standard).

RPC update
- SLA was met for all quarters in 2017

From the reports page:
2017 notes: Throughout the year, 267 I-Ds were approved for publication,
and 263 RFCs were published. 70% of the published RFCs had an RET of 6
weeks or less, which means the RPC met the SLA at Tier 1.

The RPC is expecting a busy and tough Q1 2018, as the IESG has indicated
that there will be an increase in submissions over the next few months,
as there will be some AD turnover in March 2018; there has already been
a slight increase in PGTE and a more significant increase in submissions
in Q4. In addition, a number of documents from Cluster 238 are expected
to be released from MISSREF in the near future. The increase in
submissions, along with the expected release of additional v3 tools for
testing, will challenge the editors in 2018.

–End RFC Editor Liaison Report, Heather Flanagan–

3. Future Tech Plenaries

Brian Trammell reported that the Plenary Planning Program is finalizing their speaker list for IETF 101 and will likely be adding tech chats with the speakers to IAB meeting agendas in the near future.

The Plenary Planning Program is also discussing a potential topic on abuse above layer 7 for a future plenary.

4. Retreat Planning

Ted Hardie asked the IAB to block out the weeks of 23 April 2018 and 7 May 2018 as potential dates for the 2018 IAB retreat, co-located with the IESG retreat.

5. Current IAB Document Status

Cindy Morgan noted that both draft-nrooney-marnew-report and draft-iab-iotsi-workshop have expired. Brian Trammell noted that he pinged Natasha Rooney and Spencer Dawkins on draft-nrooney-marnew-report at the end of November; he will follow up with them again. Ted Hardie and Robert Sparks are following up with the editors of draft-iab-iotsi-workshop to determine the next steps.

Ted Hardie took an action to find an editor and authors to draft the report from the EName Workshop.

6. de-delagation

Ted Hardie reported that an Internet-Draft (draft-hardie-iris-arpa) has just been posted requesting that and be removed from the arpa zone. The draft would need to progress in the IETF stream since it updates a Standards-track RFC.

7. Updating IAB Statement on Identifiers and Unicode 7.0.0

Ted Hardie suggested that the IAB update their statement on Identifiers and Unicode 7.0.0 to note that the IAB no longer recommends that the Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA) Parameters registry ( not be updated to Unicode 7.0.0.

Suzanne Woolf agreed to work with Asmus Freytag of the Unicode Consortium to draft text outlining the security considerations for implementing Unicode and find technical reviewers for the text.

8. ISOC Board of Trustees Appointments

Alissa Cooper, Robert Sparks, and Brian Trammell agreed to interview the candidates for the ISOC Board of Trustees appointments. Cindy Morgan will work with them to schedule the interviews.

9. Operators

Lee Howard noted that NANOG72 will include a lightning talk on things happening in the IETF, as well as an “IETF Helpdesk” staffed by some people known to both communities where NANOG attendees can come and ask questions about the IETF. Lee asked the IAB to consider how such efforts might be scaled to include other operator groups.